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Combat Systems Symposium 2015 - Agenda

Day One: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

0730-1600 Check-in with ASNE

0830-0845 Welcome and Kickoff

Mr. Joe Johnson, Senior Director Program Management, SAIC
RDML Johnny R. Wolfe, USN
0845-0930 Keynote Speaker: VADM David Johnson, USN (Confirmed)

0930-1015 Presentation: MTMD ASD-15 Brief

CAPT Eric Ver-Hage, USN
Dr. Gene Warner
1015: Coffee Break

1030-1200 Panel 1: Affordability through Open Architecture, Modularity and Commonality

Moderator: RDML Brian Antonio, USN; PEO LCS (Confirmed)

Mr. William Bray, SES
Mr. Glen Sturtevant, USN
CAPT Jeffrey Sinclair, PMS, USN
Mr. Jim Sheridan (LM)
RADM Thomas Kearney, USN
1200-1315 Lunch Speaker: Maintaining the Technological Edge- Dr. John Burrow, SES (Confirmed)

1330-1500 Panel 2: Offensive Sea Power: Distributed Lethality

Moderator: VADM Thomas S. Rowden, USN; Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet (Confirmed)

RADM Peter Fanta, USN
RDML James Kilby, USN
1500-1515 Coffee Break

1515-1600 Speaker: High Consequence Events: Mr. Maglich, SES

1600-1700 Keynote Speaker: VADM James D. Syring, USN; Director, Missile Defense Agency (Confirmed) *This session will be a U.S. citizens only presentation
*All attendees MUST bring a U.S. Passport or a Birth Certificate

1700-1830 Reception

Day Two: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

0730-1600 Check-in with ASNE

0830-0845 Day One Recap with RDML Jon A. Hill and RDML Johnny Wolfe

0845-1015 Presentation: Distributed Lethality Enablers – From Detect To Engage And Beyond

PEO IWS Major Program Managers (MPM) presenting:

CAPT Michael Ladner, USN
CAPT Craig Bowden, USN
CAPT Steven Harrison, USN
CAPT Joseph Reason, USN
CAPT Seiko Okano, USN
Mr. Anant Patel
Mr. Rick Nelson (RMS)
Mr. Hixson (NCG)
1015-1030 Coffee Break

1030-1145 Panel 3: Affordable, Capable and Sustainable Integrated Combat Systems

Moderator: Ms. Karen Davis, SES (Confirmed)

CAPT Tom Druggan, USN
CAPT James Harrell, USN
CAPT Chris Meyer, USN
Mr. Munkacsy (RMS)
1145-1300 Lunch Speaker: Defend and Control Systems: VADM William Hilarides, USN; Commander, NAVSEA (Confirmed)

1315-1430 Panel 4: Fleet Readiness through Sustainment and Modernization

Moderator: RADM Christopher Grady, USN; Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic (Confirmed)

RDML William Galinis, USN
CAPT Vandroff, USN
CAPT Todd Boehm, USN
CAPT Danny Busch, USN
1430 Break

1430-1600 Panel 5: Industry Perspective on Future Combat Systems Design, Development, Sustainment, and Modernization

Moderator: RDML Johnny Wolfe (Confirmed)

Mr. Carl Banner, Lockheed Martin
Mr. Kevin Peppe, Raytheon
Mr. Carl Zaffanella, General Dynamics
Mr. Roger Sexauer, DRS Technologies
1600-1700 Final Keynote & Wrap-Up: RDML Jon A. Hill