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Technical Papers - Track 4

Giovanni P. Tomasi and Dr. Vladimir Rubtsov, "Laser Fiber Optic Remote Source Lighting Systems for Reduced Maintenance and Improved Future Upgrade-Ability."  

Fiber optic remote source lighting using diode lasers emitting in the visible range are a viable candidate for large-scale use on naval combatants for topside lighting.  Two research projects confirmed the feasibility of utilizing laser based remote-source lighting systems for topside and high bays’ lighting applications. 

James Gleason, James Burke, and Timothy Grindstaff, "Understanding LED Lighting and Benefits Specific to The Maritime Industry"

The benefits of adopting LED lighting to shipboard applications includes energy savings, reduced operations and maintenance costs, and decreased maintenance cycle frequency.  The paper explains the fundamental elements of LED lighting, design practices, differences, applications, and suitability for the naval shipboard environment.