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High Speed-High Performance Ships and Craft Workshop 2002 - Agenda

Tuesday, 10 December
Registration & Continental Breakfast
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mr. Gregory L. Bender, P.E., Noesis, Inc.
Workshop Chairman
RADM David P. Sargent, Jr., USN (Ret.)
President of ASNE
Keynote Speaker
RADM Charles S. Hamilton II, USN
Deputy PEO for Ships
Why We Need High Speed / High Performance Ships & Craft

The Realities of Going Fast

Mr. Jim Fein, NSWC-CD
Assistant Moderator:
CDR Steve Surko, USN, NSWC-CD
Panelists and Topics:
Mr. Bob Keane
Going Fast and Seaway Issues
Mr. Dave Lavis, Band Lavis
Powering High Speed Ships
LCDR Leonard Maxwell, RCN, NAVSEA
LCAC SLEP — What We Have Learned from 18 Years of Operating This High Speed Vessel
Dr. Cameron " Dale" Bass, University of Virginia
Physiological Issues with Operation of High Speed Craft

Break / Buffet Lunch

(Working Lunch)
Littoral Warfare Panel

CAPT John Preisel, USN (Ret.), Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. William N. White, SeaRider, Inc.
Panelists and Topics:
CAPT Bill Shepherd, USN (Ret.), AMTI
Task Unit Support Craft (TUSC)
CDR Mark Thomas, USN, ONR
X-Craft Update
CDR Al Elkins, USN, NWDC
Tactical Advantages of High Speed, High Performance Vessels for the Littorals
Mr. Chet Hard, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
Platform vs. Payload — the Lessons from the SAAR 5


Role of Technology Demonstrators Panel

Mr. Mark Bebar, NAVSEA 05D1
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. Peter Silvia
Panelists and Topics:
Maj. Larry Ryder, USMC, MCCDC
Experience with the High Speed Catamarans WestPac Express & Joint Venture
Mr. Robert Short, Qinetiq, & Mr. Nick Overfield, British Defense Staff, Washington
HMS Triton
Mr. Paul Rispin, ONR, & Mr. George Root, Lockheed Martin
Sea Slice
Mr. John Vonli, Umoe-Mandal, Norway, & Mr. Bill Fetzer, Fetzer Enterprises
CDR Mikael Johnsson, Royal Swedish Navy
Visby Update

No-Host Reception


Wednesday, 11 December
Registration & Continental Breakfast

Naval Special Warfare Panel

CAPT Bruce Dyer, USN (Ret.), ONR
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. Chris McKesson, P.E., JJMA
Panelists and Topics:
Naval Special Warfare Craft Acquisition
CAPT Ted Grabowski, USN (Ret.), VSSL
Shock Mitigation
Mr. Lou Codega, P.E., CSC Advanced Marine
Combatant Craft Decision Support System (CCDSS)
Mr. Mark Hoggard, NSWC-CD
What's New with U.S. Navy Small Craft

Homeland Defense Panel

RADM(Sel) John Crowley, USCG
Office of Homeland Security Transition Team
Assistant Moderator:
CAPT Joe Luckard, USNR (Ret.), Noesis
Panelists and Topics:
Mr. Chuck Whipple, Textron Marine & Land Systems
The Seabird WSES Experience
LT Paul Gill, USCG
Operations Officer, MSST 91102
The USCG's Anti-Terrorism, Force Protection Teams
Mr. George Jenkins
The PHM Experience
CAPT Dana Goward, USCG
Chief of CG Boat Forces
The Challenge of Making Faster, Better


Emerging Technologies Panel

Mr. Mike Bosworth, NAVSEA
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. Joel Billingsley, CSC Advanced Marine
Panelists and Topics:

Dr. Thurman Harper, Rolls-Royce Naval Marine
Advanced Waterjet Propulsor
Mr. John Adams, Maritime Dynamics
The Evolution of Ride Control Systems for High Speed, High Performance Vessels
Dr. Colen Kennell, NSWC-CD
CDR Todd Peltzer, USN (Ret.), Navatek, Ltd.
Lifting Bodies
Dr. Jeff Beach, NSWC-CD
Emerging Material Technologies

Role of Classification Societies Panel

CAPT Glen Ashe, USNR (Ret.), ABS
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. Steven J. Melsom, NAVSEA
Panelists and Topics:
Mr. Derek Novak, ABS
Partnering with the Owners
(Rice Bowl Wars)
Mr. Joar Bengaard, DNV
Structural Adequacy — Is There a Convergent Design?
Mr. Karsten Fach, Germanischer Lloyd
Safety and Fitness in High Speed Craft - Are They Mutually Exclusive Variables?
Mr. Jack Polderman, Lloyd's Register
Establishing Criteria Without Stifling Technology
Mr. Charles F. Barker, P.E. ARM, George G. Sharp, Inc.
Managing Operational Risk

Break / Buffet Lunch

(Working Lunch)
Role of M&S in Fast Ship
and Craft Design Panel

Dr. Bob Henderson, Noesis
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. Robert Wilson, WestShore Associates
Panelists and Topics:
Mr. Jeffrey Koleser, NAVSEA
Small Fast Surface Combatant Exploration at NAVSEA
Mr. Dave Lavis, Band Lavis
Parametric Analysis of Ship Systems (PASS)
Dr. Cliff Whitcomb, MIT
System-Based Trade Environment
Mr. Matt Whitten, Noesis
Integrated Design Process (IDP)
Dr. Pat Purtell, ONR
Emerging Technologies for M&S

(Working Lunch)
Fast Sealift Needs & Technologies Panel

Col. Michael Toal, USA
Assistant Moderator:
Mr. Patrick Naughton, D&P
Panelists & Topics:
Dr. Colen Kennell, NSWC-CD
High Speed Sealift Technology
Development Plan (HSS TDP)
Mr. Michael Touma, MSC
Navy/Marine Corps High Speed Sealift Operations
Mr. Jon Kaskin, N42, OPNAV
Inter-Theater Sealift Needs
Mr. Paul Mentz, Syntek
Fast Ship Configurations for Sealift
Mr. Michael L. McGee, TACOM
Army Fast Theater Support Vessel

Closing Remarks
MajGen Robert T. Dail, USA
Commanding General, U.S. Army Transportation Center, Ft. Eustis, Virginia
Fast Sealift - A Pressing National Need