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Electric Machines Technology Symposium (EMTS) 2006 - Agenda


Monday, 22 May 2006

0800 Opening Remarks - John Sofia, NSWCCD, Symposium Chair
0810 Welcome - CAPT Dennie K. Kruse, USN (Ret.), ASNE Executive Director
0820 Keynote Speaker - Dr. John C. Pazik, ONR
0900 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area

0930 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Linear Machines & Actuators I
1. Electro Mechanical Actuator for Large Ball Valve - F. Shahamat, M.G. Scheider, J.D. Armstrong
2. Flexible Tab Assisted Control (FlexTAC): An Advanced Control Surface Actuation System for Submarine Applications - S. Weinstein
3. Embedded Rudder Electro-Mechanical Actuator for Navy LCAC Transport - D. Hill, A. Nelson, M. Kramer, T. Shiver
4. Sensor Fault Tolerance for Intelligent Electromechanical Actuators – Ganesh Krishnamoorthy, Dr.Delbert Tesar, Carol Cockrell Curran

Power Distribution Systems
1. Expert System Based Load Shedding of Shipboard Power Systems - Z. Ding, D.A. Cartes, S. Srivastava
2. DC Link Architecture for Electric Ship Integrated Power Systems - J.B. Zgliczynski, E. Bowles
3. A Novel Algorithm for Shipboard Power System Reconfiguration Using Multi-agent System - K. Huang, D.A. Cartes, S.K. Srivastava
4. Development of a Toolset for Harmonic Analysis of the Integrated Power System - B. Borowy, L. Cassey, J. Munro, J. Zgliczynski

1130 Lunch

1300 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Linear Machines & Actuators II
1. The End Effect in Short Secondary Linear Induction Motors (LIM) - K.L. Kirtley, Jr., LCDR A. P. Johnson
2. Real Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Test of a Reconfigurable Induction Motor Drive with Harmonic Cancellation Feature - Lewei Qian, Wei Ren, David Cartes
3. Hybrid Modulation Control for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Motor Drive System - Da Zhang, Zhong Du, Hui Li

Motors & Drives – Power Electronics I
1. SiC Motor Drives for Shipboard Application - B. Borowy, L. Casey
2. Sensorless Vector Control of a Linear Induction Motor for Naval EMALS Applications - O. Christianson, T. Heinrich, W. Buonccorsi
3. Impact of Silicon Carbide on Naval Power Systems - S. Beerman-Curtin
4. Integrated Motor Propulsor (IMP) and Drive Electronic for High Power Density Propulsion - S. Nichols, J. Foshage, E. Lovelace

1500 Coffee Break

1530 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Motors & Drives – Power Electronics II
1. Advanced Power Module with Integrated Micro-channel Cooling - L.D. Stevanovic, S.A. Solovitz, R.A. Beaupre
2. Constant Power Control for Electric Marine Propulsion Motors - S. Woodruff

Thermal Management
1. System-Level Modeling and Optimal Design of an All Electric Ship Energy Storage Module – Christopher Holsonback, Tyler Webb, Thomas Kiehne, Carolyn Conner-Seepersad
2. Thermal Management for the Electric Warship - M. Zerby
3. High Power Density Electric Machines: Approaches to Stator Cooling and their Limitations - R.M. Calfo, B.W. Eckels

1700 Reception in Exhibit Area Sponsored by General Atomics

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

0800 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Motors & Drives – Design I
1. 36.5 MW HTS Propulsion Motor Development - S. Ige, B. Gamble
2. Design and Test of High Torque Density/High Frequency Electric Motors - A. Hirzel
3. Design Considerations for Electric Motors Supplied by Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives - Paul C. Gaberson
4. Optimal Backup Paths Design of Small-scale Power Systems - Wenxin Liu, David Cartes

Motors & Drives – Analysis I
1. Finite Element Based Phase Variable Modeling of Electric Machines for Dynamic Simulation - O.A. Mohammed, S. Liu, N. Abed, S. Ganu
2. New Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Modeling Approach for Fault Diagnosis Purposes - L. Lui, D.A. Cartes
3. HT-Direct Torque Motors – Permanent Magnet Motors in Shipbuilding as Direct Drive – Robert Lehning, Oliver Beck
4. A Multipole Decomposition Using New Equivalent Charge Simulation Method for the Measured Magnetic Signal - O-M. Kwon, S.J. Salon, M.V.K. Chan, J.P. Selvaggi

1000 Coffee Break

1030 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Generators & Generation
1. HTS HIA Generator and Motor for Naval Applications - K. Sivasubramaniam, E.T. Laskaris, J.W. Bray, M.R. Shah
2. Induction Generator Power Conversion and Control - S. Englebretson, J.L. Kirtley, Jr

Generators & Power Distribution
1. High Speed Generator Trade Study – James Bravo, Kent Davy, John Herbst
2. Multi-Functional Converters: A Pathway to an Affordable Advanced Electric Ship - Rudy Limpaecher, Rigoberto Rodriquez
3. Makin Island Electric Plant: 4160V AC Zonal Electrical Distribution System Beginnings - Louis Dusang, Jeff Roberts, David Mako

1200 Lunch - Guest Speaker from ONR’s Office of Innovation, Ms. Susan M. Lee Bales

1300 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Motors & Drives – Design II
1. Update on Multi-Megawatt, High-Speed Electrical Machines for Maritime and Industrial Applications - A.L.C. Nelson II
2. Tailoring the Induction Motor for Copper in the Squirrel Cage - C. Stark, J.G. Cowie, D.T. Peters, E.F. Brush, Jr., J.L. Kirtley, Jr.
3. HTS Trapped Field Magnet Based Motors for Naval Applications - K. Davey, R. Weinstein
4. High Frequency Physical Models for Electric Machines in Integrated Drive Applications: O. A. Mohammed, S. Ganu, S. Liu, Z. Liu

Motors & Drives – Analysis II
1. A General Method for Calculating the External Field from a Cylindrical Magnetic Source Using Toroidal Functions - J.P. Selvaggi, S. Salon, O-M. Kwon, M.V.K. Chari
2. Method of Analyzing Asymmetric Large Pole Number Machines - O-M. Kwon, M.V.K. Chari, S.J. Salon
3. Calculations of Magnetohydrodynamic and Thermoelectric Effects for a Homopolar Motor’s Brush-Drum Interface: Part I: Computation of the Fluid Film’s Geometry as an Inverse Magnetohydrodynamics Problem - R. Martinez, D. Warwick, S. Campbell, M. Conti
4. Calculations of Magnetohydrodynamic and Thermoelectric Effects for a Homopolar Motor’s Brush-Drum Interface: Part II: Thermoelectricity as a Mechanism for Bias in Anode versus Cathode Wear Rates- R. Martinez, D. Warwick, S. Campbell, M. Conti

1500 Coffee Break

1530 Concurrent Technical Sessions
Special Topics I
1. Stochastic Analysis of Induction Machines Using Generalized Polynomial Chaos(gPC) - P. Prempaneerach, T.J. McCoy, F.S. Hover, M.S. Triantafyllou
2. Recent Development of Ceramic Based Dielectrics for High Energy Density Capacitors - Ming-Jen Pan, Edward Gorzkowski, Barry Bender, Carl Wu
3. Capacitor Dielectrics - Qi Tan

Special Topics II
1. Institutionalizing the Electric Warship - CAPT N. Doerry
2. UUV Operations With A Radioisotope Power System - D.W. Chadoir, M.R. Williams, A.M. Davis