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Intelligent Ships Symposium VI
1-2 June 2005
Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania


Tuesday, 31 May 2005
Navy League of Philadelphia Reception
Villanova Conference Center

Wednesday, 1 June 2005
Continental Breakfast[Connelly Center]
Exhibit Hall Opening Ceremony[Connelly Center]
Opening Session, Jake Nevin Field House
Introductory Remarks
Ms. Patricia C. Woody
Region 2 Council Member, National Council Elect, ASNE
Welcoming Comments

Rev. Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A.
President, Villanova University
CAPT Rick Hepburn, P.E., USN (Ret.)
President Elect, ASNE
Keynote Speakers
ADM William Fallon, USN
Commander, U.S. Pacific Command
VADM Art Cebrowski, USN (Ret.)
former Director, DoD Office of Force Transformation
Mr. C. Randy Reeves
Ships and Ship Systems Product Area Director, NSWC

Plenary Session
How Technology Impacts Today’s Fleet and Future Ship Designs
Mr. Charles Giacchi
Technical Director, NSWC

CAPT John Kamp, USN
Assistant Chief of Naval Research, ONR
CAPT Michael Schwartz, USN
Program Manager, Future Carriers, PMS378
CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN
Technical Director, Future Concepts and Surface Ship Design, NAVSEA 05DB
CAPT David Lewis, USN
Assistant Chief of Staff, Maintenance & Engineering, COMNAVSURFPAC (N43)
CAPT Philip Davidson, USN
Commanding Officer, USS Gettysburg (CG-64)
Lunch in Exhibit Hall[Connelly Center]
Congressman Curt Weldon
Vice Chair, House Armed Services Committee
Technical Tracks

Track 1:[Connelly Center Cinema]
Intelligent Vehicles
Mr. Scott Littlefield
Director Science & Technology, PEO SHIPS

Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Unmanned Surface Vehicles Compared For Various Ship Models
C. Nataraj & Pritesh Kasliwal (Villanova University)

Sliding Mode Control for Position Tracking of Underactuated USV
Hashem Ashrafiuon & Ping Ren (Villanova University)

Formation Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Farbod Fahimi, Rineesh SiddaReddy, C. Nataraj (Villanova University)

Hybrid Power Source for Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle Sensor Packages
Charles Botsford & Omo Velev (AeroVironment, Inc.)

Fuzzy Logic Modeling of Unmanned Surface Sea Vehicle (USSV) Hybrid Power System
Adithya Nallanchakravathula & Pritpal Singh (Villanova University)

Thermal Management for Control of an SMA Composite Smart Structure
Jerry Jones (Villanova University)

UAV and Tiltrotor Teaming to Vastly Extend Surveillance and Targeting Ranges for Naval Ships and Fleets
Tom DuBois, Richard Heaton, Roger Lacy & Eric Stuverude (The Boeing Company)

Multi-Sensor Communications in Unmanned Surface Vehicle Networks
Yimin Zhang, Gjergji Kurti & Moeness Amin (Villanova University), Morgan Watson (NSWCCD)

Track 2: [Dougherty Hall, East Lounge]
Intelligent Ships
Mr. Bill Schoenster
LCS Mission Systems Architecture Ship Integration Manager, PMS501M

INLS Machinery Control System - Advanced Integrated Vessel Controls
Mike Ford (Nautronix, Inc.)

Advantages of Full Authority Digital Control (FADC) for the DDG-51 Class Genset
E.Alan Karpovitch (NSWCCD), CDR Brad Williamson, Lt. Dan Smith, GSCS Frank Ascher (USS Porter)

Development of Automated Processes for Improved Galley Operations
William Leary & David Walker (Foster-Miller, Inc.), Stephen Grasso (NSWCCD)

The Data-Distribution Service (DDS) Mandate Advances for Navy Open Architecture
Joe Schlesselman (Real-Time Innovations, Inc.)

Wireless Connectivity for Amphibious Vehicles for LPD-17
John Gorton (3eTI)

Aircraft Carrier Networks Evolution; Distributed Data and Control Networks
T. Perotti, K. Colville & J. Cohen (NSWCCD)

Seabase Logistics System
Steve Michetti (NSWCCD)

Track 3: [Dougherty Hall, West Lounge]
Intelligent Technologies
CAPT Michael Schwartz, USN
Program Manager, Future Carriers, PMS378

Noise Analysis of GPS Synchronization Loops
Moeness Amin & Liyu Liu (Villanova University)

Intelligent Autonomous Control Architecture for Automated Ship Control, Damaged and Optimized Operations
Francisco Maturana, Raymond J. Staron, Fred M. Discenzo & Kenwood Hall (Rockwell Automation), Pavel Tichy, Petr Slechta (Rockwell Automation Research Center, Prague)

Volume Sensor for Damage Assessment and Situation Awareness
Susan Rose-Pehrsson, Jeff Owrutsky, Stephen Wales, Frederick W. Williams (Naval Research Laboratory), Daniel Steinhurst & Christian Minor (Nova Research Inc.), Daniel T. Gottuk & James A. Lynch (Hughes Associates, Inc.)

Advanced Techniques in Aggressive Thermal Management of Shipboard Electronics
Amy Fleischer (Villanova University)

Integrated Antenna System (IAS) for Navy Ships
J. Voge (Hagenuk Marine Kommunikation GmbH), Gunter Menacher, U. Fuchs, B. Michael, E. Arnold, H. Bleichrodt, I. Walter & W. Kredel (EADS Deutschland GmbH)

NCE Joint Modular Mission Systems
Jens Meyer (EADS Deutschland GmbH)

Design of an On-Chip Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Sensor
Dr. Mark A. Jupina and Ivo Kushkiev (Villanova University)

Track 4: [Dougherty Hall, Corner Grill]
Intelligent Machinery
Mr. Glen Sturtevant
Deputy Director, Science and Technology, PEO SHIPS

Robust Fault Diagnosis for Electric Ship Propulsion Motors
David Cartes & Li Liu (Florida State University)

Wireless Expansion of ICAS (WEI)
Robert Hogan (3eTI)

Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a 16-Pole Permanent Magnet Motor
Mark J. Roberts (NSWCCD)

Engine Removal Projection Tool
Thomas A. Ferryman, Brett D. Matzke, John E. Wilson & Frank L. Greitzer (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Ed Hilferty (NSWCCD)

Automatic Casualty Power Recovery System
Doug Havenhill (SatCon Technology Corporation), Thomas Schubert (Gibbs & Cox)

Neural Network-Based Software Agents for Automated Machinery Diagnostics
Kevin Logan (MACSEA Ltd), Randel Torfin (Military Sealift Command)

First Principle Physics Based Modes of Navy Machinery Systems
Phil Bernotas (NSWCCD)

Reception in Exhibit Hall[Connelly Center]
VADM James A. Amerault, USN (Ret.)
ALION-JIMA Maritime Sector

Thursday, 2 June 2005
Breakfast in Exhibit Hall[Connelly Center]
Exhibit Hall Open[Connelly Center]
Technical Tracks

Track 1:
[Connelly Center Cinema]
Intelligent Vehicles
Mr. Guy Santora
Technical Authority for Unmanned Vehicles, NAVSEA 06

Linear Time Varying Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
C. Nataraj & Pritesh Kasliwal (Villanova University)

Path Planning and Nonlinear Model Selective Control Using Neural Networks: Precision Maneuvering of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
David A. Cartes (Florida State University), C. Nataraj (Villanova University), John Metzer (NSWCCD)

Distributed Automata Techniques for Surface Platform Network Autonomous Control and Survivability in Naval Applications
Stephen Konyk Jr. (Villanova University) John Metzer (NSWCCD)

PEM Fuel Cell Based Energy Storage Concept for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
Omo Velev (AeroVironment, Inc.), Mark Haberbusch (Sierra Lobo, Inc.), Jeremy Steinshnider (Lynntech, Inc.), Rosa Young & Richard Geiss (Ovonic Hydrogen Systems, LLC)

A 3-D Thermomechanical Constitutive Model for Shape-Memory Alloy
Sridhar Santhanam & Srikanth Mothukuri (Villanova University)

Miniaturized Antennas for Low Frequency Applications
Ahmad Hoorfar & Jinhui Zhu (Villanova University), Nader Engheta (University of Pennsylvania), Frank Plonski (NSWCCD Philadelphia)

Performance Analysis of a Dual Stacked E-Shaped Patch Antenna on a USV Platform for Broadband VHF Applications
Ahmad Hoorfar & Rajan Komanduri (Villanova University), Frank Plonski (NSWCCD)

Track 2:
[Dougherty Hall, East Lounge]
Intelligent Ships
Mr. John Goodhart
Assistant Deputy Commander, Fleet Logistics Support, NAVSEA 04L

Opportunity Analysis for Legacy Systems Modernization
Lisa Fittipaldi & Rob Scullion (NSWCCD), Mark Kramer (OPNAV Logistics and Readiness N40), John Beitler (DON business Innovation Team), CDR Rich Voter (NETWARCOM)

Technical Data Knowledge Management (TDKM) - Transforming the Delivery and Use of Logistic Technical Data for the Surface Fleet and Training Community
Bernie Coval (NSWCCD)

Maintenance, Provisioning and Outfitting the new LCS Class Hull
Douglas G. Swenson (NSWCCD)

The Integration of Navy Environments to Support the Workforce and Learning Initiatives
John A. Wishall (AMSEC LLC)

Leveraging New Construction Initiatives To Design a Superior Modernization Plan For The DDG 51 Class To Design a Superior Modernization Plan For the DDG 51 Class
Scott Freedner & Summer Clark (NSWCCD), Christopher Waaler & Luis Lozano (BIW - General Dynamics)

Migration from OPC in Naval Power Conversion and Control Equipment to OACE
Aaron Jeutter & David Bueckers (DRS Power & Conversion Technologies, Inc.)

Improving Automatic Reconfiguration of Electric Shipboard Power Systems by Adding Situational Awareness Capabilities
Karl Schoder, Shilpa Ganesh, Ali Feliachi (West Virginia University)

Track 3:
[Dougherty Hall, West Lounge]
Intelligent Technologies
CAPT David Lewis, USN
Assistant Chief of Staff, Maintenance & Engineering, COMNAVSURFPAC

Gigabit Ethernet Data Multiplex System (GEDMS) - Evolution of a Net-Centric Navy Surface Combatant
Jay Nieto (The Boeing Company)

Fiber Optic Current and Potential Sensors for Naval Shipboard Use
Stephen Mastro (NSWCCD), Paul Duncan (Airak, Inc.)

A Combined PD and Optimal Control of a Nonlinear Magnetic Bearing Rotor Subject to Harmonic Base Motion
Steven Marx (NSWCCD), C. Nataraj (Villanova University)

Broadband Spectrum Management for Interior Shipboard Wireless Communications
Bill Brown (Metric Systems Corporation), Frank Plonski & Joseph Inge (NSWCCD)

Manufacturing and Structural Performance of Composites with Interlaminar Inserts Using Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding
Ali Gokce, Ahmad Abuobaid, Shridhar Yarlagadda & Suresh G. Advani (University of Delaware)

Intelligent Noise Canceling for Ship Environment
Paras Shah and Guez Allon (Drexel University)

Advanced System Architecture - The Integrated Bulkhead Concept
Mark Zerby (NSWCCD)
Lunch and Closing Speaker in Exhibit Hall[Connelly Center]
RDML Gerard M. Mauer, USN
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Joint Experimentation, Exercises and Assessment, Allied Command Transformation
Symposium Concludes
Reception On USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64)