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First and foremost, thanks for joining us. This special event is a great opportunity to see engineers at work and try some new engineering activities yourself. We recognize that its part of a schoolday so if you need to jump on and off, please feel free to do so. We are excited that you are able to join us for as long as you can.

Problems? Just email Mike Briscoe, mbriscoe@navalengineers.org, at any time.

Technology Support

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Students will click the link. Then, they enter their MOT email address and the PIN they were emailed. Additional support for the platform is available in the Virtual Event Guidelines.


Run of Show

This is a fancy way to say these are the speakers and activities that we are excited to share with you today! For the first 30 minutes, we will welcome you, introduce the technology we are using, and talk about our experiences with naval engineering. During this time you will hear from three people:

  • CAPT Richard White, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Dale Lumme, USN (Ret.)
  • Mike Briscoe

Then, the U.S. Naval Academy's (USNA's) STEM Director Joe McGettigan will lead us through a series of interesting activities. First, he will introduce you to USNA's STEM outreach and share how they pulled together all the great resources we will use today. Then, we will work our way through the next five videos shown below.


USNA STEM Presentations


Mids STEM-sational Activities Vol 1 (15 minutes)

In Volume 1, try fun projects to investigate principles of fluids and flight.


Mids STEM-sational Activities Vol 2 (12 minutes)

In Volume 2, test your skills in cryptography, chemistry, and sound.


Mids STEM-sational Activities Vol 3 (10 minutes)

Volume 3 includes experiments with electricity and magnetism, angular momentum, friction, surface tension, and Archimedes’ Principle.


Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the U.S. Naval Academy's academic and laboratory spaces for research and instruction in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Summer STEM Camp

This video shows Summer STEM Camps hosted at USNA through the eyes of participants from previous camps. An excellent opportunity!


Career options in engineering

Engineering jobs are very diverse. A lot of the design work uses similar software packages to what game designers make. Many of the testing and data collection jobs look like a shop class or works in naval yards across the world.

The list below shows the titles and authors of the researchers presenting in this Technology, Systems and Ships conference. You can see that people are doing new work everyday in companies across the world to design new ships, materials, and technologies.

Modern Shipbuilding

  • "Technological Tendencies in the Naval Shipbuilding Environment" by Rodrigo Pérez-Fernández
  • "Digital Transformation in Manufacturing" by John Sprague and Don Rogers
  • "Avoiding the Modernization Trap" by Ian Wing

Ship & Fleet Design

  • "Effects of Hull and Control Surface Roughness on Naval Ship Maneuvering" by Dr. John Daidola, P.E.
  • "Experimental Unmanned Refueler Capability Asset (EURECA)" by Dr. Lauren Claus
  • "Automation of Component Placement in Early-Stage Ship Design" by Julie Chalfant and DaMarcus Patterson
  • "Technology Insertion OODA Loop Strategy for Future Flexible Surface Warship Acquisition and Sustainment" by CAPT Michael Good, USN (Ret.)
  • "Integrating Unmanned Surface Vehicles into the Surface Fleet: The Case for a 'Nesting Dolls' Approach" by Jack Rowley

Electrical, Power & Controls

  • "Latency of Superconducting Synchronous Motors for Electric Ship Propulsion" by David Torrey
  • "Package and Lifing Aspects of Gas Turbine Powered Microgrids with Energy Storage Responding to Pulsating Loads" by Ainsmar Brown and Karl Schoder
  • "Supporting Future Warship Design Through the Use of Advanced High-Power Electrical Distribution Technologies & Concepts" by Patrick Lewis
  • "Fuel Cells in Commercial Marine Applications" by Dr. Sami Kanerva
  • "Industrial Automation Translation to Warship Controls" by John Garrity


Thank you!

We greatly appreciate the time of the students and educators put in to strengthen this event and the events used to create these videos. By putting in the time to be here, you are showing that you have the dedication it takes to improve STEM workplaces for decades to come.

We also deeply thanks Gibbs & Cox for their generous contributions so that we could bring the 100+ attendees together to take advantage of these virtual platforms. This unique opportunity is only possible through support like Gibbs & Cox provides to the STEM community.


Any last questions?

If you have any questions now or in the future, please reach out to us at ASNE. You can email Mike Briscoe, mbriscoe@navalengineers.org, directly and he will get back to you quickly with an answer or a contact that will help resolve the issue. Thanks again Gibbs & Cox!


Further Investigations

If you are still looking for more, there is a one-minute commercial and 20-minute video from Gibbs & Cox below. They show you the dynamic aspects of their naval architecture, marine engineer, and engineering services solutions. I also included a larger version of the screenshot of their careers page.

Over the course of today, we also explored over a dozen activities today. You can explore these activities furthers with different materials and larger models of successful prototypes.

Finally, if you want to explore more of what ASNE has to offer, explore the Education and STEM tabs above. Thanks for exploring!


Gibbs & Cox Commercial (1 minute)


Gibbs & Cox Corporate Experience (20 minutes)


A few more resources

Our Promoting Electric Propulsion (PEP) project is for college-teams to design electric-powered boats for a five-mile race each summer. This 2020 recruitment flyer pitches the program to professors and students. This video introduces a hull designed by George Mason University. The video is intended to introduce new PEP teams to the program, the design process GMU used, and the details of the hull design.

FLEET is our free video game that we keep discussing. Click the image or use the "STEM-FLEET" header above.

We also do special events and yearly competitions in FLEET and manage an exciting FLEET Hall of Fame.