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Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium 2006 - Agenda

Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium 2006
Sponsored by The American Society of Naval Engineers
7:00 Registration
8:00 Opening Remarks by Symposium Chairman, Mr. Anthony Nickens
8:05 Opening Remarks by President, CAPT Rick Hepburn, PE, USN (Ret.)
8:10 Address by RADM William E. Landay, III, USN; Chief of Naval Research
8:40 Address by The Honorable Delores M. Etter, ASN (RDA)
9:10 Break in Exhibit Area
9:30 Plenary Session
to Maintenance and Support Considerations for Advanced Propulsion Systems
Moderator: Dr. William Luebke, Director, Naval Machinery (NAVSEA 05Z)
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Tom Martin
RADM Dale G. Gabel, USCG, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics (CG-4)
RADM Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Deputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration and Engineering (NAVSEA 05)
RADM Mark A. Hugel, USN; Deputy Commander for Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations (NAVSEA 04)
11:00 Break in Exhibit Area
11:30 Lunch with RDML Charles H. Goddard, USN
Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
12:30 Break in Exhibit Area
13:00 Session 1 Session 2
Drive Train Power Generation and Storage
Moderator: Ron Crockett Moderator: Dave Clayton
Assistant Moderator: John Lovasz Assistant Moderator: Philip Malone
Applications of Water Jets for High Speed Naval Ships
Ki-Han Kim (ONR)
Navy Shipboard Fuel Cell Program &Issues in the Desulphurization of Logistics Fuels and Modeling the Probability of Desulphurization
Don Hoffman (NAVSEA)
Ventilated Waterjets for Fast Air Cavity Ships
Konstantin I. Matveev (Washington State University)
Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems for Submarines
Dr. Albert E. Hammerschmidt (Marine Solutions, Siemens AG)
Rim Electric Drive - Internal Submarine
LCDR Dave Kuhn, USN, LCDR Joe Torrez, USN, and LT William Fallier, USN (graduate students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ship Service Fuel Cell Demonstrator
M. Lukas, R. Sanderson, G. Steinfeld, and S. Abens (FuelCell Energy, Inc.),
A. Nickens (ONR),
D. Hofman and M. Cervi (NAVSEA)
Supersonic Flow-Based Engine for Military Vessels
Shawn Lawlor, Rob Steele and Pete Baldwin (Ramgen)
Air-Independent Fuel Cells for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles
Maria Mederios (NUWC)
The GE LM2500+G4 Marine Gas Turbine
Ted Lagergren and Read Tuddenham (GE Marine Engines)

Zebra: Battery for the Marine Environment A.J. Donaldson & D. Williamson(Rolls-Royce)

15:00 Break in Exhibit Area
15:30 Session 3
Session 4
Design Tools Power Conversion and Distribution
Moderator: Dr. Peter Cho Moderator: Lynn Petersen
Assistant Moderator: Bob Keane
Assistant Moderator: Jim Zgliczynski
Naval Vessel Rules (NVR) for Software Development, Mission Critical Networks, and Safety Critical Control Systems
Mike Roa (ABS Americas)
High Temperature Superconducting Generating and Propulsion Systems for Naval Ship Applications
Dipl.-Ing Heinz G. Waschin (Siemens AG)
Using Fluid Network Simulation to Evaluate Intelligent Fluid Automation Systems
Michael Croegaert, Shayne Ziegler (Flowmaster),
Brian Callahan (Fairmount Automation), and
John Roach (Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division)
PEBB Concept in the Navy and Marine Power Electronics Systems
Terry Ericsen (Office of Naval Research),
Dr. Yuri Khersonsky (Consultant),
Dr. Peter Steimer (ABB), and
Joseph R. Sullivan (Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division)
Propulsion Motor Characterization Employing Computationally Intensive Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
Michael Sloderbeck and Stephen Woodruff (Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems)
A Modular Approach to High Voltage, High Frequency Power Conversion at MW Power Levels
Thomas Roettger (*Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems-Power/Control Systems),
Mike Giesselmann, Brent McHale, Ryan Edwards (Texas Tech University,
Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics), and
Wally Walavalkar (Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems-Marine Systems)
Crashback Simulations of A Notional Destroyer-Class All-Electric Ship
M. Andrus, S. Woodruff, M. Steurer, and W. Ren (Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems)
A Multi-Functional, Multi-Port Power Converter for Electric Ship Power and Propulsion Systems
Rudy Limpaecher, Rigo Rodriguez, and Carol J. Bailey (Science Applications International Corporation, Manassas Battleview Lab)
FE-Based Physical Phase Variable Models of Electric Machines for Dynamic Simulations
O. A. Mohammed, Z. Liu and S. Ganu (Florida International University)
Lynn Petersen (ONR)
SiC Motor Drives for Shipboard Propulsion
Bogdan Borowy (General Atomics)
Ed Lovelace and Leo Casey (SatCon)
17:45 Explore! Reception - Navigate the Exhibit Area to the tunes of the "Chantymen" while sampling the wines and foods of the world.
7:00 Registration
8:00 Plenary Session
Navy's Perspective of Future Ship Power and Propulsion
Moderator: Howard Fireman
Assistant Moderator: John Preisel
Alternative Propulsion Systems: Jim Webster
Integrated Power Systems for DDG 1000 and Future Navy Ships: Mike Collins
ONR programs related to advanced proplusion: Steve Schreppler
9:45 Break in Exhibit Area
10:00 Session 5 Session 6
Systems Engineering Controls
Moderator: Peter Diakun Moderator: John Sofia
Assistant Moderator: Mike Shelton Assistant Moderator: Bob Bernstein
An Investigation of the Use of Hybrid Power Plants in Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles
Dr. Timothy F. Miller, Dr. Thomas G. Hughes (Power and Mechanical Systems Division, Applied Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University)
Dr. Patricia H. Smith (Electrochemical Power Sources Group, NSWC Carderock Division)
USN Perspective on Electric Warship Controls
CAPT Norbert H. Doerry, USN, David Clayton (NAVSEA)
CDR Timothy J. McCoy, USN (Ret.)
LCDR John Stevens, USN (Naval Postgraduate School)
Ed Zivi (US Naval Academy)
A Fuel Saving Propulsion Cross Connect for DDG 51
David H Clayton (NAVSEA) and
Timothy J Doyle (Alion S&T)
Machinery Control System Design Using Dynamic Modeling and Simulation
Michel Routhier, B.A.Sc., P.Eng. and
Shaun Horning, B.Eng., P.Eng. (GasTOPS Ltd)
Total Ship Thermal Management for Value Added Ship Design
John B. Maxwell, P.E. (Northrop Grumman Ship Systems)
Timothy N. Sundel (United Technologies Research Center)
F.D. Sanford III (Northrop Grumman Ship Systems)
Demonstrating the Power Hardware-In-The-Loop through Simulations of a Notional Destroyer-Class All-Electric Ship System During Crashback
W. Ren, M. Steurer, S. Woodruff, and M. Andrus (Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems)
Conventional Propulsion Systems: the View from a European Ship Designer and Builder - Andrea Ginnante & Maurizio De Pellegrini (Fincantieri S.p.A.) Networked Intelligent Instrumentation & Control for Switchboards
John Provine (DRS)
11:45 Break in Exhibit Area
12:15 Lunch with RADM Charles S. Hamilton, II, USN; PEO Ships
13:15 Break in Exhibit Area
13:45 Session 7 Session 8
Electric Ship R&D Consortium (ESRDC) Motors & Generators

Moderator: Dr. MichaelGolda

Note: US Citizens Only
Assistant Moderator: Bill Spargo Moderator: Scott Littlefield
Introduction to ESRDC
Dr. Steinar J. Dale (Florida State University)
Assistant Moderator: Matthew Sturr
Technology for a more Effective Electric Ship Power System
Robert Hebner (University of Texas)

Features of an All-Electric Ship Employing HTS Motors and Generators

Dr. Swarn S. Kalsi (American Superconductor Company) presented by Rob Rouse

Large – scale simulation and testing of concepts for the Next Generation Integrated Power System
Steinar J. Dale (Florida State University)
Design of the ONR/General Atomics 36.5 MW Superconducting DC Homopolar Motor
W.P. Creedon, N.W. Johanson and K.M. Schaubel (General Atomics)
Advances in Materials Characterization and Power Conversion, Distribution and Management for Electric Ship Power Systems
Herbert Ginn III, Noel Schulz, Stan Grzybowski, Anurag Srivastava and Jimena Bastos (Mississippi State University)
Conceptual Design of a High Temperature Superconducting Generator
David M. Rummler, Richard J. Carlson, Reg G. Ricket (Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems – Marine Systems)
Bruce Gamble, Greg Snitchler (American Superconductor Corp., SuperMachines™ Business Unit)
Way-point based Path Following for Surface Vessels with Podded Propulsion
Franz Hoover (MIT)

40 Megawatt Low Voltage High Current Power Converter for Superconducting DC Homopolar Motor Drive
Edward Allen, Sam Lloyd, and Edward Ortiz (General Atomics)

Multidisciplinary Simulation Tools for Design of Advanced Naval Propulsion Systems
R. Dougal and A. Monti (University of South Carolina)


Early Design Tools for Electric Warship Integrated Engineering Plant Design
Ed Zivi (US Naval Academy) and Scott Sudhoff (Purdue University)
16:00 Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium 2006 Wrap-Up
Anthony Nickens Steve Surko, P.E.