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Electric Machine Technology Symposium (EMTS) 2004 - Agenda
The Technical and Economic Challenges of the All Electric Force
Adam's Mark Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
January 27-29, 2004

Tuesday, January 27
Registration Open
Session Chair / Presenters' Meeting
Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall Area
Opening Remarks
John Sofia
Symposium Chairman
RADM David P. Sargent, Jr., USN (Ret.)
ASNE President
Keynote Speaker
Mr. Jack Taylor
Associate Director, Ground & Sea Systems
Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (S&T)
Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions

Advanced Electric Machines
Session Chair
Scott Littlefield, Office of Naval Research

High Power Density Permanent Magnet Generators
Peter Mongeau, Jason Pepi

Design and Development of a 2-Megawatt Advanced, High Speed Permanent Magnet Generator for Shipboard Auxiliary Power Unit Application
Co Huynh, Larry Hawkins, Ali Farahani,
Patrick McMullen

A Fault Resilient IPM Motor Drive for Wide Speed Range Operation
Leila Parsa, Hamid A. Toliyat

New Excitation for Direct Drive DC Brushless Motors with Complex Electromagnetic Designs
Zareh Soghomonian, Ziaur Rahman, KaiserMartin

Int. Machine / Power Electronics
Session Chair
John Ykema, Vice President, L-3 Com SPD Technologies

Applications and Benefits of Integral Canned Electric Motors Used for Submarine Distributed Pump Jet Propulsion Systems
Eric P. Frantegelo

Effects of Discontinuities on Radiated Noise of Submerged Motors
Timothy E. McDevitt, Michael L. Jonson, Robert L. Campbell, DavidM.Jenkins

Development of Electric Propulsion Motors with Integrated Power Electronics
E. Schroeder, M. Pichot, A. Ouroua, J. Beno

Hybrid Load Commutated Inverter-Based Induction Motor Drive for Commercial and Military Ship Propulsions
Sangshin Kwak, Hamid A. Toliyat

Exhibit Hall Visitation
Guest Speaker
The Honorable Curt Weldon
U.S. Representative (R-PA 7th)
Dessert in the Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions

Power Dense Machines
Session Chair
Howard Stevens, Chief Scientist, Anteon Corporation

An Evaluation of High Torque Density Electric Motor Topologies and their Application for Ship Propulsion
Brian Eckels

Submarine Electric Actuation Systems… Present and Future Concepts
Steve Weinstein

On the Linear Synchronous/Induction Motor Choice for Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch
James L. Kirtley, Jr.

Shipboard Actuators: Conversion from Hydraulic to Electric
Donald Locher, Duane Hanselman, Ronald Lafleur

Advanced Control I
Session Chair
Dr. Steven Chin, Rowan University

High Power Density Ship Electric Drives
James C. Vander Meer, Robert M. Cuzner, Mike Mekhiche

Measurement of Stability Margins in Single-Phase and Polyphase Switchmode Power Systems - A Tutorial Introduction
Michael L. Williams

A Control Technique used to Compensate for Magnetic Bearing Responses to Base Motion
Steven Marx, Dr. C. Nataraj

High Power Multi-Channel Current Drive for Inductive Loads
Ross Bird, Brian Shea, William Knoll, Michael Goehrig, John Staron

Technical Sessions

Linear Motor / Actuator
Session Chair
Tom Hughes, Pennsylvania State University

Linear Synchronous Motor Applications for Advanced Navy Elevators
Piet Van Din, Pete Rinaldi, Jason Garrow, Douglas Hartwell

An Advanced Linear Motor System for Electromagnetic Launch: Development and Opportunities
LCDR Matt Bolton, LT Wayne Ubhi, Helen Robertson

Transformation of Submarine Towed Array Handling Systems to Electric-Drive
Joseph Liguore

Thermal Management for the Electric Ship
Mark Zerby

PM Machine Modeling Simulation
Session Chair
CAPT Tim McCoy, Ph.D., USN, MIT

The Effect of Design Tolerances on Far Field of Permanent Magnet Motor
O-Mun Kwon, Sheppard J. Salon, M.V.K. Chari

Physical Machine Models for Integrated Motor Drive Applications
O.A. Mohammed, Z. Lin, S. Liu, L. Petersen, J. Muench, R.McConnell

Distributed Heterogeneous Simulation of Naval Integrated Power System
C. E. Lucas, E. A. Walters, J. Jatskevich

Exhibit Hall Reception

Wednesday, January 28
Registration Open
Session Chair / Presenters' Meeting
Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall Area
Technical Sessions

Advanced Electric Machines II
Session Chair
Lynn Petersen, NAVSEA Phildelphia

A New Modular Motor Concept with Sinusoidally Modulated Pole Shapes
T.A. Lipo, R. White

High Torque Density Propulsion Motors
Peter Mongeau

Design and Stress Analysis of a High Speed Rotor for an Advanced Induction Motor
Matthew T. Caprio, Vasileios Lelos, John Herbst

On the Detection of Rotor Faults in Permanent Magnet Machines
Wiehan le Roux, Satish Rajagopalan, Thomas G. Habetler, Ronald G. Harley

Computer Modeling & Simulation I
Session Chair
Jeff Mayer, Pennsylvania State University

Development of a Comprehensive Fuel Cell Model for Marine Applications
Tom Kiehne, Brian Carroll

A Systematic Approach to Assessing the Benefits of Fuel Cell Technologies for Naval Applications
Philippe M. Lopez

Calculation of the Rotor Losses in a Solid-Rotor Induction Motors with a One-Slot Model
Lale T. Ergene, Sheppard J. Salon

Diesel Engine Modeling for Electrical Step Load Changes
Dr. Samuel Doughty, Dr. Mark Roberts, Margaret Mericle

Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions

Super Conductivity: Machines I
Session Chair
Dr. Mike Golda, NAVSEA Philadelphia

Superconducting Generators Promise Higher Reliability and Ease of Operation
Dr. Swarn S Kalsi

5MW HTS Ship Propulsion Motor Design and Test Results
P. W. Eckels. N. Henderson, R. Howard, T. MacDonald, G. Snitchler, P.Winn, S. Kalsi

Measurement of AC Loss in Superconductors
R. J. Soulen, M. S. Osofsky, J. Sanders, D. Verebelyi, M. Patten

High Temperature Superconducting Motor Power Density Improvements
Chris Farr, Ray Calfo

Power Electronics & Controller
Session Chair
Dr. Hamid Toliyat, Texas A&M University

Bi-Directional Double-Side Double-Gate IGBT Fabricated by Wafer Bonding
F.J. Kub, K.D. Hobart, J.M. Neilson

PWM Schemes and Commutation Methods for Low-Cost DC and Brushless Motors
Dal Y. Ohm, C. Peter Cho

Reconfiguration of Shipboard Radial Power System using Intelligent Agents
David Cartes, Li-Hsiang Sun

Modulation Algorithms for Neutral Point Clamped Converters
Ashish Bendre, Slobodan Krstic, James VanderMeer

Lunch in Exhibit Area
Technical Sessions

Super Conductivity: Machines II
Session Chair
Dr. Boris A. Maslov, VP, WaveCrest Labs

Power Conversion System Benefits of Reduced Temperature Operation
R.J. Thome, E. Bowles, M.J. Hennessy, M.J. Gouge

Superconducting Homopolar Motor Projections for Ship Propulsion
R.J. Thome, Mike Reed, W. Creedon, E. Bowles

Important Considerations For High Power Motor Drive Systems For Ship Propulsion
Y. Wei, J.C. Balda, F.D. Barlow, A. Elshabini

Power Electronics & Controller
Session Chair
Fritz Kub, Naval Research Laboratory

Circuit Design Optimization for High Power Density Electronic Assembly
Chi Mak, Yuri Khersonsky

The Development and Testing of Integrated Fight-Through Power Modules for the U.S. Navy Fleet
James B. Zgliczynski

Per-phase d-q Model for Multiphase PM Motors with Segment Magnetic Paths
Guohui Yuan, Min Fung Shiei, Matthew Feemster

Short Break
Technical Sessions

Ship Impact
Session Chair
Dave Clayton, NAVSEA 05Z

Electric Propulsion Systems: Past, Present and Future Applications for Naval and Commercial Market
Jonathan D. Sauer

Integraged Power Delivery System - An Innovative Approach to Improve Electrical Power Delivery Systems
Cliff Allen, John, Barber, John I. Ykema

Effects of Water Mist Suppression System on Energized and Actuated Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment
Michael C. Robinson

The Need to Ensuring an Uninterruptible Supply of Computer Grade, Conditioned and Regulated Single Phase (1PH) Power for Equipment and Systems Critical/Essential/Vital to the Safety, Warfighting Capabilities, and Survival of the Ship.
Jack Strachan, Mike DiTaranto, Bill Simunek

Computer Modeling & Simulation II
Session Chair
Dr. Dogmar Neibar, Drexel University

Physical Model Based, Iterator Drive Integrated Design, Control and Information Management
LCDR Kevin Russell, Dr. Robert Broadwater, John Rapp

Multi-Domain Motor/Drive Simulation
Mike Mekhiche, Rob Cuzner

Large-Scale Simulation of Naval Power Systems for Design Optimization
Stephen Woodruff

Inverse Magnetostriction Effects in Electric Machinery
O.A. Mohammed, S. Liu, S. Ganu, T. Calvert, L.Petersen, J.Muench, R.McConnell

Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions

Advanced Components
Session Chair
Dr. Laura Stubbs, NAVSEA Philadelphia

Development of Advanced Dielectrics for High Energy Density Capacitors
Dr. Ming-Jen Pan

Fiber Optic Current Sensors as a Supporting Technology for All Electric Force
Stephen Mastro, Greg Anderson

Electrochemical Capacitor Energy Storage Systems for Submarine Electric Actuation Systems
Stephen A. Merryman

Development of Metal Fiber Electrical Brushes for 500 kW SSMG Sets
Wallace Elger

Advanced Control II
Session Chair
Dr. Karen Miu, Drexel University

High Bandwidth Current Control of PM Propulsion Motors
Victor Donescu

A Fault-Tolerant Multi-Phase Permanent Magnet Motor Drive for Propulsion Applications
Leila Parsa, Hamid A. Toliyat

Recent Developments in Current-Based Induction Motor Condition Monitoring
Thomas G. Habetler, Ronald G. Harley, Rangarajan M. Tallam, JasonStack, Xianghui Huang


Thursday, January 29
Breakfast Individually
Buses Leave Hotel for NSWC Philadelphia

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