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Welcome to Pascagoula

Welcome to the Pascagoula Section representing the American Society of Naval Engineers in the Pascagoula, MS region.


David, this is a demonstration page to illustrate embedding images from those that have been uploaded to a photo gallery.  Here I am adding a bunch of text, and want to embed a photo aligned to the right.  What I did was go into the gallery, selected an image you added, and copied it's url.  I then personally find it easiest to insert the image using the html editor (bottom this text editor screen should give you options for "Design" "HTML" and "Preview"...click html and then I copy and paste the url into an image src command.  So this one in particular was <img alt="" src="/portals/16/DNNGo_PhotoAlbums/4805/13/Bill%20Baker%20discusses%20the%20OHIO%20Replacement%20Program%20Design%20for%20Maintainability.png" />.  



To add a few bells and whistles, you can ensure that the image will automatically resize maintaining a fully responsive website for ease of reading on cell phones and tablets by including the command class="img-responsive" within the img src call out.  Similarly, you can align it using something like align="right" or resize it using something like width="300" for a final product that looks like this: