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ASNE Day 2011 - Agenda

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

0800 - 1200 ASNE Sections Meeting

1000 - 1400 Amphibious Vehicle Water/Land Demonstration at the Columbia Island Marina

1200 - 1500 Student Tour of the National Museum of the U.S. Navy in the Washington Navy Yard
by Mr. Dana Wegner, Curator of Ship Models, NSWC Carderock, with a bonus tour
of the USS BARRY (DD 933) (Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton)

1230 - 1430 President’s Club Reception & Luncheon

1500 - 2100 Exhibit Setup

1700 - 1800 ASNE Student Committee (ASC) Student Congress

1700 - 1900 Registration Open

1800 - 2200 Sponsor/Exhibitor/Attendee Welcome Reception (Sponsorship available)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

0700 - 1830 Registration Open

0700 - 0800 Continental Breakfast (Sponsored by General Atomics)

0700 - 0800 Student Breakfast (Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton)
Speaker: Mr. Brian Persons, Executive Director, Naval Sea Systems Command

0800 - 0810 Welcome & Opening Remarks
CAPT Henry M. Rainone, USN (Ret.), Chairman, ASNE Day 2011
Ms. Kathleen Hinton, President, ASNE

0810 - 0900 Keynote Address
ADM Gary Roughead, USN; Chief of Naval Operations

0900 - 1030 Featured Technical Paper Session (Sponsored by CSC)
Moderator: Dr. Norbert Doerry, CAPT, USN (Ret.), NAVSEA 05T
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Robert Cox, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Set-Based Design and the Ship to Shore Connector
Walter L. Mebane, Craig M. Carlson, Chris Dowd, P.E., David Singer, Ph.D.,
Michael E. Buckley
NAVSEA Technical and Acquisition Personnel
RADM M. Ricketts, USN (Ret.)
Command and Control to the Tactical Edge
Joseph B. Famme, Bryan Price, Ted Raitch, Jim Davison

1030 - 1100 Coffee Break (Sponsored by General Dynamics NASSCO)

1100 - 1230 Panel Session 1: Total Ownership Cost
Moderator: Ms. Allison Stiller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Research, Development and Acquisition) Ship Programs
Asst. Moderator: Mr. Ray Weber, Director, Navy Programs & Campaign Development,
BAE Systems Ship Repair

RADM Kathleen M. Dussault, USN; Director, Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Operations Division (OPNAV N41)
RDML James Murdoch, USN; Fleet Maintenance Officer, U.S. Fleet Forces Command
Mr. Fred Harris, President, NASSCO
CAPT Michael Jabaley, USN; Program Manager, VIRGINIA Class Submarine Project Office
Mr. Mike Jones, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
1230 - 1330 Exhibit Hall Grand Opening & Luncheon
(Sponsored by Curtiss-Wright Flow Control)

1230 - 1600 Naval Engineering Historical/Cultural Display in Exhibit Hall
(Sponsored by Fincantieri Marine Group)

1230 - 1600 Student Poster Competition in Exhibit Hall

1330 - 1530 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions

Technical Session 1: "Beyond the Hull" Ship Design
Moderator: RADM Thomas J. Eccles, USN; Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander
for Naval Systems Engineering, Naval Sea Systems Command
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Norbert Doerry, CAPT, USN (Ret.), NAVSEA 05T

Naval Surface Combatant Ship Design Philosophy Including Associated Organizational Impacts
RADM M. Ricketts, USN (Ret.)
Adapting to Changes in Design Requirements Using Set-Based Design
Thomas A. McKenney, Lauren F. Kemink, David J. Singer, Ph.D. (University of Michigan)
Reducing Total Ownership Cost: Designing Inside-Out of the Hull
Robert G. Keane, Jr. (ShipDesign USA)
Technical Session 2: Force-Level Warfare Engineering
Moderator: RDML James D. Syring, PEO IWS
Asst. Moderator: CAPT Pete Nardi, USN; Director, Division of Engineering
Weapons, USNA

Accelerating the Development of C2 Architectures: A Tool-based, Empirical Approach
Scott Parks, Buford Shipley, Brian Fuesz (Boeing)
Using Agents to Model the Kill Chain of the Ballistic Missile Defense System
Sara Wallace, O. Thomas Holland (NSWC Dahlgren)
Hull Structures as a System: Supporting Lifecycle Analysis
Dr. Matthew Collette (University of Michigan)
Technical Session 3: Unmanned Vehicles
Moderator: Dr. Larry Schuette, Director, Office of Innovation, ONR
Asst. Moderator: Mr. James Griffin, Autonomous and Defensive Systems
Department Head, NUWC Newport

A Bio-Inspired Underwater Vehicle with Improved Maneuverability and Payload Capacity
Michael Ansay (NUWC Newport)
An Alternative Propulsion Concept for Small Underwater Vehicle Applications
Yu-Tai Lee, Carol Tseng (NSWC)
Technical Session 4: Innovative Business Models for the 21st Century Navy
Moderator: Dr. Larrie Ferreiro, Director of Research, Defense Acquisition University
Asst. Moderator: CAPT Larry Kelly, USN (Ret.), Raytheon

Maximizing Platform Value – Increasing VIRGINIA Class Deployments
Christy I. Goff, Charles L.McNamara, Joseph M. Bradley, CAPT. Michael E. Jabaley, USN (PMS450), Christopher S. Trost, William J. Dalton (PA Consulting Group)
The Readiness Task Force Approach: Ensuring the Ongoing Readiness of the Fleet by Institutionalizing Lifecycle Management
CDR Eric Lind, Tom Gough (SEA 21), Emily Grdic (McKean Defense Group)
Making RTOC a Success: An Innovative Approach to Change Management
Mike Jones, Mark Alter, Drew Wilkinson (Booz Allen Hamilton)
1330 - 1730 Global Executive Shipbuilding Summit (Invitation Only)

1530 - 1600 Break in the Exhibit Hall and Discussion Forum/Meet the Authors
(Sponsorship available)

1600 - 1730 Panel Session 2: Ballistic Missile Defense
Moderator: CAPT Al Grecco, USN (Ret), Scientist, Systems Development at
Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC
Asst. Moderator: CAPT Michael Anderson, USN; Aegis BMD Major Program
Manager and Technical Director (PD 452B)

CAPT Brian Gannon, USN, Major Program Manager, Future Combat Systems
CAPT Tim Batzler, USN, Major Program Manager, Surface Ship Weapons
Mrs. Lisa Callahan, Vice President for Programs, Lockheed Martin MS2
1730 - 2200 Honors Gala (Additional registration required)

1730 - 1830 Honors Gala Welcome Reception (Sponsored by Northrop Grumman)

1830 - 1930 Awards Ceremony
Presentation of ASNE Gold Medal, Saunders, Geiger and Rosenblatt Awards

1930 - 2200 Gala Reception in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by L-3 Marine and Power Systems)
(Additional sponsorships available)

Friday, 11 February 2011

0700 - 1400 Registration Open

0730 - 0855 Community Briefings for Navy EDs/APs and Coast Guard Naval Engineers

Coast Guard: RADM Thomas P. Ostebo, USCG; Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics
Navy: RADM J. Clarke Orzalli, USN; Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
0800 - 1400 Exhibit Hall Open

0800 - 0900 Continental Breakfast (Sponsored by Gibbs & Cox)

0800 - 1400 Naval Engineering Bonds & History – Concurrent Static Art/Cultural Exhibit
(Sponsored by Fincantieri Marine Group)

0900 - 1000 Keynote Address
VADM Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command

1030 - 1200 Panel Session 3: Meeting our Environmental, Humanitarian, and Safety
Responsibilities with Today's and Tomorrow's Navy
Moderator: RDML(sel) Greg Thomas, PhD, USN, Commander Norfolk
Naval Shipyard (Invited)
Asst. Moderator: Stephen P. Markle, PE CDR, USN (Ret.), PEO Ships, PMS 320

CAPT Mike Herb, USN (Ret.), Director of Salvage Operations, Navy Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 00C)
Mr. Ed Godfrey, Director, Ship Integrity and Performance Engineering, Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 05P)
Mr. James Brice, Assistant Deputy Commander Maintenance, Modernization, Environment, & Safety, Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 04R)
1200 - 1300 Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Paper Session (Sponsorship available)

1300 - 1430 Awards Luncheon with Keynote Speaker (Sponsored by Siemens)
Presentation of ASNE Claud Jones, Frank Jones, Solberg and Law Awards

Keynote Speaker: The Honorable Sean J. Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Research, Development & Acquisition)

1430 Symposium Concludes