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With more than 36,000 certification holders worldwide, the NACE Institute administers 23 certifications on such disciplines as cathodic protection, general corrosion, general coatings, pipeline, specialty certifications and the industry-leading CIP (Coatings Inspector Program) endorsement.

The NACE Institute is dedicated to advancing the performance of the corrosion control and coatings industries and is focused on:

  • Meeting the need for global, consistent workforce certification
  • Building the profile of the corrosion control and coatings industries and those who work in it
  • Providing programs, products, and services that help individuals and companies promote public safety, protect the environment, and reduce the economic impact of corrosion

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The NACE Institute will improve public safety and environmental protection by advocating corrosion awareness and action, and provide unparalleled qualification programs that drive corrosion industry performance.



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