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Electric Ship Design Symposium 2009 - Agenda

DAY 1 - Thursday, 12 February 2009

0800 Welcome and Introduction:

CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN, Symposium Chairman

Mr. Keith Michel, SNAME President

Keynote Address: Mr. Jukka Kuuskoski; Vice President Marine, ABB Finland, "Overview of the Electric Propulsion Market"

The State-of-the-Art Paper of Integrated Electric Propulsion and Propulsion Systems and Technologies on Ships by Dr. Timothy J. McCoy, Converteam and Dr. John V. Amy Jr., BMT Syntek

0930-1000 Coffee Break in the Exhibits Area

1000 Panel 1: The View of Industry Leaders
Moderator: Mr. Brian Pope, L-3 Group Vice President
Panelists: Mr. Peter Noble, ConocoPhillips
Mr. Ed Bourgeau, Transocean
Mr. Dave McMullen, General Dynamics NASSCO
RADM Thomas H. Gilmour USCG (Ret.), ABS Americas

1130 Charge the Technical Breakout Sessions - Symposium Chair: CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN

1200 Lunch with Guest Speaker - RDML Thomas J. Eccles, USN, Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration and Engineering, Naval Systems Engineering, NAVSEA 05

1330 Parallel Technical Breakout Sessions

1. Electric Machinery Systems: Moderator - Professor Giorgio Sulligoi, University of Trieste and Dr. Zareh Soghomonian, BMT Syntek
An Overview of Electric Ships in the Energy Exploration Development and Transportation Sector – Peter G. Noble, Conoco Phillips
Electric Propulsion Systems for Offshore Support Vessels – Terje Nordtun, Wartsila Norway
An Overview of Diesel Electric Drives from an Operations and Maintenance Standpoint – Clark Dodge, CED Consulting as presented by Stephen Gleaves, PE
All Electric Ship Power Stations: Analysis of Voltage Controls and Protections – Aldo Da Rin, Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding, and Piero Raffin and Giorgio Sulligoi, both University of Trieste

2. Mobility Systems: Moderator - Chris Bassler, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Integrated Power Systems in Cruise ships and Naval Vessels – A. Qualizza, T. Perini, S. Michetti & M. Ratto, Fincantieri Merchant Ship Business Unit; and G. Sulligoi, S. Castellan, and R. Menis, all three University of Trieste
New Conceptual Approach to Large Marine Electrical Distribution Systems – Vassili Rozine and Max H. Adams, both I&M Engineering Group, Coquitlam, Canada
Advanced Power Management on Next Generation Naval Vessels – A. M. Staley, L-3 Communications Marine Systems
Electric vs. Conventional Propulsion: Comparative Analyses for Luxury Yachts Different in Size – Vittorio Bucci, consultant, and Alberto Marino, Simone Castellan, and Giorgio Sulligoi, all three University of Trieste

3. Total-Ship Life-Cycle Considerations: Moderator - Steve Morris, BMT Designers and Planners
Design Practice Challenges for Electric Ships and Floating Facilities – Moni Islam, Guy Hardwick, and Jeff Gamble, all three L-3 Communications Westwood Corp.
Environmental Impact Considerations in US Navy Ship Power System Design – Gerritt Lang, NAVSEA 05D
Business Case Analysis for Designing and Acquiring the Next-Generation Fleet – Steve Morris, BMT Designers and Planners

4. System/Design Integration: Jason Strickland, Naval Sea Systems Command
Preparing Naval Architects and Marine Engineers for the Electric Ship – John Hennings and Mathew Werner, both Webb Institute
Considerations in the Development of Concept Designs for Integrated Electric Power Plants – George W Stewart, Bruce S Rosenblatt and Associates, LLC
Design of the All Electric Ship; Focus on Integrated Power System Coupled to Hydrodynamics – P. Prempraneerach, M. S. Triantafyllou, J. Kirtley, C. Chryssostomidis and G. E. Karniadakis, MIT Sea Grant College Program, Rajamangala University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University

5. Ship/System Concepts: Moderator - Adrian MacKenna, Naval Sea Systems Command
Diesel Electric Systems for Offshore Vessels – Bjorn von Ubisch, Candies Shipbuilders, LLC, and Hans Niessink, IMTECH
Investigations for Time Step Settings in a Dynamic System Co-Simulation Environment – Bassem Nairouz, Matt Hoepfer, Neil Weston, and Dimitri Mavris, all Georgia Tech
Field Demonstration of a Real-Time Non-Intrusive Monitoring System for Condition-Based Maintenance – Dr. Robert W. Cox, et al., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of North Carolina, and U.S. Navy
Propulsion Drive Rectifier Design Considerations – Jinhui Zhang, Nicholas Benavides, Steven Mankevich and Dr. Timothy McCoy, Converteam Naval Systems

1530 Break in the Exhibits Area

1600 Parallel Technical Breakout Sessions (Continued)

1800-1930 Reception in Exhibits Area
Day 2 - Friday, 13 February 2009

0800 Welcome

RADM Dale Gabel, USCG, ASNE President

0810-0930 Panel Discussion on Navy Ships
Moderator: Mr. Glenn Sturtevant, PEO Ships, R&D Director
Panelists: Mr. David Clayton, Navy Electric Ship Office
Mr. Dan Rypysc, Raytheon
Mr. Howard Fireman, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
Dr. Larry Schuette, Office of Naval Research (ONR)

0930-0945 Workshop Charge - Symposium Chair: CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN

0945-1200 Workshop Breakout Sessions
Working groups complete identifying the current and future capabilities required to develop, design, construct and operate Electric Ships, summarize the critical actions necessary to realize the opportunities of Electric Ships, and prepare presentations.

1200-1300 Working Lunch available in Exhibits Area

1300-1430 Report out for each breakout session

1430-1500 Break in Exhibits Area

1500-1630 The Grand Challenge of Electric Ships
Moderator: CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN, Symposium Chair
Panelists - Bob Keane, Chair of the Joint SNAME/ASNE Ship Design Committee
- Rich Delpizzo, Chair of the SNAME Machinery Committee
- Keynote speakers and other participants
• Panel discussion on setting technical direction
• Charge to SNAME/ASNE technical organizations