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Energy Futures Symposium 2010 - Agenda

DAY ONE - Tuesday, 23 February

0700 Registration Open

0730 Continental Breakfast

0800 - 0815 Presentation of Colors, Welcome and Introduction

0815 - 0845 Future Energy Security Plenary Session
RADM Philip H. Cullom, USN: Director, Fleet Readiness Division (OPNAV N43) explains Navy’s current energy security efforts and vectors, and outlines the goals and expectations of the conference - including the Secretary of the Navy's Energy Goals

0845 -1000 Energy Futures Presentation and Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Scott Snyder, President and CEO, Decision Strategies International
The impact of alternative future energy structures on fleet operations, government, and industry is considered. This discussion will emphasize the strategic advantage of energy security and the consequences of business as usual.

- David F. Gates, Senior Advisor, PFC Energy
- Chip Cotton, Program Manager, Energy Research & Development, GE Global Research Center
- Govi Rao, Partner, Sustainable Century Merchant Bank, NY; former Chairman & CEO of Lighting Science Group
- Jim Loving, Business Development Executive; Energy, Environment & Sustainablity; IBM

1000 -1015 Break

1015 -1100 "Advanced Design Integration for Radical Energy Efficiency"
Speaker: Amory Lovins, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute; Co-Author, Winning the Oil Endgame

1100 - 1130 Task Force Climate Change
RADM David W. Titley, USN; Oceanographer of the Navy, Head of Navy Task Force Climate Change

1130 -1230 Stand-up Lunch in Exhibits Area

1230 - 1300 R. James Woolsey, Venture Partner and Senior Advisor, Vantage Point

1300 - 1330 Roger M. Natsuhara, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations & Environment)

1330 - 1430 Acquisition Policies Panel

A panel of industry leaders will discuss the SECNAV goal of changing the way the Navy and Marine Corps award contracts during the acquisition process to consider the lifetime energy cost of the system.

Moderator: Rear Admiral Joseph A. Carnevale, USN (Ret.); Senior Defense Advisor, Shipbuilders Council of America
- Bill Pfister, Vice President External Affairs, Austal USA
- Tim Danhieux, Chief Naval Architect, Marinette Marine Corporation
- Vince Dickinson, Principal Project Specialist, Industrial Products & Services; General Dynamics - Bath Iron Works
- Josh Prueher, President, Earl Energy

1430 -1445 Break

1445 -1515 Overview of Fuel Cell Potential
Speaker: Sunita Satyapal, Acting Program Manager, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies, U.S. Department of Energy (Confirmed)

1515 -1530 Break

1530 -1630 Guest Speaker - Dan S. Cohen, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLC; co-author, The Heart of Change Field Guide

1630 -1730 Biofuels Panel: Achieving 50%Alternative Fuels by 2020
The Secretary of the Navy has stated that by 2020, half of the Departments energy consumption will come from alternative sources. Panelists will address current initiatives being undertaken toward achieving that goal.

Moderator: Chris Tindal, Deputy Director for Renewable Energy, DASN(I&F)
- Richard Kamin, NAVAIR 4.5.5, Navy Fuels Lead
- Virgil Regoli, Air Force Petroleum Office
- Patsy A. Muzzell,Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC)
- Nathan Brown, Deputy Executive Director, FAA Office of Environmental and Energy
- Jennifer Holmgren, Director, Renewable Energy and Chemicals; UOP,LLC

1730 - 1900 Reception in Exhibit Area

DAY TWO - Wednesday, 24 February :

0730-0830 Welcome, Continental Breakfast

0830-0900 Fully Burdened Cost of Fuel - Christopher DiPetto, Office of Under Secretary of Defense; Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

0900-1000 Interagency Panel
Hear how other government agencies are approaching energy challenges.

Moderator: Richard G. Kidd IV, Program Manager, Federal Energy Management Program, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
- Patrick J. Dulin, Deputy Commander, Defense Energy Support Center
- William F. Hagy, III; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary, USDA Rural Development
- Dr. Kevin Geiss, Program Director, Energy Security, Office of Assistant Secretary of the Army (I&E)
- Michael F. McGhee, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health

1000-1030 Break

1030 -1200 Electric Ship Technologies
Moderator: CAPT Lynn J. Petersen, USN; Deputy Director, Electric Ships Office, PMS 320
Assistant Moderator: Dr. Zareh Soghomonian, Director,Power Systems Technologies, BMT Syntek Technologies, Inc.

Task Force Energy Technology Overview - Thomas W. Martin, Task Force Energy
Energy Storage for Single Engine Cruise - John Heinzel, Program Manager, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Energy Storage for Mission Systems - CAPT David Kiel, USN, Program Manager, Surface Directed Energy Programs, PMS 405
USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD 8) Hybrid Electric Drive: Configuration, Test Results, Projected Energy Savings - Abe Boughner , LHD 8 Design Integration Manager

1200-1300 Luncheon

1300-1330 Dessert in Exhibits Area

1330-1530 ONR/NDIA Technology presentations/discussions
Technology highlights from ONR/NDIA Naval Energy Forum

- Dr. Steve Obenschain (NRL) - Laser Inertial Fusion Energy
- Dr. Karen Swider-Lyons (NRL) - High Power Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems "Ion Tiger"
- Dr. Bhakta Rath (NRL) - Alternate Energy for National Security
- Don Hoffman (ONR)- Fuel Cells for 5-500kW Naval Applications
- Dr. H. Scott Coombe (ONR) - Energy Conversion & Power Management

1530 Wrap-up