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Combat Systems Symposium 2012 - Agenda

Day One – Capacity

0700 - 1630 Registration Open

0700 - 0800 Continental Breakfast

0800 – 0815 Welcome and Keynote Speaker Introduction

CAPT Joseph L. Johnson, Jr., USNR (Ret.); Vice President/Program Manager, SAIC
Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE
0815 – 0900 Keynote Speaker
RDML James D. Syring, USN; PEO IWS
Setting the Stage - Criticality of Balance

0900 – 0915 Break

0915 – 1100 Session One – Warfighter Capacity: View from the Bridge
Moderator: CAPT Jeffrey Griffin, USN; OPNAV N966
Panel Objective: An operational perspective on “capacity” issues and challenges.

RDML James J. Shannon, USN; Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center
RDML David J. Gale, USN; Commander Navy Regional Maintenance Command
CAPT James W. Kilby, USN; Deputy for Ballistic Missile Defense (N96F)
1100 – 1115 Break

1115 – 1200 Managing Capacity
Speaker: RDML David H. Lewis, USN; PEO SHIPS
Will present his reflection on how PEO Ships manages capacity limitations

1200 – 1315 Lunch Keynote
VADM John T. Blake, USN; Deputy Chief of Naval Operations,
Integration of Capabilities and Resources (N8)

1315 – 1330 Break

1330 – 1515 Session Two – Readiness and Assessments Reflection on Capacity
Moderator: CAPT Thomas Druggan, USN; Program Manager, Fleet Readiness
Panel Objective: A review of how assessments and readiness are impacted
by capacity challenges.

RADM David A. Dunaway, USN; Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force
Ms. Patricia S. Hamburger (SES), Director of HSI and Warfare Systems Engineering, NAVSEA 05H
CAPT Brian Eckerle, USN; NAVSEA 21 PMS 400F
1515 – 1530 Break

1530 – 1630 Achieving Balance – Royal Australian Navy “FFG-UP”
Speaker: LCDR Philip Houen, RAN
Brief on how our ally has handled the Capacity vs. Capability Challenge

1630 No Host Social

Day Two – Capability

0700 - 1530 Registration Open

0700 - 0800 Continental Breakfast

0815 – 0830 Welcome & Day One Recap

RDML James D. Syring, USN; PEO IWS
CAPT Joseph L. Johnson, Jr., USNR (Ret.); Vice President/Program Manager, SAIC
0830 – 1115 Session Three – New Technologies/Capabilities
Moderator: CAPT Jon Hill, USN; Program Manager, Integrated Combat Systems
Panel Objective: A review and discussion on new technologies and capabilities
that are challenges to capacity

VADM George P. Nanos, Jr., USN (Ret.); Director, National Security Analysis Department, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
CAPT Michael H. Smith, USN; Commander, NSWC Dahlgren Division
CAPT Mike Ziv, USN; Program Manager, Electromagnetic Rail Gun Program
CAPT D.A. LeGoff, USN; Program Manager, CANES, PEO C4I, PMW160
Dr. Phillip Sprangle, Chief Scientist (ST) for Directed Energy Physics, Naval Research Laboratory
1115 – 1145 Break

1145 – 1300 Lunch Keynote
RADM Thomas J. Eccles, USN; Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander for
Naval Systems Engineering, NAVSEA

1300 – 1315 Break

1315 – 1530 Session Four – Capability vs. Capacity – Perspectives and Discussion
Moderator: CAPT Richard W. White, USN (Ret.), Principal, Corporate Development,
Capitol Partners, Inc.
Panel Objective: A “roundtable discussion” with Naval Leaders (past and present)
with thoughts on how to handle the delicate Capacity and Capability balance.

VADM Phillip M. Balisle, USN (Ret.); Executive Vice President, Washington Operations, DRS Technologies, Inc.
VADM Henry "Hank" C. Giffin, III, USN (Ret.); Vice President, Defense Maritime Systems Business Unit, SAIC
VADM Rodney Rempt, USN (Ret.)
RADM Alan B. "Brad" Hicks, USN (Ret.); Lockheed Martin Systems & Sensors (MS2)
RDML James D. Syring, USN; PEO IWS
Ms. Bilyana Anderson, Executive Director, Combatants; PEO SHIPS
1530 Wrap Up and Dismissal
RDML James D. Syring, USN; PEO IWS