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High Performance Marine Vehicles 2009 - Agenda

Day 1 - Monday, November 9

0730 - 0900 Registration (Foyer)

0730 - 0830 Continental Breakfast / Coffee (Foyer)

0830 - 0845 Opening Remarks: Welcome to HPMV 2009 (Auditorium)

Kathleen Hinton, Metro Machine Corporation, ASNE President

Carey Filling, CSC, Symposium Chair

0845 - 0930 Keynote Address: High Speed Marine Transport for the US Military (Auditorium)
Speaker: Mr. Jon Kaskin, Director, Strategic Mobility/Combat Logistics Division, N42 BIO

0930 - 0945 Coffee Break with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall (Foyer)

0945 - 1145 Plenary Panel Session: High Speed Naval Ship Design & Procurement (Auditorium)
Moderator: RDML James A. Murdoch, USN, LCS Program Manager, NAVSEA PMS 501, PEO Ships BIO

Ship to Shore Connector (SSC)/Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) (Tom Rivers, PMS 377)

Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) (Trey Austin, NAVSEA 05D4)

NSWC / SEA05D1 Concept Development (CAPT Mark Thomas, USN)

1200 - 1330 Presentation Lunch with Speaker: Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Update (Dining Room)
Speaker: RDML James A. Murdoch, USN, LCS Program Manager, NAVSEA PMS 501, PEO Ships BIO

1330 - 1500 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Technical Session #1A — T-Craft Session #1 (Classroom 1)
Moderator: Dr. Al Skolnick, System Science Consultants

Program Overview (Kelly Cooper, ONR)

T-Craft’s Potential Role in Joint Deployment CONOPS (Walter F. Beverly III, ONR and LTC Robert A. Wilson, USA)

Army Power Projection Program (AP3) (Jason Trubenbach, HQ Department of the Army, G-4)

Future Military Needs and T-Craft (LTC Robert A. Wilson, USA and Steven Anderson, NSWC)

Technical Session #1B — Ship Structures (Room A-300)
Moderator: William Hockberger

Lessons Learned from the Application of the ABS High Speed Naval Craft Guide (Derek Novak, ABS Americas)

Managing Torsion Loads in Ship Structures: An Overview of Fabrication Methods & Weight Savings (David Cross, Alcore)

Application of Hybrid Hull Concept to High Speed High Performance Ships & Craft (Dr. Roshdy George S. Barsoum, PE, ONR)

1500 - 1515 Coffee Break with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall (Foyer)

1515 - 1645 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Technical Session #2A — T-Craft Session #2 (Classroom 1)
Moderator: Dr. Al Skolnick, System Science Consultants

Maneuver Warfare (Tim Booth, AVW Technologies)

Electric Propulsion System Concepts for the T-Craft (John Herbst, University of Texas at Austin Center for Electromechanics)

T-Craft Hydrodynamics: Sea Base Model Test and SES Code Evaluation
(Andrew Silver, NSWCCD)

T-Craft Historical Perspective: How Past Surface Effect Ship and Air Cushion Vehicle Personnel, Tools and Data Are Being Utilized (Steven Ouimette, NSWCCD)

Technical Session #2B — Motions & Loads (Room A-300)
Moderator: Sean Kery, CSC

Multi-Tiered Sensing and Data Processing for Monitoring Ship Structures (Liming W. Salvino, Charles Farrar, Jerome P. Lynch, and Thomas F. Brady, NSWCCD)

Direct Analysis of Structural Loads on High Speed Naval Craft (Sungeun “Peter” Kim, Seung Jae Lee and Ahmed Ibrahim, ABS)

Validation of Seakeeping Simulation Tools for High Speed Vessels with Active Ride Control Systems (Michael Hughes, Robert Bachman, NSWCCD)

1645 - 1830 Evening Reception/Simulator Tours

Day 2 - Tuesday, November 10

0730 - 0900 Registration (Foyer)

0730 - 0825 Continental Breakfast / Coffee (Foyer)

0825 - 0830 Opening Remarks (Auditorium)

Kathleen Hinton, Metro Machine Corporation, ASNE President

Carey Filling, CSC, Symposium Chair

0830 - 0930 High Speed Sealift Ship and Agile Port R&D Update (Auditorium)

High Speed Sealift/Agile Port Executive Steering Committee and Action Officer Group: Collaborative Effort in Support of Future High Speed Strategic Sealift Ships (CAPT (Sel) Michael “Mick” Kondracki, Sealift Programs & Policy Branch N422, and Mark Bebar, CSC)

CCDoTT Update (Stan Wheatley, CCDoTT)

0930 - 1000 Coffee Break with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall (Foyer)

1000 - 1130 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Technical Session #3A — Air Cushion Technologies (Classroom 1)
Moderator: Ben Young, NSWCCD

A Study of the Resistance Characteristics of Surface-Effect Ship Seals
(Lawrence J. Doctors, The University of New South Wales, Australia)

Feasibility Of Using A 1/6th Scale Radio-Controlled Model of the Landing Craft Air Cushion (RCM LCAC) To Evaluate Over Water Performance (John G. Hoyt III, NSWCCD and Hal Rhea, NSWCCD Panama City)

Simulation of LCAC Dynamics Using Soft Computing Technologies (Thomas K. Fu, William E. Faller, and David E. Hess, Stanford University, Applied Simulation Technologies, and NSWCCD, Code 5600)

Technical Session #3B - High Speed Craft Operations & the Human Interface (Room A-300)
Moderator - Dave Kaysen, KNAC

High Speed Craft Health Monitoring System (HSC HMS) and Sed (8) Calculator
(Eric C. Pierce, Brian Price, Jeffrey Blankenship, Cameron ‘Dale’ Bass, and Joseph E. LaBrecque, NSWC, Panama City Division and Duke University)

Using HSI Effectively in SSC Design (John Taylor, NSWC Panama City Division)

Methodology to Quantify & Report Experimental Accelerations Data Obtained from Planing Craft in Random Waves (Jennifer Grimsley, P.E., CDI Marine)

1130 - 1300 Lunch Presentation: Operating WestPac Express and Hawaii Superferry (Dining Room)
Speakers: William H. Annand and Greg Brown, Hornblower Marine Services

1300 - 1430 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Technical Session #4A — Planing Craft Analysis & Design (Classroom 1)
Moderator: Peter Herrman, CSC

Planing in Extreme Conditions (Donald L. Blount and Jack Funkhouser, Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc.)

A Deterministic Approach for Characterizing Wave Impact Response Motions for High-Speed Planing Hulls (Michael Riley, Kelly Haupt, and Donald Jacobson, The Columbia Group and NSWCCD Det Norfolk)

Selection of Pressure Equation for Preliminary Planing Hull Design Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (Pamela Fergen, Jennifer Grimsley, Gene Hou, Han Bao, and Anthony Dean, Old Dominion University and CDI Marine, Inc.)

Technical Session #4B —Air Cavity Drag Reduction (Room A-300)
Moderator - William Hockberger

Drag Reduction by Air Cavity for Ships Operating at Moderate Froude Number: Hull Design and Towing Tank Tests (Eduard Amromin, Gabor Karafiath, and Bryson Metcalf, Mechmath LLC & NSWCCD)

Ship with Wave Energy Engulfing Propulsors (SWEEP™) (Don Burg, SeaSpeed SWEEP, Inc.)

QUADRAPOD Air-Assist Catamaran (Andrew P. Dize, USCG Engineering Logistics Center)

1430 - 1445 Coffee Break with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall (Foyer)

1445-1615 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Technical Session #5A — Small Craft Operations (Classroom 1)
Moderator - Carey Filling, CSC

USCG Small Craft Operations (CAPT Theodore Harrop, USCG)

US Navy Riverine Craft Program Lessons Learned (Jason Marshall, NSWCCD Det. Norfolk)

Course Keeping of High Speed Craft in Stern Quartering Seas (Frans Quadvlieg, Frans van Walree, and Lex Keuning, Marin and Delft University)

Technical Session #5B — New Ship & Craft Concepts (Room A-300)
Moderator: Chris Hart, Navatek

Ships that Fly: Fast Enough to Matter?(Alfredo E. Colon)

Hull and Hydrofoil Interactions for HYSUWAC (Hydrofoil Supported Water Craft) Systems (Gerhard Kutt, HAWC Technologies)

Developing a Full-Scale Test of an Improved Bow Lifting Body Technology Demonstrator (Chris Hart, Navatek)

1615-1630 Coffee Break with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall (Foyer) (Last Chance to Visit Exhibitors)

1630 - 1830 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Technical Session #6A — Sea Train and Sealift, Concepts & Technologies (Classroom 1)

Moderator: J. William McFann, Island Engineering

Development of SeaTrains for Practical Applications (Scott Newbury, Gregory Jennings, Ralph Duncan and Ron Selvidge, Art Anderson Associates and Gabor Karafiath, NSWCCD)

The Development of a Surface Effect SeaTrain Concept (R. Scher, J. Ryan, Dr. C. Jiang, W. Hu, P. Clark, Dr. T.C. Fu, J.R. Rice, and Dr. M. Irvine, Alion Science and Technology and NSWCCD)

HALSS Concept and Trimaran Technology Updates (Igor Mizine, Rick Thorpe and Robert vom Saal, CSC Advanced Marine Center and Herbert Engineering Corporation)

Technical Session #6B — Supporting Analyses for High Speed Ship Programs (Room A-300)

Moderator: Jason Strickland, NAVSEA 05D4

The Implications of Speed for Naval Operations and Acquisition (John Dickmann, Ph.D. and Jeff Cares, PlatAris Analytics, LLC and Alidade, Inc.)

Integrating Cost Estimating with the Ship Design Process (Laurent Deschamps and Charles Greenwell, SPAR Associates, Inc.)

Warfighter Testing of Augmented Reality Technology (Thomas S. Zysk and Mark Kohart, Technology Systems Inc. and NAVAIR)

Test Method for Biofouling Versus Flow Velocity (Andrew Spicer Bak and Richard D. Granata, Florida Atlantic University)

1830 Closing Remarks & Adjournment