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Technical Papers - Track 6

Roger Sanderson and Stephen Kelley, "Mechanical Seal Handling and Installation Practices for Improved Seal Reliability"  

Assuring a long life for seals requires that they have proper design to support equipment conditions and operating parameters, proper design and seal selection, appropriate material selection, handling and installation training, and troubleshooting to determine causes of failure. Factors that impact readiness and maintenance cost include best practice of maintenance, reliable design and materials, satisfaction of environmental needs, reduced life cycle cost and manning, and improved handling and installation practices.

Karen Bruer, "Dry Ice Blasting for Cleaning, Preservation and Material Condition Inspections."  

Dry-ice blasting is relatively new to maritime applications, but is already showing superior results in applications such as deep cleaning of non-skid areas, air craft elevator shafts, bilges, switchboards, galley equipment, rotating equipment, engines and turbines, cooling coils, ventilation systems and fire remediation.  This paper discusses CO2 environmental maintenance, personnel and equipment safety, and the advantages and disadvantages of the process.