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High Speed High Performance Ships and Craft Symposium 2007 - Agenda



Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Opening Remarks by Chairperson Kelly Cooper, Program Officer, Ships and Engineering Systems Division, ONR

Welcoming Remarks by CAPT Rick Hepburn, PE, USN (Ret.), President of ASNE


Address by CAPT Dave McDuffie, USN, Commander, Naval Coastal Warfare GROUP 2


Plenary Session


Riverine and Coastal Craft Panel


Moderator: Jean-Michel Coughlin (PM, US Navy Small Boat Program, PEO SHIPS, PMS325G)


Assistant Moderator:Tom Copsey (CSC)


Technology Developments and Gaps in U.S. Combatant Craft

- Jason Marshall (NSWCCD CCD)


Overview USN Foreign Military Sales (FMS) of Coastal Patrol Craft - Ryan Hughes (PEO Ships, PMS325F)


Development of the Combat Boat 90 H - Magnus Sörenson and Scott Petersen (SAFE Boats)


SEALION: A Technology Demonstrator for the US Navy

- Jennifer Grimsley Speirs, PE (NSWCCD CCD)


Stiletto/Wolf PAC - Jason Updegraph (NSWCCD CCD)


Exhibit Grand Opening with Lunch


Session 1

Session 2


Advanced Ship Concepts

Coast Guard Applications


Moderator: Todd Peltzer, PE (Navatek Ltd)

Assistant Moderator: Dave Stevenson

Moderator: Steve Cohen (USCG)

Asst Mod: LCDR Joe Dugan, USCG


Very Fast Planing Craft with Cavitation - Konstantin Matveev (Washington State University)

US Coast Guard Deepwater Program Fast Response Cutter (FRC) - John Lighthammer (USCG FRC PM)


A Fresh Approach to Maritime WIG Design; Variable-Geometry Graduated Surface-Foil - David L. Borman (International Maritime Flight Dynamics, Inc.)

Performance Increases in the Coast Guard’s Boat Forces Fleet to Meet Changing Mission Needs - David M. Shepard, PE (USCG G-RCB)


“MYSTERY VESSEL”: Mystery Revealed - Dr. Ugo Conti, PE (Marine Advanced Research, Inc.)

US Coast Guard Deepwater Program Small Boat Capabilities - Christian E. Rozicer, PE (USCG LRI/SRP DPM)


Heavy Air Lift Seabasing Ship (HALSS) – Technology Updates, Cost and Acquisition Strategy -Dr. Igor Mizine (CSC),

Rick Thorpe and Bob vom Saal (Herbert Engineering Corporation), Laurent Deschamps (SPAR Associates), and Michael Starliper (LM Aeronautics)



Break in Exhibit Area


Session 3

Session 4


Machinery and Enabling Technologies

High Speed High Performance fundamentals: Basics and Design Tools


Moderator: Erik Larsen (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, Inc.)

Moderator: Bob Keane (Ship Design USA) and Dr. Colen Kennell (NSWCCD CISD)


Assistant Moderator: Nat Kobitz

Assistant Moderator: Dave Stevenson


Modularity for High Performance Combatant Craft as Implemented in the SEALION Technology Demonstrator - Alma C. M. Jacobson, PE (NSWCCD CCD)

A Concept Design Tool for Small Military Planing Craft - LT Greg Mitchell (MIT 2N)


Real-Time Control of Craft Motion along Five Degrees of Freedom - Rob Morvillo (Vector Controls)

Computational Methods for the Seakeeping Analysis of High Speed Vessels - Michael J. Hughes and Andrew Silver (NSWCCD)


Noise Prediction and Control on SEAFIGHTER - Ray Fischer (Noise Control Engineering, Inc.)

ONR Aluminum Ship Structures Reliability Program Overview - Dr. Paul E. Hess III (ONR Code 331)


Treatment of Emulsified Bilge/Oily Wastewater for Continued Operations in Environmental Sensitive Littorals - Cameron Scott Seifert and Urban Svensson (Alfa Laval, Inc.)

Fatigue Life Management of High-Speed, High Performance Aluminum Ship Structures: Engineering Support for Design & Operation - Dr. Matthew Collette (SAIC)


Augmented Reality Enhanced High Speed Vessel Operations - Tom Zysk (Technology Systems, Inc.)

Design and Construction of Aluminum High Speed / High Performance Ships and Craft - Dr. Robert A. Sielski (ONR)





Navigate the Exhibit Area while Enjoying a Reception!

Open Bar Hosted by Rolls-Royce




Wednesday, 24 January 2007


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Address by Dr. Richard Carlin, Sea Warfare and Weapons Department Head, ONR


Plenary Session


Advances in Science and Technology


Moderator: Dr. Patrick Purtell (ONR)


Assistant Moderator: CDR Steve Surko, PE, USN (Ret.)


Advanced Modeling and Simulation Computational Tools and Their Applications to Design, Performance Assessment, and Operation of High Speed & High Performance Ships - Woei-Min Lin and Matthew Collette (SAIC)


Seakeeping Assessment of Large Trimaran for Naval Aircraft Operations - Dr. Igor Mizine (CSC), Lars Henriksen, Bo Williams, Nils Salvesen (Viking Systems, Inc.)


T-Craft: A Sea Based Enabler - Dr. Al Skolnick (Systems Science Consultants)


E-Craft - Angel Salinas (NAVSEA 05D)


Break in Exhibit Area


Lunch with John W. Waggoner, President and CEO of Hornblower Marine Services on "The Challenges of Operating High-Speed Vessels"


Session 5

Session 6


Advanced Hull Forms

Unmanned Craft & Amphibians


Moderator: William Hockberger (Consultant; Chairman, SNAME Panel SD-5)

Moderator: Eric Hansen (NSWCCD CCD)





Advanced Hull Form Research at ONR - Paul Rispin/Dan Sheridan (ONR 333)

"Sea Scout" - Dr. Shawn H. Woodson (Advanced Aerodynamics)


Recent Developments in Lifting Body Ships and Small, High-Speed Hull Forms -

Todd J. Peltzer, PE (Navatek, Ltd.)

The 11m Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Littoral Combat Craft for ASW Missions - Howard Hornsby (GD Robotics)


Subchapter T Passenger Hydrofoil -

Mark Rice and Michael Zauberman (Maritime Applied Physics Corporation) and

Dr. Jewel Barlow (University of Maryland)

Self Cleaning Filter Protects Engines and Eliminates Disposal Issues - Theodore Esplin and Urban Svensson (Alfa Laval, Inc.)


Improvement of Hydrofoil Ships Performances - Partial Cavitation - Dr. Eduard Amromin and Dr. Svetlana Kovinskaya (Mechmath LLC)

High Speed Wheeled Amphibians - Jonathan Slutsky (NAVSEA 05D1)


A Commercial Approach Providing Naval and Patrol Capability - Tim Speer (Austal)

A Versatile High Speed Amphibian for the Littoral Environment

- Neil Jenkins (Gibbs Technologies)


Break in Exhibit Area


Session 7

Session 8



Advanced Propulsion Systems


Moderator:Mark Bebar (CSC)

Moderator:Dr. Chris Dicks (UK MOD)


Assistant Moderator: Jason Strickland (NSWCCD Code 20)

Assistant Moderator: Dave Stevenson


JHSV Capabilities Development Document (CDD), Performance Specification Overview and Program Update - LtCol Larry Ryder (PEO Ships, PMS 325)

The Assessment of Propulsion Systems on High Speed Performance Crafts - Luigi Grossi, Francesco Conti, and Adriano Montella (Fincantieri Naval Business Unit)


Joint High Speed Sealift Ship (JHSS) Ship Concepts & Essential Technology Development - Steven Wynn (NAVSEA 05D1)

Development of New Waterjet Installations for Reduced Transom Width Applications - Dr. Norbert Bulten (Wartsila)


LCS Program Brief - Shawn Izenson (SEA 05D2)

Extending Waterjet Propulsion Operational Limits Through Superior Cavitation Performance - Frank Lanni (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, Inc.)


LCS Technical Opportunities - Rick Bergner and Shawn Izenson (NAVSEA 05D2)

Launch of the MAN 28/33D Diesel Engine - Chris Richards (Fairbanks Morse Engine)


High Speed High Performance Ships and Craft Symposium 2007 Wrap-Up


Steve Surko, PE (ITS-Noesis)

Kelly Cooper (ONR)