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Technical Papers - Track 10

Michelle Little, "Failure is Not an Option, 3-D Printing However..."  

Additive manufacturing (3-D printing) has a long way to go before printing replacement equipment for SUBSAFE applications is acceptable, but the opportunity to temporarily replace mission critical equipment before returning to port is possible with today’s technology.  Submarines have similar atmospheric concerns to the International Space Station, which has implemented advancements with the additive manufacturing process that can meet the same strict atmospheric concerns on a submarine.

Patrick Roberts, Patrick David, and Bruno Benevolo, "Pulling on the Digital Thread."  

Several projects of the National Shipbuilding Research Program all worked towards providing a cohesive view and interaction with shipbuilding data during design, construction, and through delivery.  This paper examines both the evolution of these tools as modern shipbuilding has evolved to ever-complex requirements and environments while also extrapolating their use to extend to the entire ship lifecycle in an effort to define and support a true digital thread for shipbuilding that runs through fleet maintenance and modernization.