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ASNE Day 2010 - Agenda

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

0800 - 1200: Sections Meeting
1200 - 1500: Student Tour at NSWC Carderock, West Bethesda, MD
1215 - 1415: President’s Club Reception/Luncheon
1300 - 2100: Exhibit Setup
1630 - 1800: ASNE Annual Business Meeting
1700 - 1800: ASNE Student Committee (ASC) Student Congress
1700 - 1900: Pre-Registration
1800 - 2200: Welcome Reception
1830 - 2100: Annual Leadership Dinner

Thursday, April 8, 2010

0700 - 1630 Registration

0700 - 0830 Student Breakfast with speaker
John J. "Jack" Evans, Executive Director, PEO Subs and Panel Discussion with Recent Graduates

0700 Continental Breakfast

0830 - 0835 Welcome & Opening Remarks
CDR Henry M. Rainone, USN (Ret.), Symposium Vice Chair ; Ms. Kathleen Hinton; President, ASNE

0835 - 0915 Keynote Address
The Honorable Robert O. Work, Under Secretary of the Navy

0915 - 1045 Panel Session: Total Ownership Costs (TOC)
Moderator: RADM Kathleen M. Dussault, USN, Director, Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Operations Division (OPNAV N41)
Asst. Moderator: Jonathan Kaskin, Director, Strategic Mobility and Combat Logistics Division
Panel Members:

RADM Raymond E. Berube, USN, Commander, Naval Inventory Control Point
Michael R. Erk, Director, Logistics Management Integration, Naval Air Systems Command
Brian J. Persons, Executive Director, Naval Sea Systems Command
1100 - 1230 Panel Session: “Task Force Energy” Innovative Energy Solutions for the Affordable Global Navy
Moderator: RDML David H. Lewis, USN; Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
Asst. Moderator: CAPT Lynn Petersen, USN, Deputy Director, Electric Ships Office (PMS 320)
Panel Members:

RDML Thomas J. Eccles, USN; Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander for Systems Engineering, Naval Sea Systems Command
Richard Kamin, NAVAIR 4.5.5, Navy Fuels Lead
Michael D. Boyd, Engineer Advocate Branch Head, Installations and Logistics Department, HQMC
R. Keith Michel, Chairman, Herbert Engineering Corporation and President, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
1230 - 1330 Exhibit Hall Grand Opening & Luncheon

1230 - 1330 Student Posters Competition Display and Judging
Organizer: Dr. Leigh McCue, Virginia Tech

1330 - 1500 Community Briefings for Navy EDs / APs and Coast Guard Naval Engineers

Navy: RDML David H. Lewis, USN; Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
Coast Guard: Jeffery G. Orner, Deputy Assistant Commandant, Engineering and Logistics (CG-4D)
1430 - 1800 Global Shipbuilding Executive Summit (Invitation Only)

1500 - 1530 Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall with Speaker

Exhibit Hall Speech – TBD

1530 - 1700 Technical Paper Sessions (9 papers total in 3 sessions)

Session 1: Ship Systems
Moderator: CAPT Paul Roden, USCG, Chief, Office of Naval Engineering (CG-45)

A Survey of Existing Ship Machinery Control Systems and Suggested Improvement for Future Ship Platforms - Troy V Nguyen, Wesley Epperly, Bruce Budinger, Affiliations: Sperry Marine, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Automated Casualty Response guided by Expert System - Holger Findling, Jeffrey B. Wildgen, and Hong T. Pham (Lockheed Martin)
Modeling and Requirements Formulation for Submarine Control Surface Actuation Systems - Raul G. Longoriay and Jonathan LeSagez (University of Texas), William Shutt (University of Texas Applied Research Laboratories)
Session 2: Tools and Process Improvements for Early Stage Ship Design
Moderator: CAPT Norbert H. Doerry, USN (Ret.), Dep Director Future Concepts & Surface Ship Design (NAVSEA 05DB)

Rebuilding the NAVSEA Early Stage Ship Design Environment - Ben Kassel (NSWCCD), Seth Cooper (NAVSEA), and Adrian Mackenna (NSWCCD)
Procedures for Early-Stage Naval Ship Design Evaluation of Dynamic Stability: Influence of the Wave Crest - Vadim Belenky and Christopher C. Bassler (NSWCCD)
Hull Form Optimization for Early Stage Design - Wesley Wilson, Dr. Dane Hendrix and Dr. Joseph Gorski (NSWCCD)
Session 3: Training, Education, and Process Improvement
Moderator: Dr. Leigh S. McCue, Assistant Professor, Aerospace And Ocean Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

On-line Naval Engineering skills supplemental training program - Robert J. Galway (NSWCCD)
Engineering the Affordable Global Navy Through Innovation: Back to the Future for Training and Education - Kenneth R. Sydow
Strategy and Structure within Paradox: A Model to Translate Strategic Planning - Daniel P. Rogers (USCG)
1730 - 2200 Honors Gala (more information)

1730 - 1830: Honors Gala Welcome Reception sponsored by Northrop Grumman
1830 - 1930: Awards Ceremony:
Presentation of Gold Medal, Saunders, Geiger & Rosenblatt Awards
1930 - 2200: Gala Reception in Exhibit Hall

Friday, April 9, 2010

0700 -1530 Registration

0700 Continental Breakfast

0800 - 0915 Keynote
Ms. Allison F. Stiller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Ships)

0915 - 0945 Break in Exhibit Hall

0945 - 1145 Panel Session: Innovative ideas for improving the warfighting capabilities and affordability of the 3 fleets: the fleet in service, the fleet in construction and modernization, and the fleet in planning
Moderator: Larry Rogers
Asst. Moderator: Scott Littlefield, Director of Technology, NSWC Carderock
Panel Members:

Dr. Larry Schuette, Director of Innovation, Office of Naval Research
RDML David H. Lewis, USN; Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
CAPT Peter "Mac" Grant, III, USN (Ret.), Lockheed Martin MS2
RADM John M. Kelly, USN (Ret.), Director, Strategy & Technical Marketing, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
CDR Dwight Alexander, P.E., USN (Ret.); Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Marine Systems
1145 - 1230 Reception & Poster Session in Exhibit Hall

1230 - 1400 Awards Luncheon
Principal Speaker: John J. "Jack" Evans, Executive Director, PEO Subs
Presentation of Student Poster Awards
Presentation of Solberg Award

1400 - 1445 Dessert & Poster Session in Exhibit Hall

1450 - 1720 Technical Paper Sessions (12 papers total in 3 sessions)

Session 4: Design And Simulation Tools
Moderator: Scott Littlefield, Director of Technology, NSWC Carderock Division

Introducing Uncertainty in Multi-Discipline Ship Design - Shari Hannapel and Nickolas Vlahopoulos (University of Michigan)
Improved Methods for Generation of Full-Ship Simulation Analysis Models - Stewart Moore (Northrop Grumman Electric Boat) and Allyn Boday (Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding)
Simulation Technology for Noise and Vibration Design of Naval Vehicles - Nickolas Vlahopoulos (University of Michigan) and Kuangcheng Wu (Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding)
Intelligent Ship Arrangement (ISA) Passage Variable Lattice Network Studies and Results - Anthony S. Daniels, Farah Tahmasbi , and David J. Singer (University of Michigan)
Session 5: Marine Power Systems
Moderator: Dr. Timothy J. McCoy, Director, Electric Ship Office (PMS-320)

Hybrid Electric Drive Evaluation for CG 47 Class Guided Missile Cruisers
Shipboard Electronic Modular Enclosures (EMEs) - James David McWhite (NSWCCD), Matthew C. Brennan and Stephen P. Fontes (Raytheon)
Design and Construction of a 4160 VAC Flying Capacitor Converter for Marine Applications - Joseph M. Maurio and Liam Tallon (Northrop Grumman)
Feasibility and Design Implications of Fuel Cell Power for Sealift Ships - Jing Sun (University of Michigan), John Stebe, and Colen Kennell (NSWCCD)
Session 6: Requirements, Capabilities, and Acquisition
Moderator: Dr. Zareh Soghomonian, Director, Power Systems Technologies, BMT Syntek Technologies

Systems Engineering Cost Control using CONOPS and introducing a formal process to adjudicate “WILL” vs. “SHALL" type requirements - Martin E. Garcia and Lee B. Fleisher (Lockheed Martin)
Historical Invariants as a Means of Mitigating Requirements Risk - Thomas Tanner (SAIC)
Enabling Surface Navy Fleet Open Architecture thru Systems Engineering and Analysis Process Improvements - Brian Mackey and Peter Malek (Herren Associates) and Andrew Li (PEO Integrated Warfare Systems)
Specification Innovation as a part of Building an Affordable Fleet - Vincent F. Neradka (NSWCDD), Thomas R. Konen (NSWCCD), Joseph W. Coleman (NAVSEA)