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Welcome to Pascagoula

Welcome to the Pascagoula Section representing the American Society of Naval Engineers in the Pascagoula, MS region.





LOCATION:  Bath-Brunswick,  Maine

 (Pool site to be determined)

                                              Saturday,  April 9, 2022

Program:  The Seaperch Challenge welcomes individual students, as well as student groups of middle school and high school age to participate in designing, building, and demonstrating the capabilities of remote-control underwater robots.  The basis for the underwater robots comes from a kit designed by MIT and the Office of Naval Research and is constructed using basic tools following a set of plans provided with the kits.  We encourage the student to modify the base design to improve performance in the different challenges presented.

 This year’s competition will be similar to the 2022 International Seaperch Challenge rules and will include:

 1.      1. An obstacle course for 10% of the score.

2.         2. The International challenge “Mission course” accounting for 60% of the total score.

3.        3.  Depending on the number of teams an additional underwater challenge may be added, unique to the NNE Challenge, offering students a variety of ways to earn points in the competition and maximize the time to demonstrate their piloting skills and their ROV capabilities. This challenge will account for 10% of the score.

4.       4. Technical Design Report competition which will account for about 20% of the score.  

5.       5. Team Video as defined by the International Seaperch Challenge for bonus points may be submitted.

6.       6.  The winner of the local competition will have the opportunity to compete at the 2022 International Seaperch Challenge

7.        7. Go to  2022:   2022 SeaPerch Season - SeaPerch   for more information.   NNE rules and Challenge Details will be provided at a later date and is dependent on the number of teams and venue for the event.

        Proposed Time Table

       10 to 10:30am   Set-up time

      10:45-11:15am   Event rules practice time.
 11:00-4:00pm    Pool Competition
                 Team scoring immediately after the Pool competition.
 4:15pm         Award presentations 

      4:45pm         Clean up and event complete

Depending on the number of teams, and COVID-19    restrictions, competition times may be adjusted To pre-register, please provide the following: (Please register by March 15)


 a. Name of the interest group or school, address, and website

 b. Your school/group Point of Contact’s name, address, phone number, email

 c. The number of teams you expect to be sending

 d. There will be a $10.00 fee per Team Member due during the competition. (covers costs of drinks and snacks)

  For More Information, contact:
        Anne Dunham, dunham.aa@gmail.com
    Dave Marcello, davemarcello@comcast.net 207 841-0535       Details on International competition at 2022 SeaPerch Season - SeaPerch