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Technical Papers - Track 2

Martin Gagne and Frank E. Goodwin, "Duplex Zinc Coatings for Corrosion Protection."

Galvanizing and zinc thermal spray technology will be briefly discussed.  Case studies of successful use of duplex painted metallic zinc coatings for corrosion protection in various applications including automobiles, bridges, piers, off-shore wind farms, shipping containers and commercial ships will be given with recommendations for use in the Navy.


Daniel Morris, "Fiber Optic Cable Modernization Quality Challenges and Best Practices"  


NSWC-DD has concluded that by adopting a best practices and requirements driven certification training program, improvement can be realized in the quality and consistency of fiber optic installations performed in association with fleet modernization programs. Implementation of the training program through a carefully considered process to identify and invoke the requirements, specify certification standards, and develop a modular job function training structure approach should benefit the fleet for future modernization efforts.