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Member of the Month - July 2019

Meet July's ASNE Member of the Month - Nick Eremic! Read on to learn a bit more about Nick in his interview with Membership Manager Michelle.

Michelle: What got you into Naval Engineering? (What specific event or moment).
Nick: Work related: My first experience in the marine industry was working on two of Billy Joel's yachts as an intern. Non-work related: I was on the Virginia Tech Freestyle Ski team and have been competing since I was 14.

Michelle: What is a fun fact most people don't know about you?
Nick:I lived in Africa for a year with my family, I was 10 years old My Father was getting his degree in Theology and decided to be a missionary and so we went to what was then Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.

Michelle: What is one engineer/scientist/ or mathematician dead or alive would you like to meet?
Nick:Admiral Rickover because of his dedication and attitude towards achieving incredible feats while treating the achievements like they are the simple engineering problems.

Michelle: If you could engineer your perfect concession stand/food truck, what would it be?
Nick: My family has a pizza sauce recipe and the Toy Story movies used to be my favorite growing up, so it would have to be a pizza food truck with the Pizza Planet theme from Toy Story.

Michelle: Why are you a member of ASNE?
Nick: I joined ASNE during my time at Virginia Tech and have been attending ASNE conferences since my sophomore year of college. Attending conferences has helped me to build many relationships and provides an easy way to stay in touch with the latest news and events going on in the marine industry. Each conference I attend, I am blown away with the support for young professionals in the field and all member’s willingness to listen to new ideas whether or not you have tons of experience. ASNE does a wonderful job with keeping the industry engaged in relevant topics to provide excellence for the U.S. Navy which helps me in my career.

Michelle: What does "Naval Engineering" mean to you?
Nick:Naval engineering to me is supporting the Navy in their quest for the advantage over others. Engineering the best ship designs, ship’s systems and applications for the military to use. Providing the war fighters bigger, better, safer and more reliable designs to continue developing for the future.

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