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Human Systems Integration Symposium 2007 - Agenda

Monday, March 19, 2007
0800 Registration

0900 Welcome & Keynote - Mr. Scott Lutterloh, Director, Total Force Requirements Division (N-12) (confirmed) Bio

1015 Break & Exhibit Hall Opening

1100 Paper Tracks

TRACK A – Manpower & Personnel (Moderator: Dr. Scott Truver, Staff Vice President, National Security Programs, General Dynamics IT)
A Human-Automation Interface Model to Guide Automation Design of System Functions (Joshua S. Kennedy and Dr. Michael E. McCauley)
Manning and Automation Model for Naval Ship Analysis and Optimization (LT Tyson Scofield, USCG and Dr. Alan Brown)
The Importance of Addressing Human Systems Integration (HSI) Issues Early in the Science and Technology (S&T) Process (Daniel F. Wallace, J. Robert Bost, James B. Thurber, Patricia S. Hamburger)

TRACK B – Case Studies (Moderator - Dr. Robert Smillie)
User-Centered Design in a Large-Scale Naval Ship Design Program: Usability Testing of Complex Military Systems - DDG 1000 (Vince Quintana, Robert Howells, and Larry Hettinger)
SensorHost, Technology Transition Success: A Study in Software Reuse, Technology Transition Competency and Positive Return on Investment (Jeff Clark, Fred Haberman, Will Bickley, & LCDR James Patrey, USN)
Implementing HSI Best Practices in an Existing Design Organization (Mark E. Bodmer, Mary Beth Browning and Michael Snyder)
TRACK C – Specs & Standards (Moderator – Mr. Adrian Salinas, Human Factors Engineer, HSI CONOPS, USAF)
ASTM F1166 Revision: Human Engineering Design Standard for Marine Systems (Christopher Parker and Gerry Miller)
Developing an Ergonomics, Health & Safety (EHS) Risk Management Process (Dr. Susan M. Evans and Tom F. Mayfield)
Creation of the Navy Implementation Guide for Common Warfighting Symbology (MIL-STD-2525) (Dr. Jake Wetzel)
1230 Lunch with Guest Speaker Dr. Nancy J. Currie, Colonel, USA (Ret.), Astronaut (confirmed)
(Bio: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/currie.html)

1400 Paper Tracks

TRACK D –Training & Workforce Development (Moderator - Mr. Micheal Thumm, Executive Director, Center for Surface Combat Systems)
The Navy's Revolution in Training: A Training Effectiveness Assessment of a New Submarine "A" School (LT Katharine K. Shobe, Ph.D., MSC, USN)
Beyond Instructional Systems Design: An Integrative Approach to Enhancing Warfighter Training Using HSI Principles (CDR Dylan Schmorrow, Ph.D., MSC, USN and LCDR Joseph Cohn, Ph.D., MSC, USN)
Training Value of the Fleet Synthetic Training Event for the E-2C Hawkeye (Dennis A. Vincenzi, LCDR James Patrey, USN, Justin Campbell, Chris Foster, Jefferson D. Grubb, and Danielle C. Merket)
TRACK E –Design Case Studies (Moderator – Dr. Jim Pharmer)
Rapid Concept Development for System Design: Practical Human Systems Integration Issues Associated with Team-Oriented Operations Center Design (Dennis White, Dr. Daniel Wallace, Udo Goff, John Lackie, George Banta, Sam Roudebush)
Using UIML to Automate Generation of Usability Prototypes and Tactical Software (Dr. Marc Abrams, Pallabi Saboo, James Helms, Alan Thomas and Jeremiah Sims)
Challenges in the Design of Semi-Automated Performance Measurement and Assessment Systems (Paul Radtke, Tom Carolan, Hugh Carroll, and Richard Plumlee)
TRACK F – Command & Control (Moderator – Dr. Janae Lockett-Reynolds)
Visualizing Cognitive Strategies in Time-Critical Mission Replanning (Sylvain Bruni, Yves Boussemart, M. L. Cummings, and Sergio Haro)
Unmanned Vehicle Situation Awareness: A Path Forward (Dr. Julie A. Adams)
The Art of Successfully Applying Human Systems Integration (HSI) (Alexander C. Landsburg, Larry Avery, Robert Beaton, Robert Bost, Carlos Comperatore, Rajiv Khandpur, Thomas Malone, Christopher Parker, and Stephen Popkin, and Thomas Sheridan)
1530 Break

1545 Paper Tracks

TRACK G – Human Performance & Ship Motion (Mr. Udo Goff)
The High Speed Navy: Vessel Motion Influences on Human Performance (Dr. Michael E. McCauley, Eric Pierce, and Panayiotis Matsagas)
Scenario-Centered HSI (Dr. Tom Malone, Dr. Janae Lockett-Reynolds, Gordon Gattie, Dr. Katherine Muse and Dr. Daniel Wallace)

TRACK H – Personnel (Moderator – Dr. Leah Reeves, Director, Human-Technology Integration and Assessment Center for Neurotechnology Studies (CNS), Potomac Institute for Policy Studies)
Online Delivery of the Navy Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB): Development of the Automated Pilot Examination (APEX) System (LT Tatana M. Olson, USN, LT Brent A. Olde, USN, and LT Henry L. Phillips, USN)
Improving Aviator Selection Using the Performance-Based Measure Measurement Battery (PBMB) (LT Peter B. Walker, Ph.D., MSC, USNR; LT Brent A. Olde, Ph.D., MSC, USNR; and LT Tatana M. Olson, Ph.D., MSC, USNR)

TRACK I – Training & Education (Moderator – CAPT Ted Hontz, USN (Ret.))
Human Systems Integration (HSI) in Education and Training (Robert Lindberg)
HSI Formation Model (Janae Lockett-Reynolds, Ph.D., Mike Moreau, and Robert Beaton, Ph.D.)
1645 Formal Technical Sessions End. Exhibit Visits, Poster Session and MACCS Workshop (see below)

Exhibit Visits

Poster Session (Moderator - Mr. Dennis White, NSWC Dahlgren)*

1730 Mobile Advanced Command and Control Station Workshop - Sign up at registration table for first 20 participants (http://www.onr.navy.mil/media/releases/newsletters/view_article.asp?ArticleID=275&bPublic=True&RelID=64&IssueID=202)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
0730 Registration

0830 Panel 1 Discussion "HOWGOZIT - 6 Years After the 1st HSIS Event?"
Moderator: Mr. Greg Maxwell, Booz-Allen & Hamilton (formerly SEA 03)
Assistant Moderator: Mr. James Thurber
Panelists: Dr. Michael Drillings (Army MANPRINT) (confirmed)
Dr. Rick Drawbaugh (Principal HSI Advisor to Air Force Vice Chief of Staff ) (confirmed)
Mr. Rick Etheridge (OPNAV N125) (confirmed)

1010 Break

1030 Paper Tracks

TRACK J – Human Performance & Fatigue (Moderator – Ms. Trish Hamburger, Program Manager, NSWC Dahlgren Corporate Human Systems Division )
Undersea Warfare Situation Awareness and Fatigue (Megan L. Moundalexis, Jennifer A.B. McKneely, and Kevin Cropper)
Sleep Patterns of Naval Aviation Personnel Conducting Mine Hunting Operations (LCDR Bennett Solberg, Ph.D., MSC, USN and LCDR Michael A. Corriere, Ph.D., MSC, USN)
Avoiding a Second Hollow Force: The Case for Including Crew Endurance Factors in the Afloat Staffing Policies of the US Navy (Dr. Nita Lewis Miller and CAPT Robert Firehammer, USN)
TRACK K – Case Studies (Moderator - Dr. John Warner)
Multi-Function Workspace Visualization for Shipboard Operations (Gavan Lintern)
Applying Design Science to the Development of a Distributed Instructor Station for Virtual Environments (G. Susanne Bahr, Melissa M. Walwanis Nelson, and Marcia Tennyson)
A Module for Employing Human Systems Integration into the Rapid Equipping Force (LT Demetrius Mack, USN, LCDR Leon Higgins, USN and COL Lawrence Shattuck, USA (Ret.))
TRACK L – Command & Control (Moderator – Captain Dean Berry, USAF, Program Manager, AFRL/HECP)
The Design and Evaluation of Human-Guided Algorithms for Mission Planning (Laura Major Forest, Alexander Kahn, Joseph Thomer, and Marshall Shapiro)
Aiding Team Supervision in Command and Control Operations with Large-Screen Displays (Stacey D. Scott, Jordan Wan, Alma Rico, Carina Furusho, and M.L. Cummings)
Experimenting with Enhanced Chat (Dr. Jennifer Ockerman, Nigel Tzeng, Nathan Koterba, and Osbaldo Cantu)
1200 Lunch w/Guest Speaker - Colonel Vince J. Goulding, Jr. USMC (Ret.) - Director, Sea Viking Division at USMC Warfighting Lab (confirmed)

1400 Paper Tracks & Mini-Panel

TRACK M – Human Performance & Taxonomy (Moderator - Ms. Faith Chandler, NASA)
Development of a Taxonomy of Usability Tools and Techniques to Support HSI Implementation (Randolph Astwood, Jr., Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson, Troy O. Bennett, Melissa M. Walwanis Nelson, James A. Pharmer, & G. Susanne Bahr)
Development and Evaluation of a Taxonomy for Human Performance Measures (John Winters and Allison DiMartino)
HSI Design Influence on a Mature DoD Acquisition Program (Dr. Steven J. Shute, Michael Bartram, David L. Hallenbeck, Dennis D. Scott, Kearicia J. Valiant, and Roger Watkins) Presented by Dr. Shute

TRACK N – HSI Tools & Readiness (Moderator – Ms. Karole Davidson)
A Computer-Aided Ship Modeling Approach to Enhance HSI (Jonathan M. Ross, P.E.)
Integrating Naval Aviation Maintenance Training with Sailors Proficiency Qualification and its Correlation to Improved Weapon System Readiness (John P. Snow, James M. Ross, Michael G. Berkin, and Edward D. Boschen)
Human Performance Laboratories: Design, Tools, and Practical Applications (Matthew Wilson, Robert Hamburger, and Dr. Robert Beaton)
TRACK O – Human Performance/Situational Awareness/Decision Making (Moderator – Dr. Rebecca Grier, Aptima, Inc.)
Visualization Techniques for Revealing Uncertainty to Decision Makers (Dr. Lawrence Sager, Dr. Rebecca Grier, Dr. Cullen Jackson, Dr. Yuri Levchuk, and Dr. Emily Stelzer)
Awareness – Quantifying the Concept (Dr. Geoffrey Hone, Dr. Lynne Martin, and Ian Whitworth)
The Application of Spatial Audio Displays in Complex Environments (Brian D. Simpson, Douglas S. Brungart, and Dianne K. Popik)

TRACK P Mini-Panel - Education & Training for the HSI Workforce (Co-Moderators – Dr. Nita Miller, Naval Postgraduate School; and J. Robert Bost, former Technical Director, NAVSEA 03)
Colonel Larry Shattuck, USA (Ret.), Naval Postgraduate School
Mr. Robert M. Lindberg, Chief, HSI CONOPS Division
Ms. Jacquie Foxx, NAVAIR Orlando
Dr. Bob Beaton, NAVSEA 03
1530 Break

1545 Panel 2 Discussion "Future Performance Technologies & Trends (Academia)"
Moderator: Dr. Hendrick W. Ruck, SES, Director, Human Effectiveness Directorate, Air Force Research Lab (confirmed)
Assistant Moderator: Dr. Kendal Roberts, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (confirmed)
Panelists: Dr. Amy Kruse (Program Manager, Defense Sciences Office, DARPA) (confirmed)
Dr. John Flach, Professor and Chair Department of Psychology, Wright State University (confirmed)
Dr. John Casali, John Grado Professor Department of Industrial Engineering, Virginia Tech University (confirmed)

1715 Reception w/Exhibit Closing and MACCS Workshop (see below)

1730 Mobile Advanced Command and Control Station Workshop - Sign up at registration table for first 20 participants (http://www.onr.navy.mil/media/releases/newsletters/view_article.asp?ArticleID=275&bPublic=True&RelID=64&IssueID=202)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
0730 Registration

0830 Keynote Address - Dr. William C. Miller, Academic Dean & Provost, US Naval Academy (confirmed)
(Bio: http://www.usna.edu/acdean/staff/wcm.html)

0930 Break

0945 Panel 3 Discussion "Where HSI Meets the Road"
Moderator: Mr. Brian Persons, Executive Director for Ship Design, Integration and Engineering (confirmed)
Assistant Moderator: Dr. Regan H. Campbell, Action Officer, ODASN Ships (confirmed)
Panelists: Mr. David Harrah, MANPRINT lead for Program Manager Future Combat Systems, Army Research Lab (confirmed)
Mr. Michael Tangora, Deputy Program Executive Officer USCG Integrated Deepwater System (confirmed)
Ms. Susan Baggerman, NASA Johnson Space Center (confirmed)

1115 Luncheon w/Guest Speaker - MCPON Terry D. Scott, USN (Ret.). (confirmed)

1300 Panel 4 Discussion "Front Line HSI: Operating Forces from the Warfront"
Moderator: Mr. Albert Sciarretta (confirmed)
Assistant Moderator: Dr. Susan Kirschenbaum (confirmed)
Commander J.J. Cupples, RAN, Australian submariner (confirmed)
Mr. Albert A. Sciarretta, President CNS Technologies, Inc. (confirmed)
Colonel Danny McDade, Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned (confirmed)
LTCOL Rector

1430 Closing Remarks by J. Robert Bost (former Technical Director, NAVSEA 03)

1500 USNA Tours (To be done on an individual basis - Cost $8.00 per person)

*ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL PAPERS TO BE MADE A PART OF PROCEEDINGS (Some will be presented during Poster Session):
Job Preparation for the 21st Century Warfighter: Lessons from Patriot after Operation Iraqi Freedom (Dr. John K. Hawley)
Knowledge and Experiences of Expert Labor: The KEEL of an Experienced Shipbuilding Workforce (Dr. Rebecca Grier, Dr. Enio Velazco, Dr. Elliot Entin, Dr. Eileen Entin, Dr. Kevin Gildea, Chad Gambino, Yale Marc, Gilbert Mizrahi, and Vince Quintana)
NETSTAR: An Intelligence Analyst’s Decision Tool (Dr. Elliot E. Entin, Dr. Rebecca Grier, Dr. Georgiy Levchuk, and Tyrone Jefferson)
Apprenticeship in Work-Centered Design: A Case Study (Dr. Gina Thomas-Meyers and Dr. Randall Whitaker)
Naval Aviation Simulation Master Plan Portable Source Initiative (NPSI): A Study in Software Reuse Success and Positive Returns on Investment (ROI) (Fred Haberman, Bruce Riner, Pam Woodward and LCDR James Patrey)
Facilitating Human System Integration Methods within the Acquisition Process (Emily M. Stelzer, Emily W. Wiese, Heather A. Stoner, Michael Paley, and Rebecca Grier)
Developing a Repository for Human Performance Measures: Possibilities, Preconditions, and Pitfalls (John Winters and Dr. Joanne Pester-DeWan) Presented by Dr. Robert Smillie
How to Conduct an HSI Test: Advice and Lessons from TTWCS Benchmark Testing (Kevin Cropper, Bill Fitzpatrick, Dr. Marianne Poythress, and Dr. Steven Siegel)
Human Performance Measurement – Cultural Changes (George Hughes and Karole Davidson)
Automated Student Evaluation for a Distributed After-Action Review Application (Robert G. Abbott, Jonathan H. Whetzel and Justin D. Basilico)

Human Systems Integration (HSI) Gaps Analysis from Domain Definitions to Domain Interactions (Dr. Helen M. Gigley)