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Technical Papers - Track 1

Ted Ingalsbe and Vincent Stammetti, "Leveraging Digital/3-D Product Models Beyond Design/Construction Across the Ship/Component Lifecycle"  

A methodology for providing a platform that includes a 3-D representation of a selected hull with the ability to interact, overlay, drill into, and visualize a wealth of data is presented.  Data related to scheduling, planning, and managing ship alterations can benefit users of the platform in ways such as providing a quicker understanding of data that contains spatial references, using 3-D visual metaphors and helping to identify conflicts and risks within integrated master schedules prior to and during construction or alterations.


CAPT Tom Donovan, USN (Ret.), Dr. Erin Bradner, Ph.D. and Dr. Ulf Lindhe, Ph.D., "Use of Improved 3-D Product Model Outputs Integrated with Advanced Smart Manufacturing Concepts and Technologies to Design, Build, Maintain and Modernize the Fleet"

Emerging Generative Design (GD) technology uses computer artificial intelligence to drive direct collaboration between the engineer and computer that has the potential to inherently change the engineer’s role in the design process; while producing an unprecedented number of requirement suitable 3-D models.  GD, when properly integrated with advanced smart manufacturing concepts and technologies available today, offers naval engineers a timely and potentially game changing opportunity to reevaluate how design, manufacture and fleet sustainment will be conducted going forward.