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Automation and Controls Symposium 2010 - Agenda

DAY 1: Tuesday, August 10

0700 – 1700 Registration

0700 – 0800 Coffee/Exhibit Hall Open

0805 – 0810 Call to Order
Mr. Andrew Sailor, Automation and Controls 2010 Symposium Chairman

0810 – 0820 Welcome

0820 – 0830 Introduction of Keynote Speakers
Ms. Kathleen Hinton, ASNE President

0830 – 0915 Keynote Speaker
Mr. Sujeet Chand, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Rockwell Automation

0915 – 1000 Keynote Speaker
Mr. Brian J. Persons, Executive Director, Naval Sea Systems Command
“Enabling the Future Fleet”

1000 – 1015 Break/Exhibit Hall Open

1015 – 1145 U.S. Navy Commonality Panel
Moderator: Mr. John Sofia

Mr. Jeff Cohen, NAVSESS, NSWC
Mr. Tom Peddicord, AT Kearney
Mr. Aydin Mohtashamian, L3 Communications
1145 – 1300 Lunch

1300 – 1430 Technical Session I

Track 1: Open Architecture

Making Choice Possible in the Acquisition of Machinery Control System – Brian Womble, Nickolas Guertin, Lisa Burns (NAVSEA PEO IWS)
IEEE Standards for Open Architecture in Naval Ship Control System – Dr. Yuri Khersonsky, Dr. Narain Hingorani (IEEE); Dr. Herbert Ginn III (Mississippi State University); Joseph Sullivan (NSWC Carderock)
Driving Open Architecture with Control System Reference Architecture – Dr. Charles Johnson–Bey, Lawrence Kolankiewicz, Jr. (Lockheed Martin)
Track 2: Commonality

An Examination of the NAVSEA Commonality Process and Virtual Shelf from a Six Sigma Perspective – Mark Burns, John Sofia (NAVSEA); Thomas Peddicord (A.T. Kearney)
Application of ABS Rules to Electronic Modular Enclosures (EMEs) – Michael Roa (ABS Americas)
Survey of Control System Redundancy Techniques within the Commonality Shelf – Mark Roman, John Messick (NSWC Carderock)
Track 3: Control Systems

Battle Damage Control System Integration – Noel Angeles (BMT Designers & Planners)
Thermal Management Control Systems– Joseph McGillian, Thomas Perotti, Ed McCunney, Mike McGovern (NSWC Carderock)
Interactive Incident Board Management System - I2BMS – Jan Pol (L–3 MAPPS)
1430 – 1445 Break/Exhibit Hall Open

1445 – 1545 Technical Session II

Track 1: Open Architecture

Open Architecture HMI – A Vision for a Pure HTML5–Based Development and Run Time System – Andrew Sailor (NetLogix)
"Real-Time" Travel: A Strategy for Distributed Synchronized Actuator Control Using Open Standards – Chris Jones (Rockwell Automation)
Implementing Open Architecture in Navigation & Steering Control Systems – Charles J. Hermann, Bart Kleczynski (NSWC Carderock)
Track 2: MCS Architecture

Common Networks and Machinery Controls – John Wisniewski (L-3 Communications Maritime Systems)
Controlled Machinery Concept of Naval Automation – Timothy Stanford (DRS Power and Control Technologies)
Steering Control Standard Architecture and Framework – Daniel Kelly, Brian McClure (NSWC Carderock)
Track 3: Control Algorithms

Automated Watchstander Functions as a Means to Optimize Crew Size – Daniel Petcovic, Woodrow Clifton II, Sameh Mikhail (Lockheed Martin)
Automated Propulsion Control for Optimum Thrust and Fuel Efficiency – Woodrow Clifton II (Lockheed Martin)
A Standards–Based Approach to Multi–Agent Technology Applied to Distributed Intelligent Shipboard Control – Dr. Francisco Maturana, Raymond Staron, Fredererick Discenzo,Dan Carnahan, Kenwood Hall (Rockwell Automation)
1615 Bus Departs Convention Center for DRS Facility Tour

1645 – 1930 Bus Departs Convention Center for Sprecher Brewery Tour and Dinner

DAY 2: Wednesday, August 11

0700 - 1445 Registration

0700 – 0800 Coffee/Exhibit Hall Open

0805 – 0810 Call to Order
Mr. Andrew Sailor, Automation and Controls 2010 Symposium Chairman

0810 – 0820 Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Ms. Kathleen Hinton, ASNE President

0820 – 0930 Keynote Speaker (Invited):
Rear Admiral James J. Shannon, USN; Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center

0930 – 0945 Break/Exhibit Hall Open

0945 – 1145 U.S. Navy Open Architecture Panel
Moderator: Mr. Nick Guertin, Deputy Director of Open Architecture, US Navy PEO IWS 7B

Mr. Rich Malina, Metadynamics, Inc.
Mr. Brian Womble, U.S. Navy PEO IWS 7B
Mr. Howard Reichel, In-Depth Engineering Corporation
Mr. Jay McCullough, NAVSESS, NSWC
1145 – 1300 Luncheon with Keynote Speaker
Dr. Norbert Doerry, Technical Director, SEA 05 Technology Group (SEA05TD)
“Proposal for a Machinery Control System – Load Controller Interface, Industry Feedback”

1300 – 1430 Technical Session III

Track 1: Open Architecture

Open Architecture, Open Standards, Open Source, and OpenSplice: A Case Study for Delivering Performance-Critical SCADA Systems – Steven Jennis (Prismtech)
Development of an Open-Source Stack (EtherNet/IP) Built to International Standards for Industrial Automation Applications – Dan Carnahan, Ray Romito, Doug Wylie (Rockwell Automation); Alois Zoitl (Vienna University of Technology)
Using the U.S. Navy Open Architecture Assessment Tool – Mark Zimmerman (Lockheed Martin)
Track 2: Power and Electric Control

An Approach to Modeling and Analysis of Ship Propulsion Electric Drives – Troy Nguyen, Donald Simon (Northrop Grumman)
A Greener Shade of Gray – Scott Coulter, Lawrence Charette (Schneider Electric)
Integrated Power System (IPS) Controls Requirements – Michael Roa (ABS Americas)
Track 3: MCS Architecture

The Accuracy and Necessity of the Signal Counting Metric for Modern Ship Control Architectures – Dr. David Farina, Susan Rubini (Lockheed Martin); Mark Henry (NSWC Carderock)
Improving Alarm Management Strategy for Ship Machinery Control Systems – Troy Nguyen, Matt Koskela, Roshan Roeder (Northrop Grumman)
SIL Safety – Kevin Colloton (Rockwell Automation)
1430 – 1445 Break/Exhibit Hall Open

1445 – 1545 Technical Session IV

Track 1: Design

Rapid Development of the Maritime Advanced Digital Controller – Woodrow Clifton II, Dave Reisteter (Lockheed Martin)
Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)–Based Power and Demand Management Systems and Overview of the Essential Components and Building Blocks for Future Shipboard Load Control Systems – John Ference (Rockwell Automation)
Track 2: Control Systems

Integrated Ship Management Systems – Hemanth Kumar (L-3 MAPPS India)
On-Board Training System for Machinery Control System – James Atkins (L-3 Communications Maritime Systems)
1545 – 1600 Closing Remarks
Mr. Andrew Sailor, Automation and Controls 2010 Symposium Chairman