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ASNE Day 2008 - Agenda
(All speakers confirmed unless otherwise noted)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

1200 - 1800: Exhibit Setup (Independence A & Foyers)

1700 - 1900: Pre-Registration (Lobby Level)

1700 - 1830: ASNE Annual Business Meeting (Roosevelt Room)

1900 - 2200: Welcome Reception (Hotel Bar - across from registration)

Monday, 23 June 2008

0700 - 1600 : Registration Open (Lobby Level)

0730 - 1000: Continental Breakfast Sponsored by CSC

0800 - 0915: Community Briefing for Navy EDs / APs and Coast Guard Engineers (Regency Ballrooms E&F)
Speaker 1: RDML Charles H. "Chuck" Goddard, USN, PEO Ships
Speaker 2: RDML Ronald J. "Ron" Rabago, USCG, Director of Acquisition Programs & PEO

0930 - 0935: Welcome & Opening Remarks (Regency Ballrooms E & F) CAPT R.E. Lee Bond, USN, Symposium Chair;
RADM Dale G. Gabel, USCG, President, ASNE

0935 – 1025: Keynote Address: Vice Admiral Paul E. Sullivan, USN; Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command (Regency Ballrooms E&F)

1030 - 1200: Panel Session: Requirements and Acquisition Governance (Regency Ballrooms E & F)
Moderator: RADM Victor G. Guillory, USN, OPNAV N86
Asst. Moderator: CAPT Rick White, USN (Ret.), Bec Tech
Panel Members:
Ms. Allison Stiller, DASN Ships
Ms. Anne Sandel, DASN IWS
Mr. Michael Tangora, Deputy Asst. Commandant for Acquisition (CG-9)
Mr. Ronald O'Rourke, Congressional Research Service

1200 - 1330: Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
Poster Session & Luncheon
(Independence A & Foyers)
Sponsored by DRS Technologies

Poster Session Papers (to view the abstracts click on title below):

– Net-Centricity and CG(X) - John Noble

– ZUMWALT Class Destroyer Systems Engineering Foundations for CG(X) - Richard A. Dumas & Anthony J. Montano

– Upgrading the GEDMS Design For Increased COTS Content in Ship Control Systems - Albert Manfredi & Scott Meier

– Engineering Across the Surface Navy, the Utility of a Combat System Operational Agent - Todd Tangert & Dr. Dinesh Verma

– Methods for Naval Ship Concept and Propulsion Technology Exploration in a CG(X) Case Study - LT Justin Strock, USCG & Dr. Alan Brown

1330 - 1500: Panel Session: Open Architecture and the Future Force (Regency Ballrooms E & F)
Moderator: Dr. Wayne Meeks, PEO IWS Executive Director
Asst. Moderator: Mr. Jason Reynolds, NAVSEA 05D
Panel Members:
Mr. Scott Perry; Director, Strategic Planning Communication and Alignment, Aegis BMD
RDML Joseph A. Horn, USN, OPNAV N86F
RDML(Sel.) James Shannon, USN; EA, ASN (RD&A)

1500 - 1530: Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall (Independence A & Foyers)

1530 - 1730: Technical Paper Sessions

Session 1: Acquisition/Requirements/Affordability (Regency E)
(To view the abstracts click on the paper title below)
Moderator: CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN
Asst. Moderator: Dr. John Amy

– Ship Affordability Through Cost Engineering - Dr. Robert S. Johnson, CAPT Robert C. Percival, USN (Ret.)

– Application Of Physical Modular Open Systems to Meet Technological Requirements & Capabilities – a Modular Reconfigurable Space - Andrew Levine, William Mish & Tim Lynch

– Modular/Open Systems to Support Ship Acquisition Strategies - Jack W. Abbott, Andrew Levine & John Vasilakos

– Using Required Operational Capabilities to Connect Operational & Technical Requirements - Kenneth M. Adams & Ken Kott

Session 2: Hull Mechanical & Electrical Systems (Regency F)
(To view the abstracts click on the paper title below)
Moderator: Dr. Tim McCoy
Asst. Moderator: Dave Stevenson

– 21st Century Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System for Future Surface Combatants - Matthew Frank, P.E. & Richard Helmick, P.E.

– Cathodic Protection for Future Surface Warships - Stephen Ellis

– High Frequency AC Power System - Ray Calfo, Gregory Poole & John Tessaro

– Advanced Naval Energy Storage – Revisiting SMES - Dr. Patrick I. James & Dr. George Stejic

Session 3: Combat Systems & Next Generation Radar (Arlington/Fairfax)
(To view the abstracts click on the paper title below)
Moderator: CAPT Lee Bond, USN
Asst. Moderator: Gina Fachini

– Role of Precision Naval Gun Fire in Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) on CG(X) – Shoot the Archer, Stop the Arrows - Russ Davis & Dave Cooper

– Modeling & Simulation of Notional Future Radar in Non-Standard Propagation Environments Facilitating by Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction Modeling - Dr. Robert E. Marshall, William D. Thornton, George Lefurjah, & Timothy S. Casey

– Open Architecture (OA) S-Band Radar Demonstration & Risk Reduction System For CG(X) - James E. Judd

– Making CG(X) a Full Spectrum Warship: The Renewal Case for Laser Weapons on USN Capital Ships of 21st Century - Dr. Josef Shwartz, Ms. Sarah Rutledge & Ms. Michelle Creedon

1600 - 1900: Exhibit Hall Closed (reopens at 1900 for Gala attendees)

1730 - 2230: Honors Gala - additional registration required
1730 - 1820: Honors Gala Welcome Reception (Ballroom Foyer)
Sponsored by Raytheon

1820 - 1945: Awards Ceremony (Regency Ballrooms E & F)

1945 - 2230: Gala Reception in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

0700: Registration Open

0700 - 0830 : Continental Breakfast Sponsored by Gibbs & Cox

0830 - 0930: Keynote: Lt Gen. Henry A. "Trey" Obering, III, USAF; Director, Missile Defense Agency (Regency Ballrooms E&F)

0930 - 0945: Break in Exhibit Areas (Independence A & Foyer)

0945 - 1145: Technical Paper Sessions

Session 4: Acquisition/Requirements/Affordability (Regency E)
(To view the abstracts click on the paper title below)
Moderator: CAPT Charlie Behrle, USN (Ret.)
Asst. Moderator: Matt Montoya

– The CGBL – A Product Improved Version of the CG 52 - Philip Sims

– Lean Product Development Using Lean Six Sigma For Design - Myles Burke

– Affordability of Power Density - Ray Calfo, Gregory Poole & John Tessaro

– Agility & the Combat System - Ken Kott, Ken Adams & Rick Dove

Session 5: Design Tools & Modeling (Regency F)
(To view the abstracts click on the paper title below)
Moderator: Scott Littlefield
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Rob Cox

– Combat System Application of Change – Tolerant Technology: Using Rules Engine for Decision Automation - Catherine L. Payne, Mark E. Schmid, Barbara A. Shapter, & Brian T. Taylor

– Applying Open Architecture Concepts to Mission & Ship Systems - John M. Green

– Modeling & Simulation of Sensor Task Assignment & Scheduling In CG(X) - Will Geckle, Jeff Smoot & Dan Dockery

– Time Based Vulnerability Requirements for Survivability Design - Derek W. Skahen & Daniel J. Foos

Session 6: Systems Integration & Next Generation Radar (Arlington/Fairfax)
(To view the abstracts click on the paper title below)
Moderator: CAPT Peter "Mac" Grant, III, USN (Ret.)
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Zareh Soghomonian

– Navy Radar Trades at the Ship Interface - J. White & Amy Billups

– Intelligent Ship Arrangements (ISA): A New Approach to General Arrangement - Dr. Michael Parsons, Dr. Hyun Chung, Dr. Eleanor Nick, Anthony Daniels, Su Liu

– Integration of Advanced Electrical Power Systems Into Modern Warships - Kevin Prince, P.E., Stephen Callis, P.E., & Donald Schmucker

– Ship Integration of the CG(X) Radar System - Edward J. Burke, Gerrit R. Schulze, Nicholas J. Pelosi & Timothy J. Broderick

1145 - 1215: Reception in Exhibit Hall (Independence A & Foyer)

1145 - 1215: Maintenance Committee Meeting (Kennedy Room)

1145 - 1215: ASNE Day Papers Committee Meeting (Independence B)

1215 - 1345: Awards Luncheon (Regency Ballrooms E&F)
Sponsored by General Dynamics
Principal Speaker: The Honorable Donald C. Winter, Secretary of the Navy
Presentation of Frank Jones, Solberg and Jimmie Hamilton Awards

1345 - 1430: Dessert Served in Exhibit Hall
(Independence A & Foyer)
Sponsored By L-3 Marine & Power Systems
Exhibit Hall closes immediately following Dessert

1430 - 1630: Panel Session: Industry Perspective (Regency Ballrooms E & F)
Moderator: Mr. James Smerchansky, PEO IWS, Director of Technology
Asst. Moderator: CAPT R. E. Lee Bond, USN, PEO IWS
Panel Members:
Mr. Fred Moosally, President, Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems. & Sensors
RADM Dennis Dwyer, USN (Ret.), Vice President, Open Combat Solutions, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
RADM John M. Kelly, USN (Ret.), Director, Strategy & Technical Marketing, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
Dr. Clark "Corky" Graham, Senior Vice President, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
Mr. Scott Forney, Vice President, Electromagnetic Systems, General Atomics

1700 - 2000: Special Dinner Presentation (Regency Ballrooms E&F)
Underwater Exploration of Bismarck; Mr. James Cameron, Academy Award Winning Director - additional registration required

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

0800 - 1130: Sections Meeting (Kennedy Room)

0900 - 1700: Marine Engineering for Naval & Commercial Applications - Professional Development Course (Jefferson Room) - additional registration required

0900 - 1200: Education Committee (Fairfax Room) POSTPONED

0930 - 1330: T & R Steering Committee (Lincoln Room)

1200 - 1400: Presidents Club Luncheon (Tidewater Room)
BGEN Michael M. Brogan, USMC; Commander, MARCORSYSCOM

1230 - 1630: Ship Design Committee (Fairfax Room)

Additional events to be announced.