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Human Systems Integration Symposium 2009 - Agenda

TUESDAY, March 17, 2009



Dr. Regan Campbell, HSI Technical Director, NAVSEA, Symposium Chair

RADM Dale G. Gabel, USCG, President, American Society of Naval Engineers

Mr. Bran Ferran, Applied Minds, Inc. Co-Chairman & former Walt Disney Imagineering President
1015-1030 BREAK-EXHIBIT OPENING (Atrium)

Track 1A - Mission Effectiveness: Risk Reduction (Thomas Point)
Moderator: Adrian Salinas

Human Systems Integration (HSI) Risk Reduction in the Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Environment"(Carol Robinson, Thomas Enderwick, and James Freese)

Human Engineering and Ergonomics Risk Analysis Process (HEERAP), Enhancing the Ability to Identify and Reduce the Risk of Design Induced Human Injury (Larry Avery, Thomas Malone, and Mark Geiger)

Field Guide for an Effective Human-Automation Collaboration in NextGen (Bettina Beard and Jon Hobbrook)

Track 1B - Modeling: Effectiveness (Point Lookout)
Moderator: Kelly O'Brien

Representation and Control of Complex Joint Human-Machine Systems: An Information and Sensemaking Perspective (LTC Arne Norlander)

A Human Factors Modeling Assessment of a Heavy Armored Ground Vehicle Roof Hatch (Asisat F. Animashaun)

Mishap Prioritization and Reporting (Allan Fong)

Track 1C - Training: Implications (Windmill Point)
Moderator: Jon Dachos

Human System Capabilities-Based Training System Acquisition in Naval Aviation (Joseph Sheehan, Danielle Merket, Thomas Sampson, John Roberts and Sean Merritt)

Commanding Officer Decision Superiority: The Role of Technology and the Decision Maker (Katharine Shobe and Wally Wulfeck)

Operationally-focused Identification of Performance Drivers (Constance Gillan)

Dr. Michael Gernhardt, NASA Astronaut, Manager of Environmental Physiology Laboratory and Principle Investigator of Prebreath Reduction Program, Johnson Space Center

Track 2A - Mission Effectiveness: Measurement (Point Lookout)
Moderator: George Hughes

A Comparative Analysis of Human and Algorithm Track Smoothing (L.B. Spence, Jason Rathje, and M. Cummings)

Night Operations Visual Ergonomics (Margery J. Doyle, Scott Higgins, and John Winters)

Investigating Supervisory-level Activity Awareness Displays for Command and Control Operations (Stacey D. Scott, Farzan Sasangohar, and M. L. Cummings)

Track 2B - Process: Lessons Learned (Thomas Point)
Moderator: LCDR Doug Magedman

Human System Risk Management as Integral to Human System Integration in Space Flight (Judith L. Robinson, facilitated by Debbie Berdich and David Fitts)

Lessons Learned on Addressing Human Systems Integration Requirements on Multi-Service Projects (Karole Davidson, Udo Goff, and Tom Reynolds)

Where are we? One company’s collective interpretation of HSI in the SE process (Helena M. Mentis and Raegan M. Hoeft)

Track 2C - Modeling: Methodology (Windmill Point)
Moderator: Jennifer McKneely

TDRA: Human Systems Integration (HSI) in Modeling and Simulation (Janae Lockett-Reynolds, Thomas B Malone, Darren Wilson, and Katherine Muse-Duma)

Human-Centered Design Focus in Systems Engineering: Human View Methodology and Dynamics (Robert Smillie and Holly Handley)

Successfully Changing Conceptual System Designs Using Human Performance Modeling (Diane Mitchell)

1500-1515 BREAK (Atrium)
PANEL 1-State of HSI – Current State / Future Challenges (Ballroom)
Ms. Trish Hamburger, NAVSEA Director, Human Systems Integration and Integrated Warfare Systems Engineering; PEO IWS Technical Director
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Julie Stark, NAVSEA Carderock

1. Mr. Scott Lutterloh (OPNAV, N125)
2. Dr. Michael Drillings (Army MANPRINT)
3. COL Larry Kimm, USAF, Ph.D. (Director, Air Force HSI Office)
4. Mr. Nic Torelli, Deputy Director Human Capital and Specialty Engineering (Office of the Secretary of Defense)
5. RADM Jody A. Breckenridge, USCG (Asst. Commandant for Human Resources)
1700-1800 EXHIBITS & PAPERS POSTER SESSION with reception (light snacks & cash bar) (Atrium)
WEDNESDAY, March 18, 2009

PANEL 2-Feedback from the Field (Ballroom)

Moderator: TBD
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Scott Truver
1. Mr. Christian Kijora, USCG HSI/Acquisitions Office
2. Dr. Stuart Harshbarger, Johns Hopkins University, speaks on Prosthetics and Brain Sciences
3. Dr. Niranjan Suri, Institute for Machine and Human Cognition, principal research scientist in the area of agile computing
4. LCDR Brian Mutty, USN, Joint Staff, J-7 / JOWPD War Plans
1000-1030 BREAK (Atrium)

Track 3A - Process: Design Processes (Thomas Point)
Moderator: Darren Wilson

HSE Fundamentals: The Navy's HSE Best Practices Guide (Robert Beaton, Thomas Malone, and J. Robert Bost)

Tools for Human Systems Integration Assessment: HSI Scorecard (Mihriban Whitmore, Aniko Sandor, Kerry McGuire, and Debbie Berdich)

Human Factors Interface with Systems Engineering for NASA Human Spaceflights (Doug Wong to be presented by David Fitts)

Track 3B - Mission Effectiveness: Human Performance (Windmill Point)
Moderator: Rebecca Grier

Developing bespoke measure of performance for complex sociotechnical military systems (Daniel Jenkins, Neville Stanton, Paul Salmon, and Guy Walker)

Life on the High Seas: The Development of U.S. Navy Shipboard Habitability (Anthony F. Battisti and James B. Thurber)

Psychophysiological Correlates of Cognitive Workload During a Satellite Management Decision -Training Task (Margery J. Doyle, Jay E. Gould, Steven J. Kass, Anil K. Raj, Frank Andrasik, and Jeremy P. Higgins)

Track 3C - Training: Case Studies (Point Lookout)
Moderator: James Pharmer

Automatic Collection of AOC Process Data: A First Step Towards Macrocognitive Evaluations (Jennifer Ockerman, F.T. Case, Nathan Koterba, Ben Huguenin and Evan Jalbert)

Cognitive Characteristics of Academically ‘at risk’ Students Attending Operating Room Specialist Training (Petra Alfred and Valerie Rice)

LUNCH - SPEAKER: VADM Mark J. Edwards, USN (Ret.) introduced by RDML James J. Shannon, USN, Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Ballroom)
1315-1400 EXHIBIT DESSERT (Atrium)

Track 4A - Process: Case Studies (Thomas Point)
Moderator: Jennifer Narkevicius

Human System Integration Tools for NASA Systems Engineering (David J. Fitts)

Human Systems Integration (HSI) Case Studies from the NASA Constellation Program (Susan Baggerman, Debbie Berdich, and Mihriban Whitmore)

Optimizing Performance for Mine Warfare: A Case of Task-Centered Design (Glenn Osga, Katharine Shobe, Dave Kellmeyer, Jeff Waters, Gunnar Ramstrum, and Bryan Croft)

Track 4B - Modeling: Examples (Windmill Point)
Moderator: Robert Smillie

Workflow Analysis for Mission Package Operations (Laura Major, Babak Cohanim, Emily Vincent, Chris Voorheis, Zarrin Chua, James Arruda, and Joel Parry)

Modeling Crew Manpower Requirements Based On System Design, Mission and Crew Requirement Impacts (Jeff Miller and Roger Watkins)

Economics of Human Systems Integration: The Pratt & Whitney F119 Engine (Kevin K. Liu, 2nd Lt.,USMC, Ricardo Valerdi and Donna H Rhodes, MIT)

Track 4C - Training: Technology (Point Lookout)
Moderator: Karen Holness

The Next Generation Warfighters = The Net Generation: Implications for the Development and Implementation of Training Technologies (Raegan M. Hoeft and Helena M. Mentis)

Human Systems Integration: The Key to Achieving a U.S. Navy of 313 Ships through Effective Integration of Technology, Personnel, and Training (Kelly Abruzzo, Heather Albin, Jose Carreno, George Galdorisi, Glenn Osga, and Katharine Shobe)

Operator and Team Performance Issues for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Operations (Glenn Osga, Katharine Shobe, Dave Kellmeyer, and Jerry Kaiwi)

1530-1545 BREAK (Atrium)
PANEL 3-The View of HSI from the Systems Engineering Team - What's Working and What Isn't? (Ballroom)

Moderator: Mr. John James, NAVSEA's Executive Director of Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations
Asst. Moderator: Mr. Jim Thurber, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
1. Dr. Tina Beard, NASA AMES Research Center, (Deputy Technical Fellow for Human Factors
2. Mr. Bob Kurzawa, Vice-President, Sonalysts, Inc.
3. Mr. Jim Webster, Future Ships and Force Architecture Concepts Technical Warrant
4. CAPT John K. Martins, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (OUSD (AT&L)) Joint Strike Fighter
1715-1830 EXHIBITS - Last chance to visit our Exhibitors! (Atrium)

THURSDAY, March 19, 2009

0800-0915 BREAKFAST - SPEAKER: VADM Kevin McCoy, USN, Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command (Ballroom)
0915-0930 BREAK (Atrium)
PANEL 4-HSI for the Public’s Sake (Ballroom)

Moderator: Dr. Jan Cannon-Bowers, Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida
Asst. Moderator: Dr. Janae Lockett-Reynolds, Department of Homeland Security
1. Dr. Robert C. Allen, Human Factors & Ergonomics Specialist, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts - Worldwide Safety & Accessibility group
2. Mr. Chris Turner, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
3. Mr. Dino Piccone, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
4. Dr. Marilyn Sue Bogner, Medical Error Consultant
Tools Workshop (Ballroom):
Dr. Terry Allard, ONR (Moderator)
Dr. Dennis Folds, Georgia Tech
Milt Stretton, Sonalysts
Beth Plott, Alion
Kathi-Ann MacLeod, USAF
LCDR Joseph Cohn (Ph.D.), DARPA

"Current HSI Tool Needs" Forum, led by HSI Stakeholder Leaders (What tools need to offer for today's and tomorrow's HSI needs)

"Hands-On" Workshop to talk with tool experts (user perspective) (Atrium)