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Combat Systems Symposium 2016

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Washington Navy Yard Catering & Conference Center
December 6 – 7, 2016

Theme: Strengthening Naval Power from the Sea: Combat Systems Lines of Effort for Maintaining Maritime Superiority

The CNO’s “A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority” (Version 1.0, January 2016) is built along four Lines of Effort that focus on warfighting, learning faster, strengthening our Navy team, and building partnerships. Combat Systems contributions to these four lines of effort are inextricably linked and must be considered together to get a sense of the total effort.

STRENGTHEN NAVAL POWER AT AND FROM SEA: Maintain a fleet that is trained and ready to operate and fight decisively – from the deep ocean to the littorals, from the sea floor to space, and in the information domain. Align our organization to best support generating operational excellence. 

ACHIEVE HIGH VELOCITY LEARNING AT EVERY LEVEL: Apply the best concepts, techniques and technologies to accelerate learning as individuals, teams and organizations. Clearly know the objective and the technical limits of performance.

STRENGTHEN OUR NAVY TEAM FOR THE FUTURE: We are one Navy Team – comprised of a diverse mix of active duty and reserve Sailors, Navy Civilians, and our families – with a history of service, sacrifice and success to create a climate of operational excellence that will keep us ready to prevail in all future challenges.

EXPAND AND STRENGTHEN OUR NETWORK OF PARTNERS: Deepen operational relationships with other services, agencies, industry, allies and partners – who operate with the Navy to support our shared interests.

Combat Systems superiority is required in order to achieve Maritime superiority. Our alignment to the CNO’s lines of effort will enable us to move forward in the complex environment in which we operate. 

“We’ll learn and adapt, always getting better, striving to the limits of performance” - - A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority Version 1.0 January 2016

The ASNE Combat Systems Symposium 2016 will look into executing the Design laid out by the CNO along the four lines of effort to achieve Combat Systems superiority in order to achieve Maritime Superiority.