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Human Systems Integration Symposium (HSIS) 2011 - Agenda

Panels Preview
Day 1: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

0730 – 0830 Registration and Continental Breakfast

0830 – 0845 Welcome
Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE

0845 – 0945 Keynote Speaker
Ms. Trish Hamburger, NAVSEA Director, Integrated Warfare Systems, and
PEO IWS Technical Authority

0945 – 1015 Break & Exhibit Hall Opening

1015 – 1145 Panel 1: Human/System Readiness: Where Are We Headed?
Moderator: RDML James P. McManamon, USN; Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare,
SEA 21, Naval Sea Systems Command; USN)
Asst Moderator: Dr. Connie Gillan, Training Systems Integration Manager,

Dr. Jim Blanchard, Chief Scientist, Vecorder Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Marv Cohen and Dr. Raj Ratwani, Senior Research Scientists, Perceptronics Solutions, Inc.
Mr. Thomas Innocenti, III, Project Manager, SimAuthor, Inc.
Lt. Col. William Yates, USMC; PM Training Systems
1145 – 1300 Luncheon with Guest Speaker
MCPON John Hagan, USN (Ret.); Director, Human Systems Integration, Bath Iron Works

1300 – 1330 Dessert in the Exhibit Hall

1330 – 1500 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions (* - Denotes Student Paper)

Track 1: 3rd Leg of the Stool
Moderator: Mr. Scott Truver

Measuring Success with the MANPRINT Analysis Suite: Transparent Multi-Objective Decision Analysis in an Uncertain Environment (D. Doane, Walden University)
Human Readiness Planning: Toward a Lifecycle Approach to HSI Implementation in the Air Force (W. Kosnik and H. Acosta, U.S. Air Force)
HSIDE – Operationalizing HSI in a Ship Design Environment (T. Skrmetti, Rite-Solutions)
Integrating the Marine into the System Development Process: Harnessing the Power of “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome” (A. Hernandez (Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.), O. Seely (NSWCDD), E. Stohr (Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.))
Track 2: Mini-Panel: Focusing on the Human Element in
Air Force Capability Management
Moderator: COL Derek Knight, USAF

HSI Overview (V. Martindale, U.S. Air Force)
Measuring HSI in the Air Force (J. Scott, U.S. Air Force)
Human Systems Integration: Two Perspectives* (A. Tvaryanas, Naval Postgraduate School)
Investigating Possible Effects of UAVs on Aircraft Carrier Deck Operations* (J. Ryan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Track 3: Plug and Play People
Moderator: Ms. Danielle Merket

A Demonstration of Human Performance Assessment Concepts to Facilitate Expertise of Submarine Command Decision Making in an Operational Environment (S. Grage and J. O’Sullivan (NUWC), A. Andrews and J. Cannon-Bowers (University of Central Florida), and J. McCarthy (Sonalysts, Inc.))
Training: Incorporating Effective Situational Awareness Measurement into a Context-Based Learning Environment (J. Elder and B. Roman, Adaptive Methods)
Enhancing Performance Assessment, at What Cost? Challenges & Benefits of an Integrated Performance Assessment Toolkit (J. Pagan, B. Atkinson, M. Walwanis, NAWCTSD)
Beyond Behavior: Making Cognitive Systems Engineering Part of Navy Acquisition (C. Dominguez, C. Nemeth, R. Strouse, M. O’Connor, Applied Research Associates)
1500 – 1515 Break in the Exhibit Hall

1515 – 1645 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions
(* - Denotes Student Paper) (** - Denotes Best Paper Award Nominee)

Track 1: Free the Warfighter – I
Moderator: Dr. Kelly O'Brien

A Human Systems Integration Approach to Improved Protective Equipment for the Flight Deck Maintainer (M. Abbott and J. Hager, Adaptive Technologies, Inc.)
Developing an Information Integration Display for Submarine Command and Control (B. Chalmers, DRDC Atlantic)
Warfighter Physical, Cognitive and Situational Demands: Designing to Attenuate Degraded Performance (P. Heffner and A. Hall-Colombo, Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.)
The Effects of Eye Gaze-Based Control on Operator Performance While Monitoring Multiple Displays* (A. Popola, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
Track 2: Destination Innovation – I
Moderator: Dr. Gordon Gattie

Perceptual Training Systems and Tools (PercepTS): Next Steps in the Transition to TECOM (D. Nicholson, V. Ingurgio, and K. Bartlett, DSCI)
COSA at SWOS: Providing a Simple Method of Assessing Students to Ensure Consistent Scoring and Appropriate Curriculum in a Ships Bridge Simulator (F.S. Fox, J. Lee, N. Rivera, and C. Montano Dean, CRESST - UCLA)
Mission Specific Embedded Training Using Mixed Reality** (Z. Ai, M. Livingston, and J. Decker, Naval Research Laboratory)
Challenges in Managing Uncertainty During Cyber Events: Lessons From the Staged-World Study of a Large-Scale Adversarial Cyber Security Exercise* (M. Branlat, The Ohio State University)
Track 3: There’s an App for That – I
Moderator: Mr. Dennis White

The HSI Task Analysis Workbook: Reusing HSI Task Data throughout System Acquisition (M. Risser, K. Aeling and J. Gwynne (Pacific Science & Engineering Group, Inc.), J. Marino (Kratos Defense and Security Solutions) and A. Borja (SPAWAR))
Rapid User Interface Prototyping Tools and Methods for DoD Usability Professionals (B. Wood and S. Dorton, Sonalysts, Inc.)
Developing Usability Engineering Tool Suites: Towards Identifying Productivity Gains (C. Eagan, M. Abrams, B. Berry, and S. Mackey, Harmonia, Inc.)
Applied Set-Based Communications and Negotiation System* (A. Gray, University of Michigan)
1645 – 1730 Welcome Reception with Student Poster Session in Exhibit Hall

Day 2: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

0730 – 0830 Registration and Continental Breakfast

0830 – 1000 Panel 2: It's Not Just Bits and Bytes: Design Solutions to Integration
and Interoperability
Moderator: RADM Thomas J. Eccles, USN; Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander
for Naval Systems Engineering, Naval Sea Systems Command
Asst Moderator: Karole Davidson, PEO IWS 1.0 Combat Systems System
Integration Manager (SIM) and SEA 05 Lead Warfare Systems Engineer

RDML Thomas J. Moore, USN; Program Executive Officer, Aircraft Carriers
RDML Jerry K. Burroughs, USN; Program Executive Officer for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
Mr. Jimmy D. Smith, Director of Above Water Sensors, PEO IWS
Mr. James H. Smerchansky, Deputy Commander, Systems Engineering, Interoperability, Architectures & Technology (SIAT), Marine Corps Systems Command
1000 – 1030 Break in Exhibit Hall

1030 – 1200 Panel 3: Pencils Down: HSI in Test & Evaluation
(The Problem Starts Before Milestone A)
Moderator: RADM David A. Dunaway, USN; Commander, Operational Test
and Evaluation Force
Asst Moderator: Mr. Richard Jandrain (Systems Engineer, PEO IWS T&E Division, NAVSEA)

Dr. Beverly Knapp, Deputy Director for MANPRINT, USA
Mr. Mike O. Said, ASN (RD&A) Test and Evaluation
Mr. John O’Neill, Senior Partner, Innovative Defense Strategies
Mr. Neil Baron, Chief Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center-Dahlgren
1200 – 1315 Luncheon with Guest Speaker
Major General (Dr) Thomas W. Travis, USAF; Deputy Surgeon General,
Office of the Surgeon General, Headquarters U.S. Air Force

1315 – 1400 Dessert in Exhibit Hall

1400 – 1530 Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions
(* - Denotes Student Paper) (** - Denotes Best Paper Award Nominee)

Track 1: Free the Warfighter – II
Moderator: Ms. Christi Adams

A Mission-Based Approach to Command Center Redesign (D. Kellmeyer, G. Osga, and S. Nunn, SPAWAR)
An Extended Use Evaluation of the IPOD Touch to Aid the United States Marine Corps (USMC) (P. Squire, E. Haro, and P. Mead, NSWCDD)
Sociotechnical Risks in Cyber Defense (L. Hettinger (Liberty Mutual), J. Pharmer (NAWCTSD), J. McKneely (Johns Hopkins University) and Z. Opalka)
Image Processing for Human Understanding in Low-Visibility (M. Livingston, C. Garrett, and Z. Ai, Naval Research Laboratory)
Track 2: Destination Innovation – II
Moderator: Mr. Jim McTigue

Performance Shaping Factor (PSF) Infrastructure Architecture (N. LaVine, Alion Science and Technology)
Validating Environmental Stressor Algorithms for Human Performance Models (J. Pharmer, M. Paulsen, and T. Alicia, NAWCTSD)
Capturing Decision Making Needs for Design Affordability and Flexibility: Bridging the SE-HSI Gap (M. Buckley, University of Michigan)
Injury Risk Model for Repeated Vertical Loading of the Lumbar Spine* (A. Schmidt, Duke University)
Track 3: There’s an App for That – II
Moderator: Mr. John Winters

Need to Characterize Injury Type and Severity in Military Human Systems Integration Studies in a Consistent Manner with Contemporary Medical-Clinical Taxonomic Methods & Injury Scoring Systems (E. Davis, U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
Developing the Cognitive Risk Assessment Method (CRAM): A Supplemental Analysis to System Safety’s Operation & Support Hazard Analysis (O&SHA)** (R. Hoeft and S. Higgins, Lockheed Martin)
Use of Domain Interaction Analysis to Identify HSI Issues in Future Expeditionary Medical Facilities (W.B. Fain, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Development of a Prototype Behavioral Marker System for Assessing and Training Officers of the Deck* (W. Long, Naval Postgraduate School)
1530 – 1545 Break in Exhibit Hall

1545 – 1715 Concurrent Technical paper Sessions
(* - Denotes Student Paper) (** - Denotes Best Paper Award Nominee)

Track 1: Pencils Down
Moderator: Ms. Ana Borja

A Measurement Approach for Analysis of Team Communications (R. Strouse, C. Fallon, E. Papautsky, and C. Dominguez, Applied Research Associates)
Data Collection during Developmental Testing: from the Laboratory to the Ship (G. Gattie (NSWCDD) and A. Cassidy (Protocol Officer to SECNAV))
User Centered Design Challenges in WBT Development for TFSMS (B. Wood)
WORKSENSE: EEG-Based Measures for HSI Optimization (S. Mathan, Honeywell Laboratories)
Track 2: Can You Hear Me Now?
Moderator: Dr. Daniel Wallace

Warfighter Auditory Situation Awareness: Locating the Shooter with and without Hearing Protection** (J. Casali and K. Talcott (Virginia Tech), J. Keady (Innovation, Research, & Development Labs) and M. Killion (Etymotic Research Inc.))
Noise Reduction on USMC Vehicles – Part 1: Experimental Identification of Noise Sources (J. Komrower, Noise Control Engineering, Inc.)
Human Systems Integration (HSI) Requirements for First Responders (D. Wilson and J. Lockett-Reynolds (DHS), T. Malone (Carlow International), K. Muse-Duma (Booz Allen Hamilton), L. Avery (BMT Designers and Planners) and J. Green (DHS))
Damage Containment or General Confusion? The Human Role in Damage Control (D. Skahen, Test & Evaluation Solutions, LLC)
Track 3: Mini-Panel: Quality Matters: How Experience in Theater is Driving
the Need for Better Warfighter Selection Criteria
Moderator: COL Steven Chandler, USA

Integrating the Human into the Total System: Degradation of Performance Under Stress** (S. Kornguth, R. Steinberg, D. Schnyer, and L. Trujillo, University of Texas at Austin)
Integrating the Human into the Total System - The Effects of Strong Environments on Morphology, Physiology and Behavior (J. Ness, E. Rovira, M. Matthews and D. Brazil, U.S. Military Academy)
Fatigue Effects on Optimal Manning: A Comparison of Ashore and Afloat Cognitive Performance and Sleep Quality* (S. Nitikin, Naval Postgraduate School)
1715 – 1745 Last chance to Visit Exhibit Hall

Day 3: Thursday, October 27, 2011

0730 – 0830 Registration and Buffet Breakfast

0830 – 1000 Panel 4: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: How Can We Help?
Moderator: VADM Henry C. Giffin, III, USN (Ret.); SAIC
Asst Moderator: LCDR Katherine Moran, USNR

COL Michael Killion, USMC; Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group
COL Steven Chandler, USA; Deputy Director for Reserve Affairs, Chief, Human Dimension Task Force, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
CMDCM (SW/AW) Anthony Decker, USN; Command Master Chief, Littoral Combat Ship Squadron ONE
LCDR Michael Otto, USN; Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO), Commander Third Fleet
1000 – 1015 Break

1015 – 1100 Keynote Speaker

1100 – 1115 Closing Remarks

1115 – 1215 Reception for Students