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ASNE Day 2009 - Agenda 

(All Speakers Confirmed unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

0900 - 1600 Professional Development Course (Click here for more information)
(Annapolis 1&2)
Financial Analysis and Planning for the Marine Professional Mr. Steve Morris
1300 - 1600 Sections Meeting (Annapolis 3&4)
1700 - 1900 Pre-Registration (Exhibit Hall C)
1630 - 1800 ASNE Annual Business Meeting (Annapolis 3&4)
1830 - 2100 Annual Leadership Dinner (Annapolis 1&2)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

0730 - 0910 Community Briefing for Navy EDs / APs, Coast Guard Engineers
and Marine Corps Engineers (Maryland C)
U.S. Navy: Engineering Duty & Acquisition Professional Community Status –
RADM Mark Hugel, USN
U.S. Coast Guard: Realignment of Engineering Organization, Technical Authority – RDML Ronald Rabago, USCG

0930 - 0935 Welcome & Opening Remarks (Maryland C)
Symposium Co-Chairs:
CAPT Jim Stein, USN; CAPT Jim Sebastian, USCG; and COL Jim Fritz, USMC

RADM Dale G. Gabel, USCG; President, ASNE

0935 - 1105 Keynote Address: Three Service Perspective
What Is Our Goal? A Review of the 21st Century Maritime Strategy (Maryland C)
RDML Robert L. Thomas, Jr., USN; Director, Strategy and Policy Division, (N51)
Brigadier General Andrew W. O'Donnell, Jr., USMC; Director, Capabilities Development Directorate; Marine Corps Combat Development Command
RDML Joseph R. Castillo, USCG; Director of Response Policy (CG-53)

1110 - 1240 Panel Session: Developing Technology and Force Structure in
Support of the Maritime Strategy (Maryland C)
Moderator: Mr. Carl Siel, Chief Systems Engineer, ASN (RDA)
Asst Moderator: Ms. Janet Jaensch, NAVSEA 05H Deputy
Panel Members:
RDML Thomas Eccles, USN, NAVSEA 05
RDML Thomas Ostebo, USCG, CG-4
RDML Jerry Burroughs, USN, SPAWAR 05
RDML Donald Gaddis, USN NAVAIR 04

1245 - 1345 Exhibit Hall Grand Opening, Luncheon, & Poster Session (Exhibit Hall C)

Poster/Table Top Session Papers:
Moderator: Dr. Robert Cox, University of North Carolina
Asst. Moderator: Mr. Steve Morris, BMT Designers & Planners

- Continuous Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma Tools (Maroof Qurashi) Abstract

- Stemless Valves (Gary L. FitzHugh, Ph.D., R. Kevin Burgess, and Daniel E. Clawson) Abstract WITHDRAWN

- Lithium Ion Batteries Safely On-Board (Julie Banner, NSWC Carderock and Mark Tisher, NSWC Crane) Abstract

- Improving the Supply Chain Management Process for Aircraft Carriers (Gwen Walton, NAVSEA and Ed Lewis, NAVSEA 05V) Abstract

- Distribute, Disperse, Disguise and Sustain (D3+S) Alternative Surface Battle Force Architecture Concept: Twenty Years Later (Michael Bosworth, NAVSEA 05D1 as presented by Greg Opas) Abstract

- Hull and Sonar Mount Design for Reducing Bubble Sweepdown on Oceanographic Research Vessels (Joe Mackes, NAVSEA 05D4; Dan Rolland, Alion Science & Technology; Pam Clark, Alion Science & Technology; and Ken Forgach, NSWC Carderock) Abstract

- Surface Combatant Carrier and the Small Surface Combat Ship - A New Vision for the Future Fleet (Chris Thompson, SCSC Wallops Island) Abstract

- Advanced UAV Concepts and Applications for Maritime and Spectrum Dominance in a Dynamic, Distributed, Asymmetric Maritime Environment (Dr. Jack Harris, Dr. Tomos ap Rhys, Mr. Richard L. Rumpf, and Mr. Craig Geron, AEREON Corp.) Abstract

- US Navy’s Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS): Enabling the “Thousand-Ship” Navy (Andrew DeSpirito, NAVSEA & ABS) Abstract

- Rewarding Small Business Innovation in an Open Architecture Navy (Brenda Hunt & Nick Guertin, PEO IWS) Abstract

- Low-Cost Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum for LCS Applications (Kevin Colligan, Concurrent Technologies; Mark Smitherman, Concurrent Technologies; and Scott Hoyle, Lockheed Martin) Abstract

- A Recommendation Whether to Use Nuclear Energy to Power the CG(X) (MIDN Niels Peterson, University of Wisconsin - Madison)

- A Guide to Diagnosing Contaminants in Oily Bilgewater to Maintain, Operate and Troubleshoot Bilgewater Treatment Systems (Hal Alper, Mycelx Technologies & Bruce Russell, JSN&A Environmental Services, Inc.)

- Scalability of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring for Shipboard Applications (LCDR Keith Douglas, USN, MIT)

1350 - 1520 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions
Session 1: Planning and Concepts (Maryland A/1-3)
Moderator: CAPT Paul Roden, USCG
Asst. Moderator: Master Chief Ken Mutzabaugh, USN
- Using Macroergonomics when Planning and Designing for Maritime Forces Interoperability (Karen Holness, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren) Abstract

- Supporting the US Coast Guard; A Long and Productive History of Navy Technical Assistance Gets a Brand New Process (Abe Boughner, NAVSEA Philadelphia and LCDR Jay Main, US Coast Guard) Abstract

- Supporting Affordable and Sustainable Amphibious Assault and Utility Capabilities with a Revitalized High-Low Mix of Platforms (Greg Opas, Merrill-Dean Consulting, Inc.; Michael Bosworth, NAVSEA 05D; Thomas Rivers, NAVSEA PMS377; Malcolm Whitford, NSWC Carderock; and CAPT Thomas Wetherald, USN (Ret.)) Abstract

Session 2: Plans, Requirements & Performance (Maryland B/4-6)
Moderator: CDR Phil Malone, USN
- The Increased Requirement for ISR Today and its New Operational Character Place Increased Demands on Naval Engineers (Phil Bolin, Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc. (BCI); Michael Bosworth, NAVSEA 05D1; Carl Darron, PEO IWS – 7A; Tony Bentz, BCI) Abstract

- SURVIVE and SURVIVE Lite – Survivability Assessment from Concept to Operational Support (James Schofield, QinetiQ) Abstract

- Managing Change on Complex Programs - Virginia Class Cost Reduction (William "Bill" Dalton, PA Consulting Group; RDML David C. Johnson, USN, Deputy Commander for Undersea Technology, SEA 073; George Drakely, NAVSEA PMS450; Thomas Plante, GD Electric Boat; Christopher Trost, PA Consulting Group) Abstract

Session 3: Systems Engineering and Design (Maryland C)
Moderator: Dr. John Amy, BMT Syntek
Asst. Moderator: LT Sam Alvord, USCG
- What is Set-Based Design? (Dr. David Singer, University of Michigan; CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN, NAVSEA 05DB; and Michael Buckley, CDI Marine – Band Lavis Division) Abstract

- Fleet Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) (CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN, NAVSEA 05DB and Howard Fireman, NAVSEA 05D) Abstract

- Model-Based Methodology for System of Systems Engineering with Application to the Development of the Architecture for the Unmanned Vehicle Sentry (Dr. Cliff Whitcomb and Ms. Wenonah Hlavin, Naval Postgraduate School) Abstract

1520 - 1550 Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall

1600 - 1730 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions
Session 4: Ship Studies and Concepts (Maryland A/1-3)
Moderator: CAPT Dave J. Klinkhamer, USN (Ret.)
Asst. Moderator: Mr. John "Jay" O. Miner
- A Persistent, Effective, and Affordable Global Fleet Station Concept (John Krempasky, Spectrum Technology Group, Inc.; Michael Bosworth, NAVSEA 05D1; Mark Campbell, QinetiQ-North America) Abstract

- Characteristics of a Notional Global Fleet Station Ship Concept Design (Dr. Christopher A. Dicks and Simon M. Howard, Ministry of Defense, UK; and Dr. Colen G. Kennell, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock) Abstract

- Command Ship Feasibility Study (Philip Sims, NAVSEA 05) Abstract

Session 5: Planning and Concepts (Maryland B/4-6)
Moderator: Dr. Leigh McCue-Weil, Virginia Tech
- Call Options in Ship and Force Structure Planning: A Research Agenda (Dr. Phil Koenig, NAVSEA 05D1) Abstract

- Air Vehicle Deck Limit Calculation as a function of Ship Environment Characterization (Dr. Bernard Ferrier, Hoffman Engineering; Dr. John Duncan, MOD UK DE&S; Mr. David J. Ludwig, Office of Naval Research; and Dr. William C. Sandberg, SAIC is presenting) Abstract

- Electro-magnetic Rail Gun - Providing Greater Operational Flexibility for the 21st Century (CDR Michael Ziv, USN, NAVSEA) Abstract

Session 6: Ship Systems and Maintenance (Maryland C)
Moderator: CAPT Pete Oittinen, USCG
- Applying RCM to S1000D Systems/Component Partitioning (LCDR Eric Linton, USCG ELC 017; Michael Harris, AMSEC; and John Galle, AMSEC) Abstract

- Coastal Seawater Testing of an Advanced Microfiltration/Reverse Osmosis Desalination Demonstrator (David Nordham, NSWC Philadelphia; and Bill Varnava, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NAVFAC ESC)) Abstract

- Reliability Improvements in Integrated Power Systems with Pressure-Contact Semiconductors (Dr. Nicholas Benavides, Converteam; Dr. Tim McCoy, Converteam; and Michael Chrin, Converteam) Abstract

1745 - 2200 Honors Gala (Exhibit Hall C) - Additional registration required
1745 - 1830 Honors Gala Welcome Reception
1830 - 1930 Awards Ceremony:
Presentation of Gold Medal, Saunders & Rosenblatt Awards
1930 - 2200 Gala Reception in Exhibit Hall

Thursday, 9 April 2009

0800 - 0945 PEO Perspective (Maryland A/1-3)
Moderator: CAPT Jim Stein, USN, PEO IWS
Asst. Moderator: Mr. Mark Roberts, NAVSEA
RDML Terry Benedict, USN, PEO Integrated Warfare Systems
RDML Ronald Rabago, USCG, Director of Acquisition Programs and PEO
Ms. E. Anne Sandel, Program Executive Officer, Littoral and Mine Warfare
RDML James McManamon, USN. NAVSEA Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare

0945 - 1015 Break in Exhibit Hall

1015 - 1145 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions
Session 7: Concepts and Acquisition (Maryland A/1-3)
Moderator: CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN, NAVSEA 05DB
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Rob Cox, University of North Carolina
- Merging Operational and Systems Concept Development in Naval Ship Acquisition (Steven Wynn, NAVSEA; and Otto Jons, CSC Advanced Marine) Abstract

- A Human Capital Strategy for Acquisition Workforce Improvement: The Navy’s Center for Innovation in Ship Design (Robert G. Keane, Ship Design USA; Howard Fireman, NAVSEA 05D; Jeffrey Hough, NSWC Carderock; and Kelly Cooper, Office of Naval Research) Abstract

- Performance Based Design for Fleet Affordability (CDR Joseph Famme, USN (Ret.), ITE, Inc.; Chuck Gallagher, Northrop Grumman; Ted Raitch, ITE, Inc.) Abstract

Session 8: Ship Design and Ship Systems (Maryland B/4-6)
Moderator: RADM Thomas H. Gilmour, USCG (Ret.), President ABS Americas
Asst. Moderator: CAPT Glenn Ashe, USNR (Ret.), Vice President ABS Americas
- Relating Affordability and Performance Metrics in a Multidisciplinary Conceptual Submarine Design Optimization (Christopher Hart, University of Michigan and Professor Nickolas Vlahopoulos, University of Michigan) Abstract

- Automated Noise Measurement System for Radar and EW Transmitter Components (Kenneth Mitsdarffer, NSWC Crane; William Crespo, Technology Services Corp.; and Lowell Hoover, Polyphase Microwave) Abstract

- Introduction: High Energy Laser (HEL) Weapon Systems, Why Now? (CAPT David Kiel, USN, NAVSEA PMS405; Dennis Tressler, NAVSEA; and Tim Dinh, NAVSEA PMS405I) Abstract

Session 9: Design, Operations & Maintenance (Maryland C)
Moderator: Dr. Zareh Soghomonian, BMT Syntek
Asst. Moderator: LT Brook Sherman, USCG
- Underway Replenishment System Modernization (Marvin Miller, NSWC Port Hueneme as presented by CDR David Wenner, USN (Ret.), NSWC Port Hueneme) Abstract

- Reduce Operating Cost via Motor Variable Speed Drive (Andrew Bigley, NSWCCD-SSES Code 936; Richard DeVries, DeVries Consultants, Inc.; Dr. John Barber, IAP Research, Inc.; and John Ykema, L-3 Communications/SPD Electrical Systems) Abstract WITHDRAWN

- Navy/Marine Corp Team's Analysis of Integrating USMC's state-of-the-art Heavier and Larger Vehicles and Aircraft Onboard USN Ships (Robert Borka, NAVSEA) Abstract

- Hybrid Airship: Modern Airships Address Today’s & Tomorrow’s Challenges (Michael O'Neal, SEA 05HT and Dr. Scott Truver, Gryphon Technologies) Abstract

1155 - 1230 Reception in Exhibit Hall

1230 - 1400 Awards Luncheon (Maryland A/1-3)
Principal Speaker: Mr. Michael E. White, Business Area Executive for Air and Missile Defense, Johns Hopkins APL
Presentation of Frank C. Jones, Solberg and Jimmie Hamilton Awards

1400 - 1440 Dessert Served in Exhibit Hall

1450 - 1710 Panel Session: Industry Perspective (Maryland A/1-3)
Moderator: VADM Kevin McCoy, USN; Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Jason Reynolds, Ship Design Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command
Panel Members:
General Dynamics – Mr. Kevin Graney; Vice President - Engineering, NASSCO
Northrop Grumman – Mr. Pete Diakun, Vice President of Emerging Technologies, NG Shipbuilding
Raytheon – Rear Admiral John Kelly, USN (Ret.), Business Development Director for Seapower Capability Systems in Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
Lockheed Martin – Mr. Fred Moosally; President, Electronics & Surveillance Systems
Shipbuilders’ Council of America – Rear Admiral Joe Carnevale, USN (Ret.)
Boeing - Rear Admiral John V. “Jack” Chenevey, USN (Ret.), Director, Security Solutions
Intelligence and Security Systems, Network and Space Systems