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Fleet Maintenance and Modernization Symposium 2009 - Agenda

Monday, 28 September 2009

1300 - 2100: Exhibit Setup (Exhibit Hall)

1300 - 1800: Registration (Grand Foyer)

1800 - 2000: Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

0700: Registration Opens (Grand Foyer)

0700: Network Breakfast, Sponsored by Lockheed Martin (Exhibit Hall)

0815: Official Opening and Ribbon Cutting for Exhibit Hall

0830: Welcome & Opening Remarks: RDML Will Rodriguez, USN (Ret.), Symposium Chair & Ms. Kathleen E. Hinton, Metro Machine Corporation, ASNE President

0845-0930: Opening Keynote Address: RADM John C. Orzalli, USN, Fleet Maintenance Officer, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (Town & Country Room)

0930 – 0945: Morning Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall, Sponsored by DRS Technologies

0945 - 1100: Panel Discussion: In-Service Maintenance Issues (Town & Country Room)

Moderator: Vice Admiral Peter M. Hekman, USN (Ret.)

Panel Members:

RADM Joseph F. Campbell, USN; Deputy Commander, Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations, NAVSEA 04
RADM J. Clarke Orzalli, USN; Fleet Maintenance Officer, U.S. Fleet Forces Command
RDML Thomas J. Moore, USN; Deputy Director, Fleet Readiness Division, OPNAV N43B
RDML James P. McManamon, USN; Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare, SEA 21, Naval Sea Systems Command
RDML Thomas J. Eccles, USN; Deputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration and Engineering, SEA 05, Naval Sea Systems Command
RDML Richard D. Berkey, USN; Prospective Deputy Chief of Staff for Fleet Maintenance; Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Mr. Howard Fireman, Director, Surface Ship Design & Systems Engineering, NAVSEA 05D
Mr. Dan Schultz, Vice President/General Manager, Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems & Sensors, Integrated Defense Technologies
Mr. L.B. "Ben" Robison, Northrop Grumman, Director of In-Service Carrier Program
1100 - 1200: Exhibit Hall Break

1200 - 1315: Luncheon

Guest Speaker: Vice Admiral Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command

Presentation of the Claud A. Jones Award to MKCM Bradley G. McMinn, USCG, MLC Pacific and the Frank Jones Award to Mr. William H. Ryzewic, Deputy Chief of Staff for Fleet Maintenance; Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

1330 - 1500: Technical Paper Sessions

Session 1: Assessments I (Royal Palm Ballroom 1/2)

Moderator: LCDR Cinda L. Brown, USN, COMLSDLPDRON, N43

RMC Baseline for USCG Maintenance Development (Eric Linton, USCG ELC; John Galle and Michael Harris, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding AMSEC LLC)

The Coast Guard’s Mission Effectiveness Project (MEP) – A Readiness Success Story (RADM Ron Rábago, USCG and CDR Bob McClure, USCG)

Session 2: Maintenance I (Royal Palm Ballroom 3/4)

Moderator: LCDR Charles Smith, USN, P.E., Aegis Test Officer, San Diego, Southwest RMC

A Methodology for Maintenance based Probabilistic Risk Assessment of a Ship Satellite Communication System (Georgios Mantzouris and Ramesh Kolar, Naval Postgraduate School) WITHDRAWN

CNAF SFMVA: Ship’s Force Vibe Analysis to support CBM (Mark E.Libby, Azima DLI; and Thomas F. "Tom" Alexander, The Lightship Group)

Game Changer in Affording Sensing for Condition Based Maintenance (Pete Sisa, Impact-RLW Systems; Chris Savage, NSWC-CD Philadelphia; James Luchs, NSWC-CD Philadelphia; and Christopher Toft, Dresser-Rand)

Session 3: Advanced Technology Developments (Royal Palm Ballroom 5/6)

Moderator: CAPT Bert Marsh, USN (Ret.), AMSEC

The Release Behavior of Silicone Coatings with a Thickness Gradient or Inclined Interface (Dr. James Kohl, University of San Diego)

Identification of Weld Defects and Corrosion in Polymeric Coated Steel using Noninvasive Positron Spectroscopy (Terry Smith, Positronics Research, LLC)

Fuel Conservation through Managing Hull Resistance (Daniel Kane, Vice President, Propulsion Dynamics & Torben Munk, President, Propulsion Dynamics)

1500 - 1600: Break in Exhibit Hall, Sponsored by Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding

1600 - 1730: Technical Paper Sessions

Session 1: Assessments II (Royal Palm Ballroom 1/2)

Moderator: John Robinson

The Service Life Assessment Program (RDML Tom Eccles, USN, SEA 05; Glenn Ashe, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS); and Sam Albrecht, ABS Houston)

Navy Material Readiness Assessment (Robert Strait, INSURV Board; and Conrad Hedderich, Valkyrie Enterprises)

An Integrated DDG Vibration Monitoring Pilot Program (Joe Van Dyke, P.E., Azima DLI; CWO John R. Desgrey, CNSF N43 staff; Mike diPilla and Jim Luchs, NSWC-CD Philadelphia)

Session 2: Life Cycle Support (Royal Palm Ballroom 3/4)

Moderator: CAPT John W. Riley III, USN, SWRMC

Achieving DDG Service Life: The Class Maintenance Plan Perspective (RADM John Claman, USN (Ret.), CACI; Stephanie Knoch, CACI; and Robert Ceres Jr., Blackstone LLC)

Use of Enhanced Dynamic Positioning Systems in Support of Forward Sea-Basing Operations (Daniel Kiernan, Student, Old Dominion University)

Projecting Technology Change to Improve Legacy System Support Strategies (Stephen R. Walk, P.E., Old Dominion University)

Session 3: HM&E Technology Advancements (Royal Palm Ballroom 5/6)

Moderator: LCDR Gene Kramer, USN

Application of AC-link™ Power Control Technology in Variable Speed Drive Controllers (VSDs) in Sensitive Shipboard Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Environments (Keith Hubble, Earl Industries; Erik Limpaecher, Princeton Power Systems; and Milo Hyde, Consultant)

Embedded Diagnostics for LSD Machinery Control System Upgrade (Kevin Logan, MACSEA Ltd and CAPT John G. Walker, USCG (Ret.), Thor Solutions LLC)

Achieving the Quest of Zero Maintenance – Tornado Principle Eddy Pump Systems at Fifteen Years (Henry Weinrib; Baron Green; and Ron George, Eddy Pump Corporation)

1745 - 1930: Exhibit Hall Reception

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

0700: Registration (Grand Foyer)

0700: Network Breakfast, Sponsored by Lockheed Martin (Exhibit Hall)

0800 - 0930: Panel Discussion: New Construction Challenges (Town & Country Room)

Moderator: Mr. Joe Berner, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Panel Members:

RDML Thomas J. Moore, USN; Deputy Director, Fleet Readiness Division, OPNAV N43B
Mr. Nick Nichols; Director of Surface Ship Support and Modernization, Bath Iron Works
RADM William H. Hilarides, USN; Program Executive Officer for Submarines
Mr. John Holmander, Vice President & VIRGINIA Class Program Manager, Electric Boat
RADM Ronald J. Rábago, USCG; Assistant Commandant for Acquisition
Mr. Jim Hughes, Vice President of Aircraft Carrier Overhauls and Fleet Support, Northrop Grumman
Mr. Fred Harris, President, National Steel and Shipbuilding Company
0930 - 1030: Morning Break in Exhibit Hall, Sponsored by McKean Defense Group

1030 – 1200: Technical Paper Sessions

Session 1: New Construction (Royal Palm Ballroom 1/2)

Moderator: Ralph E. Staples, Jr., Captain, USN (ret.), Vice President, Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.

Building Ships to Last: Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) in Acquisition (Marc Borkowski, NAVSEA 04RM; Edward Fairbairn CACI; William Berneski, CACI; and Dr. Robyn Walters, CACI)

Creating the Next Generation Shipbuilding and Repair Workforce: Combating the challenges of non-traditional competition, retention, and aging to maintain a vital strategic asset (Dr. Anthony Dean and Dr. Han Bao, Old Dominion University)

Session 2: Maintenance II (Royal Palm Ballroom 3/4)

Moderator: Robert Ness, SWRMC

A Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support System for Fleet Maintenance (Dr. Stuart H. Rubin, SPAWAR SSC Pacific; Dr. Shu-Ching Chen, Michael Armella, and Jeremy Conn, Florida International University; Dr. Gordon K. Lee, San Diego State University)

Training – The Key to Keeping Your Head in a Crisis Situation (Kevin Kennedy, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding AMSEC LLC)

Session 3: Technology Applications (Royal Palm Ballroom 5/6)

Moderator: LCDR Ron Rutan, USN

Web-Based Solution for Small Boat Fleet Management (Dan Bagnell, CDI Marine; Stephen Bohl, CDI Marine; and LCDR Bob Post, USCG)

Retrofitting Air Pollution Emissions Control Devices: Finding a Win-Win Solution for the Fleet (Lincoln T. Evans-Beauchamp and Thomas E. "Ted" Dickenson, Purify Solutions)

AN/SQQ-89 Sonar Cable Improvement (Robert A. "Bob" Roush, NUWC Division Newport, RI. et al. SQS-53C Array Cable Improvement Integrated Product Team)

1200 - 1315: Luncheon (Town & Country Room)

Guest Speaker: RADM Kevin M. Quinn, USN, Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet

1315 - 1415: Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall

1415 - 1530: Panel Discussion: CLASSRON Commander Panel (Town & Country Room)

Moderator: RDML Mark W. Balmert, USN (Ret.); Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding AMSEC LLC (Confirmed)

Panel Members:

CLASSRON Commanders
1530 - 1600: Concluding Remarks: Mr. William H. Ryzewic, Deputy Chief of Staff for Fleet Maintenance; Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (Town & Country Room)

1600 - 1700: Exhibit Hall Visit

1700 Day Concludes

Thursday, 1 October 2009

0700: Registration (Grand Foyer)

0700 - 0900: Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

0800: Convene Other Related Meetings

Joint Industry Navy Improvements Initiative (JINII) Conference (Regency Ballroom)
0900 – 1030: Final Opportunity to Visit Exhibit Hall