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HiPer Craft 2013 - Agenda

The HiPer Craft 2013 agenda is tentative and subject to change.

Tuesday, June 18

1000 - 1700 WBV MANAGER
Registration for the FRC course is not processed by ASNE and is only available via the link above. Registration fee includes admittance to HiPer Craft 2013.

Wednesday, June 19

0815 - 1830 Registration
1030 - 1830 Exhibit Hall/Static Display Area and Food Court Open
1200 - 1830 In-Water Boat Demonstrations

0900 - 0910 Opening Remarks: Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE

0910 - 0950 Government Keynote Speaker:

CAPT Dan Shultz, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), N9 (Invited)
0950 - 1030 Academic Keynote Speaker:

Human Impact Exposure on High Performance Boats: Science & Standards Decoded
Dr. Johan Ullman, High Speed Boat Operation Professionals - HSBO Pro
1030 - 1115 Coffee Break in the Food Court/Exhibit Hall
Snacks available for purchase

Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: Rolls-Royce Naval Marine (1045-1110)
1115 - 1230 Classification Societies: Adapting Existing IACS Rules for Small Craft
Moderator: Mr. Dave Menna, Donald L. Blount & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Jennifer Michaeli, PE, ODU/Oregon Iron Works
Eric Norris, Manager, Naval Engineering Department, ABS
Mr. Scott Sampson, Naval Architect, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
1230 - 1345 Lunch available for purchase in the Food Court/Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: Metal Shark Boats (1245-1310)
Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: CDG Coast Dynamics Group Ltd. (1315-1340)
1300 - 1700 Ship Seakeeping and Small Boat Dynamics During
Launch and Recovery Course
Separate Registration Required - Course Information and Registration

1345 - 1500 High Speed Boat Simulation: Technologies, Applications & Future Trends
Moderator: Dr. Tim Coats, NSWC Combatant Craft Division

Mr. Tyler Brand, President, StrongWake Ltd
Mr. Jon Hill, AFNI, Principal, Trident Marine
1500 - 1545 Coffee Break in the Food Court/Exhibit Hall
Snacks available for purchase

Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: Structural Composites, Inc. (1515-1540)
1545 - 1615 CG Patrol Boat Support: Product Line Management
in all Phases of Cutter Lifecycle

CDR Chad Jacoby, USCG, PE, Patrol Boat Product Line Manager
The CG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Patrol Boat Product Line (PBPL) is responsible for the planned maintenance, casualty repair, and supply support of the CG's 119 Patrol Boats. PBPL currently has the 154 foot Fast Response Cutter (FRC) transitioning from acquisition to sustainment, is developing a mid-life strategy for the 87 foot Coastal Patrol Boats (CPB) and is managing the decommissioning of the 110 foot Patrol Boat (WPB) fleet. Challenges and opportunities exist in each of the lifecycle phases. Particular attention will be given to the sustainment of the 110 foot WPB fleet beyond their scheduled service life.

1615 - 1830 Reception
Sponsored by SKYDEX Technologies, Inc.

Thursday, June 20

0815 - 1530 Registration
0830 - 1430 Exhibit Hall/Static Display Area and Food Court Open
0830 - 1630 In-Water Boat Demonstrations

0830- 0915 Coffee Break in the Food Court/Exhibit Hall
Breakfast items and snacks available for purchase

0915 - 1000 Common Maritime Technology Working Group (CMTWG) Update

Mr. Dennis Danko, NSWC Carderock
Ms. Paula Trimble, Rapid Reaction Technology Office, OSD AT&L Assistant Secretary for Research & Engineering
The CMTWG is chartered by the Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) in the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD R&E). The CMTWG will facilitate delivery of technological and material solutions to the combatant craft community of interest while emphasizing funding efficiency and elimination of redundancies in Science and Technology (S&T), Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) and acquisition programs of record. The mission of the CMTWG is to promote potential solutions to joint and common service combatant craft capability gaps and approved operational requirements in order to facilitate a more rapid and efficient path to fielding material solutions.

1000 - 1030 NECC's Efforts to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Mr. John Mark Serré, PE, Navy Expeditionary Energy SME, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) N9
In response to Secretary Mabus' October 2009 "SECNAV Energy Message To The Fleet" and CNO's October 2010 "A Navy Energy Vision for the 21th Century", NECC is increasing the warfighter's lethality per gallon while reducing its logistics tail. Capabilities span across all of NECC's equipment while this brief will focus on surface craft.

1030 - 1115 Coffee Break in the Food Court/Exhibit Hall
Snacks available for purchase

Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: GHOST Vessel/Juliet Marine (1045-1110)
1115 - 1150 Using Game Theory in Security Operations for the U.S. Coast Guard

Prof. Milind Tambe, TEAMCORE/University of Southern California
Dr. Joe DiRenzo, USCG, Chief, Operations Analysis Division at Coast Guard Atlantic Area
LT Elizabeth Denicola, U.S. Coast Guard
Will describe the model and deployment of PROTECT, a game-theoretic system in use by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in the Ports of Boston and New York for scheduling patrols. Computational game theory provides PROTECT with a rigorous basis for planning randomized patrols, while taking into account the fact that different targets have different weights and that the adversary may conduct surveillance before planning an attack. The USCG evaluated the deployment of PROTECT as a success and is currently evaluating nationwide deployment of PROTECT.

1150 - 1230 Additive Manufacturing: Exploring Innovations & Advancements

Mr. Greg Sabin, Additive Manufacturing Industry Consultant
Mr. Tim Shinbara, Technical Director, The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Additive manufacturing (e.g. 3D printing) appears to offer a range of exciting benefits to many industries including medical, aerospace, electronics, and power generation, to name just a few. Many users and early adopters throughout the world have already benefited from reduced manufacturing costs, increased design flexibility, and reduced lead-times. This presentation focuses on additive manufacturing in metals, and explains the basics of how the equipment and process works, and describes how benefits are obtained.

1230 - 1345 Lunch available for purchase in the Food Court/Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. (1245-1310)
Exhibit Area Commercial Presentation: ITE (1315-1340)
1300 - 1700 Professional Development Course:
Project/Program Management Challenges & Successes
- An Interactive Knowledge Sharing Workshop
Presented by CACI
Separate Registration Required - Course Information and Registration

1345 - 1500 Small Craft & High Speed Boat Operators Panel
Moderator: Dr. Marty Irvine, ONR Science Advisor, NECC N9

Mr. Richard Graves, EODGRU2, N8
Mr. Tom Guthlein, USCG Retired, former Commanding Officer of USCG Castle Hill Station
Mr. Jonathan Hill, AMRINA, AFNI, Training Director at FRC International Ltd and Trident Marine Ltd., previously the Squadron Sergeant Major (WO2) at the 10th Landing Craft Training Squadron, Royal Marines
Captain D.B. Huffman, Commanding Officer, Homeland Security Division,
Norfolk Police Department
1500 - 1630 Last Chance for In-Water Boat Demonstrations