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Electric Machines Technology Symposium 2012 - Agenda

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1300 - 1700 EMTS Workshop - SOLD OUT!
"Methods, Tools, and Processes for 21st Century Naval Ship Design"
Tyson Browning, Dave Helgerson and Sean Gallagher

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

0700 – 0800 Continental Breakfast and NEEC Student Poster Presentations
(Sponsored by Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.)

0800 – 0815 Conference Welcome

Opening/Administrative Remarks
Dr. Stephen Mastro, Chairman, EMTS 2012
Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station Welcome
CAPT Dave Gombas, USN
ASNE Welcome
Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE
Welcome and Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Ms. Patricia Woody, Machinery Research and Engineering Department Head, NSWCCD-SSES
0815 – 0900 Keynote Address
RADM Thomas J. Eccles, USN; Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander
for Naval Systems Engineering, NAVSEA

0900 – 0945 Speaker: Dr. Laura Stubbs, Director S & T Initiatives, Office of the
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

0945 – 1015 Speaker: Dr. Srini Mirmira, Program Director, ARPA-E

1015 – 1045 Break
(Sponsored by McKean Defense Group)

1015 - 1200 NEEC Student Poster Presentations

1045 – 1200 Panel Session: Process Modeling and Systems Engineering
Moderator: Kelly Cooper, Program Officer, ONR code 333
Learn More about the Process Modeling Panel

Gilbert Goddin, Chief Engineer, Warfare Systems Department, NSWC Dahlgren
David Helgerson, Technical Director, Advanced Marine Center, CSC
Gene Allen, U.S. Navy
Sean Gallagher, Advanced Machinery Systems Integration Division, NSWCCD-SSES
1200 – 1330 Lunch and Tour of Museum
(Sponsored by AMSEC LLC - A subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries)

1330 – 1445 Student Session with Speaker: Dr. Laura Stubbs, Director S&T Initiatives,
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

1330 – 1445 Technical Session: Energy Storage I
Moderator: John Barkyoumb, Staff Specialist, Energy & Power Technology,
Office of the Assistant Secretary Defense Research and Engineering

1330 - 1355
Advanced Shipboard Energy Storage System – Development and Testing
Dennis Mahoney (RCT Systems Inc.), Jeff McGlothin (NAVSEA PMS-320), Don Longo, John Heinzel (NSWCCD-SSES)
1355 - 1420
Next-Generation Energy Storage for Naval and Other Applications – OSD/DOE Hybrid Energy Storage Module Program
John Heinzel (NSWCCD-SSES), Donald Hoffman (Office of Naval Research), Srinivas Mirmira (Department of Energy)
1420 - 1445
Characterization of High Power Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices for Use In Naval Applications
David Wetz, Biju Shrestha, Peter Novak (University of Texas at Austin), Yvonne Chen (Saft America, Inc.)
1500 – 1515 Break

1515 – 1700 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session: Energy Storage II
Moderator: Jack Price, Ph.D., Director of Research, NSWC Carderock Division

1515 - 1540
U.S. Navy Gas Turbine Start Reliability and Timelines
Dennis Russom, Don Longo (NSWCCD-SSES)
1540 - 1605
Platform Casualty Mitigation Characterization of Lithium and Lithium Ion Batteries
C. Winchester, J. Banner, D. Fuentevilla (NSWCCD-SSES), B. Berchtold (NAVSEA05), F. Williams (Naval Research Laboratory), G. Back, D. Satterfield (Hughes Associates)
1605 - 1630
Large-Format Energy Storage for Directed Energy and Related Applications – Implementation of the Processes and Procedures Necessary to Qualify Advanced Batteries for Shipboard Use
John Heinzel (NSWCCD-SSES), Jack Bernardes (NSWC Dahlgren), Kevin Cook (NAVSEA), Samuel Stuart (NSWC Crane), Clint Winchester (NSWC Carderock)
1630 - 1655
Flywheel Energy Storage to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the DDG-51 Ship Service Electric Power Distribution System
John Herbst (University of Texas at Austin)
Session: Advanced Machinery
Moderator: Mukund Patel, Ph.D., PE, Professor, Electric Power Engineering,
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY

1515 - 1540
Distributed Optimal Generation Control of Shipboard Power Systems
Wei Zhang, Yinliang Xu, Wenxin Liu (New Mexico State University), Frank Ferrese (NSWCCD-SSES)
1540 - 1605
A Robust Approach to Fault Detection for Electric Motors
Jason M. Anderson, Forrest E. Suter, Cody Garner, Robert W. Cox (University of North Carolina Charlotte)
1605 - 1630
Permanent Magnet Axial Field Air Core (PAAC) Motors for Naval Applications
Andy Judge (DRS Power Technology, Inc.)
1630 - 1655
Commercial Experience for High Speed Induction Machines and Applicability to Naval Applications
Paul Beer, Ronald Shaffer (Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation)
Session: Modeling I
Moderator: Chris Dafis, Ph.D., Technical Engineering Specialist, NSWCCD-SSES

1515 - 1540
Advanced Generator Modeling in Medium Voltage DC Power Systems
Aaron M. Cramer (University of Kentucky), Dionysios C. Aliprantis (Iowa State University), Benjamin P. Loop (PC Krause and Associates)
1540 - 1605
Physics-Based Thermal Modeling of Silicon Carbide Power Switching Devices Using Finite Elements
A. Nejadpak, O. A. Mohammed (Florida International University)
1605 - 1630
Power Impact Analysis for Pulsed Power Load to the Integrated Power System
Yusheng Luo, Mike Andrus (Florida State University), Jianming Lian (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Sanjeev Srivastava, David A. Cartes (Florida State University)
1630 - 1655
A Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Applications Study for Benchmarking Electromagnetic Device Modeling Methods
F. Fleming, C. S. Edrington (Florida State University)
1700 – 1830 Reception
(Sponsored by L-3 Marine and Power Systems)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

0700 – 0800 Continental Breakfast

0805 – 0945 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session: Systems
Moderator: E. Michael Golda, Ph.D., Department 90 Chief Technologist, NSWCCD-SSES

0805 - 0830
A System-Level Design Framework for All-Electric Ship Thermal Systems
Peter Backlund, Dr. Thomas M. Kiehne, Dr. Carolyn C. Seepersad (University of Texas at Austin)
0830 - 0855
Multi-Dimensional Condition Based Monitoring
Matthew Conti, Charles Slavik, Brad Ross (Applied Physical Sciences Corp), Michael DiPilla (NSWC Carderock)
0855 - 0920
The Tactical and Strategic Advantage of Institutionalizing an Integrated Power System Land Based Test Site for the U.S. Navy
CDR John D. Stevens, Henry J. Hegner, Jason Yan (Zumwalt Class Program Office, PMS 500)
0920 - 0945
An Optimal Energy Source For Ultra-High Rating Free Electron Lasers: The Actively Controlled Rotating Magnetic Flux Compressor
Dr. M.D. Driga (University of Texas at Austin)
Session: Applications I
Moderator: Mike Zekas, Division Head, Propulsion and Power Systems Division,

0805 - 0830
All-Electric Ship Power System Optimization Strategies
Lee A. Kondor (Consulting Engineer), Gary Wachs, Charles Scheffler (Raytheon IDS)
0830 - 0855
Surface Ship Endurance Fuel Calculations
Dr. Norbert Doerry (NAVSEA 05TD)
0855 - 0920
Electric Machines Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Vibration Analysis
Mikhail Tsypkin (Vibration Specialty Corporation)
Session: Modeling II
Moderator: John Herbst, Center for Electromechanics, University of Texas at Austin

0805 - 0830
EMA Integration Strategy for Naval Control Surfaces
Steve Smith, Brandon Gollwitzer (Moog, Inc.)
0830 - 0855
Real-Time High Speed Generator Emulation for Hardware-In-The-Loop Application
Nicholas Stroupe (Florida State University)
0855 - 0920
Dynamic Model Based Vector Control of Linear Induction Motor
Valerie Rafalko, Arthur Rimmele (NAVAIR), Saroj Biswas (Temple University), Qing Dong (NAVSEA)
0945 – 1015 Break

1015 – 1100 Speaker: Dr. Timothy McCoy, Program Director, Electric Ships Office, PMS 320

1100 – 1145 Speaker: CAPT Michael Ziv, USN; Program Manager, Directed Energy and
Electric Weapons Systems Program Office, PMS 405

1200 – 1250 Luncheon
(Sponsored by Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.)

1250 – 1330 Luncheon Speaker: Mr. Steve Boyle, Manager, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs,
PJM Interconnection

1330 – 1400 Break

1400 – 1605 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session: Technologies
Moderator: Steven Roush, Director of Technology and Innovation Carderock Division,
Naval Surface Warfare Center

1400 - 1425
Power Dense Variable Speed Drive/PM Motor Systems for Shipboard Fan Coil Assemblies
Rob Cuzner, Dan Drews (DRS Power and Control Technologies), Kyle Kennett (DRS Marlo Coil), Ronaldo Lu, Calvin Corey, William Fahlstedt (DRS PTI)
1425 - 1450
Personnel Shock Threat and Arc Fault Hazard of Power Systems at Various Volt Levels
Thomas Dalton (BMT Syntek)
1450 - 1515
Developments in Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
William J. Jones (Jones Consulting)
1515 - 1540
Network Performance Requirements and Internetworking Technologies
Michael Roa (ABS)
Session: Architectures
Moderator: Saroj K. Biswas, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Department of Electrical
and Computer Engineering, Temple University

1400 - 1425
Next Generation Hybrid Systems for Ships
Ingve Sørfonn (Wärtsilä Ship Power Technology)
1425 - 1450
Navy Open Architecture Machinery Control Systems for Next Generation Integrated Power Systems: Establishing a Shared Vision
John Mochulski (NSWCCD-SSES)
1450 - 1515
Open Architecture – Application for Hull, Mechanical and Electrical Systems and Components
CDR Dwight Alexander, Guy Babineau (Northrop Grumman)
1515 - 1540
A Study of Electric Power Distribution Architectures on Shipboard Power Systems
A. Mohamed, O. A. Mohammed (Florida International University)
1540 - 1605
Integrated Power System of High Speed Destroyer for Increased Fuel-efficiency and Power-Reliability
So-Yeon Kim, Seung-Ki Sul (Seoul National University, Korea)
1410 – 1550 Technical Session - Applications II
Moderator: Anthony Seman, Program Officer, Office of Naval Research (ONR) Code 331,
Machinery Controls Automation Research

1410 - 1435
New IEEE Power Electronics Standards for Ships
Yuri Khersonsky (IEEE)
1435 - 1500
A High-Performance Flux Focusing Magnetic Gear Using Ferrite Magnets
Jonathan Bird (University of North Carolina Charlotte)
1500 - 1525
Acoustic Noise Evaluation of Motors Using Electric Power Circuit and Finite Element Simulation
Sherwood Polter (NSWCCD-SSES), Tom McDermott (MelTran), Rich McConnell (NSWCCD-SSES), Kyle Martini (Applied Physical Sciences)
1525 - 1550
Saddle Winch Motor Controller Control Circuit Redesign
Daniel DeToma (SUNY Maritime)
1605 Conference Adjourns