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Elcometer is a leader in coating and concrete inspection equipment, rebar, and metal detection.


Elcometer - Inspection Equipment:


Ultra/Scan Probes

Featuring a highly durable ‘snap on’ replaceable probe cap, the Elcometer 456 Ultra/Scan Probe is a revolutionary design which allows users to take individual readings or rapidly scan large surface areas - without damaging the probe or the coating. With a reading rate in excess of 140 readings per minute the Auto Repeat Mode can significantly speed up the inspection of large coated areas.



Elcometer: Testing & Inspection Equipment



Purpose: Ultrasonic Measurement

High performance ultrasonic testing equipment with the reliability and technical expertise you’ve come to expect from Elcometer.

Features of Ultrasonic NDT:

  • Ergonomic, rugged, accurate and easy to use, the Elcometer MTG & PTG range of ultrasonic Material and Precision thickness gauges is ideal for measuring and recording material thickness from just 0.15mm (0.006") to 500mm (20").
  • With a scratch and solvent resistant display, sealed, heavy duty and impact resistant design - dust and waterproof equivalent to IP54 - the MTG and PTG range is suitable for use in the harshest of environments.
  • The Elcometer NDT MTG range has a number of measurement modes available to help the user establish the most accurate thickness value.


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