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Human Systems Integration Symposium (HSIS) 2003
Enhancing Human Performance in Naval & Joint Environments
Sheraton Premier Hotel Tyson's Corner, Vienna, Virginia
23 - 25 June 2003

Updated: 6/20//03
Monday, 23 June
Registration Open
HSIS 2003 Chair,Trish Hamburger
Human Systems Integration Director, PEO Integrated Warfare Systems
Introductory Remarks
The Honorable William A. Navas, Jr.
Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Manpower and Reserve Affairs
Keynote Address
The HonorableDavid S. C. Chu
Under Secretary of Defense, Personnel & Readiness
Decision Making in a Joint Environment
Moderator: Dr. Michael Drillings
Acting Director, U.S. Army MANPRINT Directorate
Assistant Moderator:Nancy Dolan
COL William Johnson, USA
Program Manager, Future Combat Systems, DARPA
CAPT Michael Lilienthal, USN
Special Assistant to Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Science and Technology)
COL David Ozolek, USA (Ret.)
Concepts Pathway Department Head, U.S. Joint Forces Command
Gordon Porter
Deputy Director, Logistics Directorate, Ground-Based Midcourse Defense
CDR Tim Sorber, USN
Knowledge Officer, COMCRUDESGRU 8
Guest Speaker
Dr. Brendan B. Godfrey
Executive Director, 311 Human Systems Wing, USAF
Presentation to Representative Ike Skelton (D-MO)
Senior Scientific Panel
All Services have Similar HSI Problems
Moderator: MAJ Bob Lindberg, USAF
Chief, Acquisition & Environmental Planning, Brooks City Base
Assistant Moderator: Dr. Ron Laughery
Dr. Jan Cannon-Bowers
Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida
(former Human Performance Director, Task Force EXCEL)
Dr. Robin L. Keesee
Director, Human Research Engineering Directorate, Army Research Lab
Dr. Ron Laughery
President, Micro Analysis and Design, Inc. (Human Performance Modeling)
Chris Grable
Director, Human Performance Science & Engineering Department, Naval Air Systems Command
Technical Papers (3 Tracks)

Track 1
Designing for Safety and Survivability

Track 2
Integrated Training
Track 3
Optimizing Crew Competency

Moderator: Mr. Taylor Jones
Acting Deputy Director for MANPRINT

Personnel Survivability, The U.S. Army MANPRINT Application
Rich Zigler

Naval and Maritime Personnel Survivability
Ronald Weiss, PhD

Application of Human Systems Engineering Guidelines to Improve Safety, Acccess and Maintainability in Aircraft Carrier Storage Tanks
MarkB. Geiger

Laurie J. Van Buskirk
CDR, USN (Ret.)

Senior Engineering Analyst, Government Solutions, AT&T

The Role of Training in a Human-Systems Integration Approach to the Design of Naval Systems
Lawrence J. Hettinger, PhD, James H. McKinney, Jr., Harold R. Booher, PhD, and Joe A. Goodman

Enabling a Training Architecture in Design
Milton L. Stretton, John J. Burns, PhD, and Mila W. Marchosky

Providing An Integrated Team Training Capability Using Synthetic Teammates
Wendi L. Buff, Amy E. Bolton, and Gwendolyn E. Campbell

CAPT Ed Kujat, USN (Ret.)

Program Manager, Resource Consultants, Inc.

Mission-based Human Task Performance as the Foundation for HSI Analyses
Robert Guptill, Mark Hemenway, and Dr.Dennis Duke

Competency Management During Task Analysis
Todd A. Hockensmith, Milton L. Stretton, Luke M. Carpenter and John A. Valaitis

Solving Manning Optimization Issues in Ship Acquisition Programs Using Task Network Models
Shane Bowen and Clyde R. Wetteland

Exhibit Hall Grand Opening & Reception

Tuesday, 24 June
Registration Open

Human Performance
Moderator: RADM John W. Townes, III, USN
Vice Commander, Naval Education and Training Command
Assistant Moderator: Dr. Judy Wyne
Dr. Ralph Chatham
Program Manager, Training Superiority, DARPA
Col Lex Brown, MD, USAF

Chief, Force Enhancement Division, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
William F. Briscoe
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall

International Panel
Applying HSI to our Country's Newest Ship Building Programme
Moderator: RADM Thomas J. Wilson, III, USN
Oceanographer of the Navy
Assistant Moderator: Dennis White
Dr. Colin Corbridge, United Kingdom
CAPT Evert van den Broek, RNLN (Ret.), Netherlands
MAJ Robert Poisson, Canada
Kevin Gaylor, Australia

Exhibit Hall Lunch
Technical Papers (3 Tracks)

Track 1a
Human Effectiveness at Sea

Track 2a
Human Integration in Systems Engineering
Track 3A
Engineering for Usability

Moderator: Dr. Daniel Wallace
DD(X) HSI Director

Working the Nightshift on the USS John C. Stennis: Implications for Enhancing Warfighter Effectiveness
Nita Lewis Miller, PhD

Predicting Stress Effects on Crew Readiness
Jon French, PhD

The Effects of Motion at Sea on Crew Performance, A Survey
LT Sam Stevens, USCG

Controlling Motion Sickness with Motion-Coupled Visual Environments
Keith W. Brendley, Joseph Cohn, Jed Marti, Greg Bender, Eric Muth, Roy Stripling

Moderator: CAPT Ted Hontz, USN (Ret)
Vice President, Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.

A New Process Standard for HSI: Rationale, Outline and Benefits
Mr. Brian Sherwood Jones and Dr. Jonathan Earthy

Human Systems Integration In Military Systems Engineering
James A. Pharmer and David O. Holness

Representing the Warfighter as a Critical System Element: Integrating Human-Systems Engineering into the DoD Architecturel Framework
Christi J. Adams, Charles Dickerson, PhD,
and Paul T. Smith

Moderator: Mr. Dennis White
Deputy Director, ICE Human Performance Laboratory

A Case Study: Fleet Participation in the Design of the TDSS and CADRT Systems
Margaret E. Beecher-Deighan

Usability Engineering for Complex Interactive Systems Development
Joseph L. Gabbard, M.S, Deborah Hix, PhD, J. Edward Swan II, PhD, Mark A. Livingston, PhD, Tobias H. Hollerer, M.S., Simon J. Julier, PhD, Dennis Brown, M.S., and Yohan Baillot, M.S.

Integrating Usability Engineering and User Experience Modeling
Linda O'Donnell, Brian Brooks, PhD, and Franklin Myers

Technical Papers (3 Tracks)
Track 1b
Human Performance
and Decision Making
Track 2b
HSI in Acquisition
Track 3b
HSI in the Operational Environment

Moderator: CAPT Mark Thomas, USCG
Deepwater Program, Human Systems Integration

Crew Endurance Management: An Interactive Approach to Human Factors
LT Sam Stevens, USCG

Situation Awareness Measurement during Submarine Operational Testing
LT Katharine Shobe, PhD, MSC, USNR, and Lynee Murray, PhD

Integrating Human Reliability Assessment and Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Total System Risk Performance Evaluation
Robb Wilcox, PhD, P.E.

Moderator: Mr. Adrian Salinas
Engineer, Acquisition and Environmental Planning, Brooks City-Base, USAF

Program Manager's Guide to HSI
J. Robert Bost

Integrating Human Systems Requires Fostering Innovation In Systems Design
Peter Essens

Building Goal-Explicit Work Interface Systems
Glenn A. Osga, PhD

Human Systems Integration (HSI) Top Down Requirements Analysis for JCC(X)
Fredrick Oberman, Thomas B. Malone, PhD, DebbieBardine, Ross Barker, Christopher C. Heasly, and Udo Goff

Moderator: CAPT Richard Funke,
USN (Ret)

Principal Analyst, Sonalysts, Inc.

Results of IUSW 21 At-Sea Testing
Dr. William Hatcher &
Mr. Michael Kurnow

Human Systems Integration Issues In Joint Shipboard-Helicopter Operations
John W. Ruffner, PhD, John E. Padukiewicz, and John D. Meier, Jr.

HSI Technology Transition - Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System
Jennifer McKneely and Alan Thomas

Exhibit Hall Closes

Wednesday, 25 June
Registration Open
Mr. Bob Bost
Technical Director, Human Systems Integration Directorate, NAVSEA 03TD

VADM Phillip M. Balisle, USN
Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall

Fleet Perspectives and Priorities
Moderator: VADM Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.)
Director, Center for Human Performance and Intellectual Capital
Assistant Moderator: CAPT Ross Barker, USN (Ret.)
RDML(Sel.) Robert J. Cox, USN
Director, Total Force Programming, Manpower and Information Management, N12 OPNAV
CAPT Maureen Farren, USN

former N1, Naval Surface Force Pacific
CAPT Alfred Gonzalez, USN
N1, Fleet Forces Command
CAPT William J. Kear, USN
Commanding Officer, USS MOBILE BAY (CG 53)
Mr. Randall Oser
Senior Research Psychologist, CNO Strategic Studies Group

Reception in Exhibit Hall
Guest Speaker
ADM Vernon E. Clark, USN
Chief of Naval Operations
Dessert Break in Exhibit Hall
Closing Panel
HSI in Acquisition Programs
Moderator: Gregory L. Maxwell
NAVSEA Deputy Commander for Human Systems Integration (SEA 03)
Assistant Moderator: Trish Hamburger
RADM Kenneth D. Slaght, USN
Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
RADM Charles T. Bush, USN
PEO for Integrated Warfare Systems
CAPT Charles H. Goddard, USN
Program Manager DD(X) (PMS 500)
RADM Dennis M. Dwyer, USN
PEO for Aircraft Carriers
RADM Patrick M. Stillman, USCG
PEO for Deepwater Program
Closing Remarks
Gregory L. Maxwell
NAVSEA Deputy Commander for Human Systems Integration (SEA 03)