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Global Deterrence and Defense Symposium (GDDS) - Agenda

Monday, September 12

1830 – 2000 Advanced Registration

1900 – 2100 VIP Welcome Reception & Dinner at Uptown Cafe

Tuesday, September 13

0730 – 1700 Registration Open

0700 – 0800 VIP Breakfast

0730 – 0830 Continental Breakfast

0800 – 0830 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mr. Raymon Smith, Symposium Chair
Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, ASNE President
Mr. Duane Embree (SES), Technical Director, NSWC Crane

0730 – 1900 Exhibit Hall Open

0830 – 0915 Keynote Address:
CAPT Steve Lewia, USN; Technical Director, Strategic Systems Programs

0915 – 1000 Plenary Panel Session: Innovation Drivers
Moderator: Mr. Ben Harkness, Department Director, Global Deterrence
and Defense, NSWC Crane

Dr. Adam Razavian, Deputy, Above Water Sensors, Program Executive Office, Integrated Warfare Systems
Mr. Michael Kryzak, Chief Engineer, GMD Ground Systems, Missile Defense Agency
Mr. Dale Crothers, Technical Plans, Strategic Systems Programs
1000 – 1045 Break - Exhibit Hall Visitation
(Sponsored by Tri-Star Engineering)

1045 – 1130 Panel Discussion Continues

1130 – 1200 Speaker: Mr. George Drakeley (SES), Director for Marine Engineering, NAVSEA

1200 – 1330 Luncheon with Keynote Speaker
(Sponsored by Technology Service Corporation)
Dr. Sridhar Kota, Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing, Office of
Science & Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President

1330 – 1500 Concurrent Technical Session 1

Track 1: Panel Discussion: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative
Moderator: Melinda Hendrix (NSWC Crane)

Crane Stem Overview (Tina Closser, NSWC Crane Stem Coordinator)
FIRST Robotics (Chris Hacker, NSWC Crane FIRST Coach)
SEAPERCH (Jay Inman, Technology Service Corporation - TSC Stem Coordinator and Co-Director, Indiana SEAPERCH)
University Collaboration (Allison Grabert, University of Southern Indiana)
Track 2: Trusted Electronics
Moderator: John D. Stein (NSWC Crane)

DoE’s Kansas City Plant’s Trusted Electronics Initiatives (Greg Colvin, Department of Energy - Kansas City Plant)
Counterfeit Detection Methodology (Glenn Benninger, NSWC Crane)
Continuous Improvements Using LEAN Six Sigma Tools (Maroof Qurashi, NSWC Crane)
Track 3: Panel Discussion: Radio Frequency Alliance (RFA) Technology Transition Panel
Moderator: Nichole Lustre (RF Alliance)

Tunable Microwave Filters (Eric E. Hoppenjans, President, Indiana Microelectronics, LLC)
Reduced Gold Advanced Packaging (Jacob Smelser, Omega Micro Technologies)
Active Array Auto-Calibration (Jitti Sukontasup, TSC)
Enhanced Built-In-Tests for RF Systems (Bill Hooper, TSC)
Track 4: Modeling and Simulation Applications
Moderator: Julie Speaker (NSWC Crane)

Mission Planning and Rapid Capability Insertion Using a PC Based Model and Simulation (Paul Smith, TSC)
Weapon System Affordability as a Condition of Design Trade-Off Optimization (Tom O’Dowd and Rick Burnham, TSC)
RSS Modeling and Simulation (Gavin LaRowe, ChalkLabs)
1500 – 1530 Break – Exhibit Hall Visitation

1530 – 1630 Industrial Engagement in Innovation

Mr. R.J. Herb Wilson, Corporate Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporate
Mr. Greg Colvin, Senior Business Manager, Department of Energy Kansas City Plant
1630 – 1800 Exhibit Hall Reception

1800 – 2000 Banquet with Speaker
(Sponsored by URS Corporation)
Remarks: CAPT Charles LaSota, USN; Commanding Officer, NSWC Crane
Speaker: Dr. Chris Fall; Innovation Fellow, Office of Naval Research

Wednesday, September 14

0730 – 1700 Registration Open

0730 – 0830 Continental Breakfast with Speaker
Mr. Chad Pittman, Executive Vice President, Indiana Economic Development Corporation

0730 – 1900 Exhibit Hall Open

0830 – 0915 Speaker: Dr. David Danielson – Program Manager, Battery for Electrical Energy
Storage in Transportation, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (Invited)

0915 – 1000 Plenary Panel Session: The Front Line for Innovation
Moderator: Mr. Joe Gaines, Chief Technology Officer, NSWC Crane

Mr. Norven Goddard - Future Warfare Center Innovative Ventures Office, USASMDC/ARSTRAT
Dr. Jose Lopez – Missile Defense Business Manager, Tactical Systems Program Office, Draper Laboratory
Dr. Andy Vidan – Associate Technology Officer, Office of the Director, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1000 – 1045 Break – Exhibit Hall Visitation
(Sponsored by McKean Defense Group)

1045 – 1130 Panel Discussion Continues

1130 – 1200 Speaker: Lt Gen Kenneth Eickmann, USAF (Ret) – Deputy Director of the
Center for Energy Security, University of Texas in Austin

1200 – 1330 Luncheon with Keynote Speaker
(Sponsored by SAIC)
Dr. Laura Stubbs, Director for Requirements & Strategic Integration,
Office of the Secretary of Defense

1330 – 1500 Concurrent Technical Session 2

Track 1: Panel Discussion: Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) for Military Installations in Indiana
Moderator: Dr. Alex Dzierba (URS Federal Services Inc.)

State of Indiana Perspective (Eric Koch, Indiana State Representative)
Academia Perspective (Prof. David Koltick, Purdue University)
Industry Perspective (John Mulligan, URS)
Track 2: Gallium Nitride (GaN) Development and Related Thermal Management Breakthroughs
Moderator: Dr. Ceber Simpson (NSWC Crane)

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Development Efforts for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) (Tony Bryan and Pat Woollen, NSWC Crane)
Thermal Factors Influencing the Reliability of GaN-Based HEMTs (Jason Carter, Andrew Trageser, Jeremy Acord and Michael Horgan, Penn State Electro-Optics Center)
Thermal Management Technologies for Active Electronically Steered Arrays (AESA) (Charles Pagel, NSWC Crane)
Track 3: Technology Transition and Capability Insertion for Surveillance and Security Systems
Moderator: Leon Welp (NSWC Crane)

Image Processing for Strategic Security (Greg Petty and Joel Kilzer, NSWC Crane)
Image Fusion Advantages and Disadvantages (Joel Kilzer and Greg Petty, NSWC Crane)
Harbor Sentinel - A Service Oriented Network Approach to Multiple Sensor Fusion (Jeffrey N. Callen, Jason Mizgorski and James C. West (Penn State University Electro-Optics Center), John Morgan (General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems), Eric Goldner (US Sensor Systems) and Fred C. DeMetz Sr. (Sound Path Technologies))
RPCS - A Remote Panoramic Camera System (James C. West and Jeffrey N. Callen (Penn State University Electro-Optics Center), John Morgan (General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems) and Steven Thrash (Shenandoah Solutions))
Track 4: Research and Development Topics for Radar and EW
Moderator: Kyle Werner (NSWC Crane)

Printable Circuitry Chaff (David Scholfield and Jonathon Fesler (SAIC), Maung Myat and Jason Dauby (NSWC Crane) and Jonathon Bright (Sabre Systems, Inc.))
Utilizing Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) Technique to Characterize Chaff Elements (David Scholfield and Jonathon Fesler (SAIC), Maung Myat, Ioannis Xenidis and Jason Dauby (NSWC Crane) and Jonathon Bright (Sabre Systems, Inc.))
Notch Waveform Generation (Lee R. Moyer and Dr. Carroll Nunn, TSC)
1500 – 1530 Break – Exhibit Hall Visitation
(Sponsored by Gryphon Technologies)

1530 – 1700 Concurrent Technical Session 3

Track 1: Addressing Future Energy Challenges
Moderator: Kim Sommer (NSWC Crane)

Taking Steps to Meet the SECNAV’s Energy Mandates (Dr. Alex Dzierba, URS Federal Services Inc.)
Fuel Cell Technology Prospects for Meeting Naval Alternate Energy Mandates (Dr. Mark C. Williams, URS Corporation)
Algae Based Biofuels (Dr. Robert Hebner, University of Texas)
Track 2: Innovation and Materials
Moderator: Yunusa Balogun (NSWC Crane)

Graphene - An Enabling Material for Next-Generation Devices in Generation-After-Next Sensors (Dr. Ceber Simpson, NSWC Crane)
Metamaterials: An Enabling Technology for Global Deterrence and Defense (Dr. Joshua Borneman, NSWC Crane)
Material Science and Technology Insertion Capabilities (David Bartlett, NSWC Crane)
Track 3: Innovative Technology Deployment
Moderator: Buddy DeLuce (NSWC Crane)

Impediments to Rapid Insertion of Innovative Displays and Peripherals (Gail Nicholson, NSWC Crane)
A Paradigm for Fiber Optics and Photonics Deployment (John Mazurowski, Penn State Electro-Optics Center)
High Power Fiber Laser (HPFL) Battery Demonstrator for Navy IRCM (Sean Durrant, Brett Morgan, Jeff Bergthold and Joe Nicholson (SAIC) and Timothy Bradley (NSWC Crane))
On the Move Service Oriented Architecture (OTM SOA) (Gary Warren, SAIC)
Track 4: Research and Development Topics
Moderator: Ken Fuller (NSWC Crane)

A Novel Armor for the Defeat of Improvised Explosively Formed Projectile Warheads used in Current Theaters of Combat (Joshua Hoffman and Dr. Braden Lusk (University of Kentucky) and Phillip Mulligan (Missouri University of Science and Technology))
Status of Betavoltaic Power Sources for Nano and Micro Power Applications (T.E. Adams, NSWC Crane/Purdue University)
Angle-Of-Arrival Errors due to Insertion Phase Variation with Polarization (Dr. Daniel E. Lawrence, TSC)
1700 Adjourn