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Welcome to the FMMS Virtual Exhibitor Showcase!


PaR Marine Services, LLC


Learn more about PaR Marine Services

on their website:

ADS, Inc.


Learn more about ADS

on their website:

BAE Systems


Learn more about BAE Systems

on their website.

Norton Sandblasting Equipment


Learn more about Norton Sandblasting Equipment

on their website:

NCP Coatings, Inc.


Learn more about NCP Coatings

on their website:

Dehumidfication Technologies, Inc.


Learn more about Dehumidfication Technologies

on their website:

Fincantieri Marine Systems


Learn more about Fincantieri Marine Systems

and on their website

Philadelphia Gear


Learn more about Philadelphia Gear

on their website:

CECO Environmental / CECO Peerless


Learn more about CECO Environmental

on their website:

Shannon Specialty Floors

Aerotek, Inc.


Learn more about Aerotek

on their website:

AMS Group Inc


Learn more about AMS

on their website:

Automatic Coating Limited


Learn more about Automatic Coating

on their website:



Learn more about CTG (Crestwood Technology Group)

on their website:

Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.


Learn more about Epsilon Systems

on their website:

Green Diamond Performance Materials


Learn more about Green Diamond

on their website:

Greensea, Inc.


Learn more about Greensea

on their website:

IMI Critical Engineering


Learn more about IMI Critical Engineering

on their website:

Indoor Air Professionals


Learn more about Indoor Air Professionals

on their website:

ITL Solutions


Learn more about ITL Solutions

on their website:

kSARIA Corporation


Learn more about kSARIA

on their website:

LPI Technical Services


Learn more about LPI

on their website:

MSHS Group


Learn more about MSHS

on their website:

Otek Corporation


Learn more about Otek Corporation

on their website:

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc.


Learn more about Phoenix

on their website:

Prism Maritime, LLC


Learn more about Prism Maritime

on their website:

Propulsion Controls Engineering (PCE)


Learn more about PCE

on their website:

Prysmian Group


Learn more about Prysmian

on their website:

QED Systems, Inc.


Learn more about QED

In this virtual exhibit booth

on their website:

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Learn more about Zinc

on their website:



Learn more about Vox Optima

on their website:



Learn more about Linsun Industrial Group and Regal Cutting Tools on their website.


Updates for Exhibitors

Please email your information to . We need:

  • A list of Staff Members that will have access to your virtual booth, please include their full names, email addresses, companies, job titles and photos if desired.
  • A square logo (400x400) image to be used as the icon for your company in the exhibitor gallery and in your booth
  • A banner image (860x360) or video to be displayed above your profile in the exhibitor booth. If you’d like to include a video, please ensure that it’s in the .mp4 format.
  • A short bio in the About section. This section can accept basic HTML.
  • Any photos and videos you would like to include in your booth’s photo and video galleries. Photos in the gallery will be uploaded directly. Videos in the gallery can be embedded from external sites such as Youtube or Vimeo, but not uploaded directly into the platform.
  • Any documents you would like to include for download, such as brochures and FAQs. Supported file types are PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOC, DOCX, XLSX.

Note: We will fix the sound quality shortly in this video soon. Sorry for the crackling!