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Technical Papers - Track 9

Matthew Hause and Jon Hallett, "MB-PLE to Plan and Track Submarine Configurations" 

Model-based systems engineering coupled with recent developments of product line engineering and orthogonal variability modelling provide a means to plan, track, manage and evaluate an individual submarine’s configuration over time in the context of the class, while simultaneously highlighting the wider application in the submarine enterprise and beyond.  Qualifying the applicability of these techniques on a system with the size, scale and complexity of a submarine and its extended ecosystem provides ample reference for the use of these techniques in other military as well as commercial systems.

Mike Johnson, Mark Debbink, and George Harrison, III, "Lifecycle Integrated Data Environment."  

New product lifecycle management capabilities can be integrated into in-service ship maintenance and modernization activities with goals to strengthen the digital thread across a model based enterprise.  The advantages of this common, multi-purpose, standards-based infrastructure for include; collaborative engineering and planning, modeling and simulation for real-time planning and assessment, and a common graphical user interface for all stakeholders.