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Technical Papers - Track 7

John E. Messick, Jr., "Practical Methods of Cyber Security for Commercial Off the Shelf Based Machinery Control Systems."  

Two different vendors’ specific product philosophy of cyber security and detailed techniques for addressing securing these automation systems for ship board applications are compared.  The need to upgrade these older products to newer model processors and firmware to specifically address cyber security challenges is discussed.  

Nilo C. Maniquis, Ann M. Lowe, and Jeffrey M. Voth, "Expand the Advantage: Combat System Modularity"  

The challenges of implementing combat systems modularity in decoupling the parts of the ship that change more rapidly from the parts that change more slowly are discussed.  Critical issues include the way that ships are designed, constructed, and maintained and transforming shipbuilding programs to adopt the attributes and features that will achieve greater levels of flexibility and cost-efficiency.