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Engineering the Total Ship (ETS) Symposium 2006 - Agenda


TIMES Monday, 1 May 2006
0700 Registration Open
0745 Call-To-Order and Administrative Information

Welcome and Opening Remarks

CAPT Rick Hepburn, USN (Ret.),President of ASNE


Keynote Address

VADM Paul E. Sullivan, USN
Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
0850-0905 Break

Open Technical Sessions

Session #1 - Historical Perspective onCapability and Affordabilityin Ship Engineering

Moderator: Dr. William H. Luebke, Director for Naval Machinery, NAVSEA 05Z
Assistant Moderator: David Byers

  • 0910 - Paper 1: Evolution of Ship Cost Estimating by Irvin Chewning
  • 0940 - Paper 2: Trading Capability and Force Structure, What Does it Mean to the Engineer? by Donald Nalchajian and Theodore Rice
1010-1025 Break

Session #2 -Current Practices inSystems Engineering for Navy Ships - Part 1 - US

Moderator: RADM Dale G. Gabel, USCG, Asst. Commandant for Engineering & Logistics
Assistant Moderator: Wes Holser

  • 1030 - Paper 1: U.S. Coast Guard's Integrated Deep Water System Updated with New Post 9-11 Requirements for FullMaritime Domain National SecuritybyMs Diane Burton, Capt Michael Anderson, Capt Patrick Stadt and Ms. Joy B. Carter
  • 1100 - Paper 2:DD(X) Total Ship Systems Engineeringby Brian Wells, Ed Baker, Mary Beth Chipkevich
  • 1130 - Paper 3:Systems Engineering and Zonal Ship Designby CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN
1200-1345 Lunch Invited Speaker:Why Has the Cost of Navy Ships Risen?- Mark Arena, RAND Corp.

Session #3 -Current Practices inSystems Engineering for Navy Ships - Part 2 - International
Moderator: CAPT Henry H. Parker, Royal Navy, United Kingdom Assistant Naval Attaché
Assistant Moderator: Rubin Sheinberg

  • 1350 - Paper 1:Affordability Driven Development of Total Systems Concepts in Naval Ship Design byMarnix Krikke
  • 1420 – Paper 2:BPC Mistral (French LPH program): Affordability through an IPT cost/capability approach and an optimized industrial organization by CAPT Vincent Martinot-Lagarde
  • 1450 – Paper 3: Rebuilding Naval Fleets: Lessons Learned from the UK Experience by John Schank
1520-1535 Break

Cornerstone Panel - Designing Affordable Ships and Getting Them Built
Moderator: Ms. Allison Stiller, DASN (Ships)
Assistant Moderator: Charles Elste


Ms. Darlene Costello, Director Naval Warfare, OUSD (AT&L)

RADM Charles S. Hamilton, II, USN, PEO (Ships)

Ms. Cynthia Brown, American Shipbuilding Association

RADM Joseph A. Carnevale, USN (Ret.), Shipbuilders Council of America

CAPT Thomas J. Eccles, USN, PMS 394

1735 Adjourn to Social and Poster Sessions *

TIMES Tuesday, 2 May 2006
0730 Registration Open
0825 Call-To-Order

Session #4 -Future Capabilities for an Affordable, Integrated Force
Moderator: CAPT Dennis Sorensen, USN, Assistant Chief of Naval Research
Assistant Moderator: Katherine Drew

  • 0835 – Paper 1: Engineering the Total Ship of the Future via Remote Monitoring and
    Diagnostics byCaptain Stephen Huber, USN; Robin Halpin, Mark McLean, Chris Savage and Joel Timm
  • 0905 – Paper 2: TANGO BRAVO, Removing the Technology Barriers to an Affordable Design by CAPT Jerry K. Burroughs, USN
  • 0935 – Paper 3: Modular Payload Ships, 1975-2005 by Mr. Jack W. Abbott
  • 1005 – Paper 4: Bridging the Policy and Technology Gap: A Process to Instantiate Maritime Domain Awareness Across the Integrated Ship Force by George Galdorisi and Rebekah Goshorn
1035-1055 Break

Session #5 - Fleet Perspective - Lessons Learned

Moderator: RDML William D. Rodriguez, USN, Chief Engineer, SPAWAR
Assistant Moderator: Paul Socoloski

  • 1100 – Paper 1: Reverse Distance Support: Fleet Experience for at Sea Operations by Mr. Ken Krooner, Mr. Kurt Jarchow, and Mr. Dale Hirschman

  • 1130 – Paper 2: FORCEnet:Composeable Command and Control for Superior Decision Making…as a toolbox for the Warfighter byCAPT Edward Takesuye, USN
  • 1200 – Paper 3:Operational Experience from the Fleet: SEA FIGHTERbyLCDR Brandon S. Bryan, USN
1230-1345 Lunch *

Capstone Panel

Moderator: VADM Henry C. Giffin III, USN (Ret.), AMSEC LLC
Assistant Moderator: John Shipp


VADM Walter B. Massenburg, USN, COMNAVAIR

VADM Lewis W. Crenshaw, Jr., USN, OPNAV N8


RADM Jeffrey A. Brooks, USN, N43 CFFC

RDML Michael C. Bachmann, USN, COMSPAWAR

1630 Closing Remarks
VADM Lewis W. Crenshaw, Jr., USN, OPNAV N8

* Poster Session Papers:

TITLE OF POSTER TECHNICAL PAPER                                                                        AUTHOR(S) 

A Portable Near-Field Scanner for Calibrating the AN/SPS-48E Antennas on LPD-17 Ships
Pat Woollen, Tina Closser, Bill Slowey
Comparison of an AOR Replenishment Ship to a T5 Tanker
Phil Sims
Fiber Optic Based Real Time Shipboard Monitoring for Missile System Maintenance
Jerry Bobo, Regina Powell, Dr. Patricia Johnson
An Approach to Real-Time Dynamic System Control
Kevin P. Adams, Denis Gracanin
Advanced Concepts in Operational Availability
Kitt C. Carlton-Wippern, Ph.D.
Protecting Shipboard HM&E LANS
James L. Mahan, Mark McLean, David Dragun, Greg Early
Automation of Analysis, Management and Transmission of U.S. Navy Destroyer Fuel Data at Sea
C.W. Kenyon, M. Mashoun, H. Pehlivan, J.P. Weingart
Mast-Clamp Current Probe Development
Randall Reeves, Robert Abramo, Joseph Fischer, Jodi McGee, Dr. John Meloling, Daniel Tam, Richard Woods
Unmanned Vehicle Sentry System for Sea Basing
Chris Mailey, Raj Samuel


DAY THREE - 3 May 2006 (Separate Registration) 

Naval Postgraduate School - Systems Engineering Seminar