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Authors: Samuli Hänninen, Torsten Heideman, Philipp Fedorov, Janne Häkkinen

Title: Modern Icebreaker Propulsion System


Oil & gas projects in Arctic have been developed over last decade and recently some of the major projects have been realizing. This development have led to new icebreaking vessels contracts both for icebreakers and arctic class cargo vessels. This paper will present highly innovative icebreaker propulsion system with unique combination of four high ice class Azipod propulsion units, onboard DC Grid system for power distribution and ship integrated automation. The vessel concept is based on unique hull form with four azimuth thrusters; two in the bow and two in the aft of the vessel. The vessel maneuverability, ice operability and ice management capabilities shall be excellent, especially suited for vessel such as harbor icebreakers in high arctic. This paper will highlight some of the design aspects of bow and aft mounted azimuth thrusters. In addition Onboard DC Grid system shall provide unique operating modes for the diesel-generator complex in fuel economy and ice operability point of view. This paper will reveal some outstanding results from the DC Grid laboratory test, with realistic icebreaking operation profile. It will be shown that modern icebreaker propulsion concept consist on azimuth thrusters, DC Grid system with fully integrated ship automation shall ensure safe, easy and efficient icebreaker operation.