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Engineering the Total Ship Symposium 2004 - Agenda

~Building Ships Around Sailors — Building the Force Around Ships~
Classified Event
NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland
17-18 March 2004
~Sailors & Their Ships: Networked Elements of Naval Power 21~

Wednesday, 17 March
Registration Open

Welcome and Opening Remarks

RADM David P. Sargent, Jr., USN (Ret.)
President of ASNE
RADM Anthony W. Lengerich, USN
Vice Commander, NAVSEA

Keynote Address

VADM Timothy W. LaFleur, USN
Commander, Naval Surface Forces, and Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific Fleet
Open Technical Sessions
RADM Anthony W. Lengerich, USN
Vice Commander, NAVSEA

Session #1
Ships, Sailors, and Operations

Moderator: RDML Robert J. Cox, USN
Director, Total Force Programming, Manpower and Information Resource Management, N12, OPNAV
Assistant Moderator: David Byers

Ships and the Sailors Inside Them
Phil Sims, Navsea 05D1

Engineering Ships for the Sailor
Capt Steve Huber, USN, J. Robert Bost, and Waldemar H. Koscinski, Navsea 03

Session #2
Naval Power 21 Ships

Moderator: RADM Paul E. Sullivan, USN
Deputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration & Engineering, Navsea 05
Assistant Moderator: George Zvara
NUWC Newport

Setting the High-Speed Ship Technology Roadmap for Sea Power 21
Robert G. Keane, Jr., Ship Design USA, Inc.

Submersible Combatant Concept for Improved Lttoral Warfare
John Leadmon, SEA 05U; Wesley Wilson, Lewis Carl, & David Woodward, NSWCCD

LHA(R): Designing the Next Generation Big Deck Amphibious Assault Ship
Jason Reynolds, Navsea 05D3
Session #3
Building Capability Around Sailors

Moderator: Mrs. Mary Lacey
Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Assistant Moderator: James Simmons
SSC San Diego

Reduced Manning in DDG51 Class Warships
RADM James Hinkle, USN (Ret) & CAPT Terry Glover, USN (Ret)

Shaping Future Naval Warfare with Unmanned Systems
— The Impact Across the Fleet and Joint Considerations

Eugene "Cliff" Hudson, OSD Joint Robotics Program; Gordon Johnson, USJFCOM; and Dr.Delbert C. Summey & Helmut H. Portmann, Jr., NSWCPC

Composeable FORCEnet Command and Control for Superior Decision Making
Mike Reilley, Jeff Grossman, Jeff Clarkson, and George Galdorisi, SSC San Diego, & Chris Priebe, Polexis Corp.

Session #4
Naval Power 21 Systems & Weapons

Moderator: RDML(Sel) Jeffrey A. Wieringa, USN
Assistant Commander for Research and Engineering, AIR 4.0
Assistant Moderator: Scott White

DDG 51 Flight Deck Design & Operations: Lessons Learned
CDR Paul Thomas Essig, Jr., USN, Commanding Officer, HSL 44

Human Systems Integration in Tactical Tomahawk
Weapons Control System Development - TWS/TTWS PMA 282

CAPT Chris Sullivan, USN, & LCDR Joe Mauser, USN, PMA 282

Rapid Insertion of Test Ship [BMD] Capabilities into Fleet Operations
CDR Billie Walden, USN, PMS 452B3 & Bill Mehlman, JHU/APL

The Roles and Challenges of Combat Identification in Tomorrow's Naval Ship
Mario Coon, NAVAIR
Adjourn to Social

Thursday, 18 March
Registration Open

Session #5
Technology for Naval Power 21

Moderator: Dr. Harold Guard
Human Systems S&T Department, ONR 034
Assistant Moderator: Scott Littlefield
ONR 033

Distributed Machine Intelligence for Automated Survivability
Katherine Drew, ONR 334, & David Scheidt, JHU/APL

Operator Centered Design of Ship Systems
Dr. Susan Chipman, ONR 334, and Dr. David Kieras, University of Michican

X-Craft Total Ship Systems Engineering
"Design, Engineering, Risk Management, and Delivery of High Speed Technology"

RADM Jay Cohen, USN; CAPT David Comis, USN; CDR Mark Thomas, USN; & James S. Webster; ONR

Session #6

Operations: Sailors, Ships, & the Force

Moderator: RADM John M. Kelly, USN
Commander, Navy Warfare Development Command

Assistant Moderator: Paul Socoloski
NSWCCD Philadelphia

Operational Impacts of the CG-47 Class Smartship Installation
"It Isn't Just the Technology - It's How You Use It that Makes the Difference"

CAPT Jeff Fullerton, USN, Commanding Officer, USS ANTIETAM (CG 54),
LCDR Mark Scotchlas, USN, LCDR Thad Smith, USN, and Adam S. Freedner

Lessons Learned From USS Nimitz Battle Group Deployment
RDML Samuel J. Locklear, III, USN, Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group FIVE

Fleet Battle Experiments
CAPT Kevin Morrissey, USN, Director, Maritime Battle Center, NWDC

Fleet Readiness Program
CAPT Joseph S. Lyon, USN, FFC N842

Session #7
Capstone Panel
Engineering Naval Power 21

Moderator: VADM Henry C. Giffin III, USN(Ret)
Group Vice President, Anteon Corporation
Assistant Moderator: Richard Holden

Technical Session Summaries Presented by Session Moderators

Flag Officer Panel: Discussion of Moderators’ Summaries
The Honorable John J. Young, Jr., ASN(RDA)
VADM Charles W. Moore, Jr., USN, Deputy CNO for Fleet Readiness & Logistics, N4
VADM Alfred G. Harms, Jr., USN, Commander, Naval Education & Training Command
VADM Gerald L. Hoewing, USN, Chief of Naval Personnel
RADM Kenneth D. Slaght, USN, COMSPAWAR
RADM Anthony W. Lengerich, USN, Vice Commander, NAVSEA
RADM James K. Moran, USN, Commander, Naval Personnel Development Command
RDML Jeffrey A. Brooks, USN, Director, Fleet Maintenance, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
RDML Andrew M. Singer, USN, Deputy Commander, NETWARCOM
Closing Remarks
RADM Anthony W. Lengerich, USN
Vice Commander, NAVSEA