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Virtual Launch & Recovery 2020

July 15-16, 2020

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Join ASNE as they host Launch & Recovery (L&R), a virtual event on July 15th-16th, 2020. Virtual attendees can listen to keynotes, forum and panel discussions, along with technical paper presentations related to launch and recovery systems, host marine platforms, and vehicles. Since its founding in 2005, the Launch & Recovery addresses the launch, recovery, and operations of manned and unmanned vehicles from marine platforms. Manned and unmanned vehicles include helicopters, rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft, RHIBs, high-speed craft, tenders, UAV, USV, UUV, and many more. Marine platforms include Naval, Coast Guard, passenger, and commercial ships, as well as offshore platforms and other vessels. ASNE's 2020 Virtual Launch & Recovery Symposium will maintain continuity on this valuable and tremendously timely topic, particularly as autonomous systems become an increasingly capable and valuable asset in support of civilian and military missions, in addition to the manned vehicles that are launched and recovered from various platforms daily.

Virtual Symposia Guide, Best Practices and FAQs

Attending an ASNE virtual event? Learn the "how-to" by reviewing our events guide: click here for Virtual Symposia Guide

Tech Requirements to Participate

ASNE’s Virtual symposia is orchestrated and powered by Boomset.com a cloud based solution.Make sure you can participate by reviewing the Technical Requirements: click here for Technical Requirements

*IMPORTANT for our US Government / Military Attendees - Unfortunately, government computers’ security (firewalls, VPN, netwarcom, etc. ) do not allow live streaming of our virtual event. The only alternative is the use of a personal computer or personal device (phone or tablet) and the Boomset event app.

Please contact ASNE at virtualevents@navalengineers.org or (703) 836-6727.


  **Please note the agenda times reflect Eastern Daylight Time zone.

Launch & Recovery 2020 Attendee Registration


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Tech Requirements to Participate

ASNE’s Virtual symposia is orchestrated and powered by Boomset.com a cloud based solution. Event access must be through Google Chrome (Version 83.0.4103.X or greater), which is the preferred browser, or Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Version (released January 15, 2020, Version 83.0.478.50). For general access requirements please review: Technical Requirements  

Questions? Please contact ASNE at: virtualevents@navalengineers.org


Event Invitation

Once registered, an email invitation to join the Virtual Event will be sent on Friday, July 10, 2020 from attendee@boomset.com with a personal access link to the event. This is your entrance pass so whitelisting the Boomset domain and removing filtering in email may be needed. Please also check Spam or junk mail if you expected the registration email and it was not received.  


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Professional Development Virtual Course - International Naval Design Standards (4-hour Introductory)

Instructors: CAPT Richard Delpizzo, USN (Ret.), Derek Novak, Chief Engineer for ABS
Date & Time: July 14, 2020 1:00-5:00PM ET - (4 sessions with built in breaks)
Enrollment Fee: ASNE Members $75.00, Non-Members $100.00
PDHs:  4Hours

Instructor biographies:
Rich Delpizzo (CAPT, USNR ret) has over 30 years’ experience working in ship design, construction and operations, regulatory requirements application, and defense acquisition.

Derek Novak is the Chief Engineer for ABS and oversees interpretation, application and compliance with ABS Rules across all ABS Engineering offices worldwide.

Virtual Course Format:
  • An invitation to participate will be emailed prior to the virtual course event.
  • Course available to stream on course date, July 14th.
  • Questions can be submitted during and after the course.
  • An instructor live Q&A session to be held Friday, July 17th at 10:00 AM EDT

Course Summary:
With government budgets becoming more challenging, navies worldwide are relying more and more on commercial practices and standards for the core of their warship designs. This has precipitated in moving away from traditional naval design approaches, and towards a baseline centered in common international requirements. Factors such as acquisition reform initiatives of the 1990’s, and a decreased emphasis on national military design documents, have navies worldwide relying on a more global approach to design and acquisition through instruments and organizations such as ASTM F25 Committee, ISO TC8, NATO’s standard ANEP 77, and Classification Society Rules and Guides such as the ABS Rules for Building and Classing High Speed Naval Craft (HSNC) and International Naval Ship Guide (draft). This course will provide a broad overview to these two ABS rule sets and the NATO standard.

Course Details:
Classes 1 & 2: ABS Rules for Building and Classing High Speed Naval Craft (HSNC)
The HSNC was developed as a collaborative partnership between US Navy and ABS for keeping design and construction rules for naval craft current. HSNC recognizes military use and specific design features while maintaining basis in commercial design standards. It has a broad scope, applying to craft as low as 10m RHIBS, up to 100m Catamarans and 130m Monohulls.
Class 3: ABS International Naval Ship Guide (INSG)
ABS International Naval Ship Guide (INSG) is applicable to large ships owned and operated by Navies and Governments with missions related to safety, security, or defense. It is available worldwide to designers, builders and owners. The class will include an overview of this rule set, including optional notations such as shock, ballistics protection and UNREP (underway replenishment).
Class 4: The NATO Naval Ship Code (NSC) - ANEP 77
The Naval Ship Code (NSC) is a cost-effective goal-based standard that determines a minimum level of safety for naval ships. Accepted by many representatives of the global naval community and intergovernmental bodies, it is the formal document published by NATO as ANEP 77. The class will include an overview of this standard, with an emphasis of its application philosophy for naval vessels.

For more information visit: ASNE's Professional Development International Naval Design Page

Launch & Recovery Sponsorships

Interested in showcasing/promoting your brand and supporting ASNE's first virtual event? Be a Launch & Recovery Sponsor! Many unique opportunities are available to market your company with your promotional materials and/or product demos at our virtual event. Please email: sponsorships@navalengineers.org or call 703-836-6727 today.

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MACC Sponsors

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