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Technical Papers - Track 5

Dave Kinsman, John Sprague, and Brig Gen Tim Lunderman; Air National Guard, "Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the Naval Service" 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures can plug into Multi Level Security solutions to accomplish the goal of removing multiple desktops from an end user’s workspace. Creating a centralized infrastructure reduces the surface area for hackers to exploit while allowing security professionals the ability to secure a manageable infrastructure.

Greg Pineda, Dennis Giannoni, Magnus Andersson, and Justin Woulfe, "Product Supportability Through Lifecycle Modeling and Simulation"  

Broad-based product lifecycle management strategies are being used to design, field and sustain more affordable and ready warfighting capabilities.  One such system integrates product and technical data management with the capacity to perform modeling and simulation, developing credible business cases and decision support models to provide an optimal balance of performance, readiness, and cost across a program’s lifecycle.