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Welcome to Hepburn and Sons!

We specialize in providing maritime engineering consulting to the Department of Defense and Industry in technology transition initiatives and technical advisory services. With a focus on topics in electrical engineering, material science, cybersecurity, and Navy Fleet requirements, we are committed to provide our customers with technical competence and strong character with a proven track record.







Seaport Next Generation (SeaPort-NxG) is the United States Navy’s contract vehicle of choice to procure future engineering, technical work, logistics, program management, and financial support services. Hepburn and Sons LLC is a SeaPort-NxG prime contract holder.

For our USN customers, procuring services through SeaPort-NxG is very similar to what they do today, but faster with reduced, easier to process solicitation documentation and requirements. Contracts issued through SeaPort-NxG are considered Task Orders (TOs) are governed by the terms and conditions of the awarded SeaPort-NxG Prime contract.

In general, customers identify in what Zone the work is to be performed, create their standard solicitation package (less data not needed and covered by the already awarded SeaPort-NxG contract) and upload through the SeaPort-NxG portal. Through the portal, the TO RFP is published for competition to those prime contractors qualified in the Zone where the work is to be performed. Prime contractors in that zone submit their proposals through the SeaPort-NxG portal for evaluation. The Customer evaluates the proposals and makes an award. Why use Seaport-NxG? Here are new significant benefits to utilizing Seaport-NxG through Hepburn and Sons:

  • Electronic Procurement
  • Fast Procurement Timelines
  • Less Procurement Documentation
  • Notification of Opportunities
  • Flexibility


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