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Intelligent Ships Symposium IX - Agenda

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

0730 Registration Opens
(Intelligent Ships Symposium IX padfolios sponsored by McKean Defense Group)

0730 - 0830 Continental Breakfast
(Sponsored by SeaPerch)

0830 - 0900 Opening Session and Welcoming Comments

Ms. Kathleen Hinton, ASNE President
Ms. Patricia C. Woody, Head of the Machinery Research and Engineering Department, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Dr. Bruce Eisenstein, Interim Dean, College of Engineering, Drexel University
CAPT Alexander Desroches, USN; Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
0900 - 0930 Keynote Address
CAPT Robert E. Palisin, USN; Military Deputy for the Sea Warfare and
Weapons Department (Code 33), ONR

0930 - 1030 Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
(Sponsored by Life Cycle Engineering)

1030 - 1215 Panel Session
Moderator: CAPT Alexander Desroches, USN; Naval Surface Warfare Center,
Carderock Division

CAPT Philip Dawson, USN; Acting Deputy PMS 47
Dr. Norbert Doerry, CAPT, USN (Ret.), NAVSEA 05T
Ms. Kelly Cooper, Program Officer, Office of Naval Research (Invited)
Mr. Mike Tangora, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Director of Acquisition Services, USCG
1215 - 1330 Lunch in Exhibit Hall
(Sponsored by L-3 Marine & Power Systems Group)

1215 - 1315 SeaPerch Presentations

1330 - 1720 Concurrent Technical Tracks (click here to see Technical Papers Abstracts)
(Coffee Break at 1510 - 1540 sponsored by Intergraph Government Solutions)

Track 1: Intelligent Control
Moderator: Mr. Scott Littlefield

Adaptive Control of a Nonlinear Model-based Solenoid-Valve System with Uncertainties
Dong Bin Lee, C. Nataraj
Requirements for Deterministic Control Systems
Mike Roa
Managing Situational Awareness in a Complex Ship Control System Environment Through Intelligent Automation
Dr. Gregory Harrison, Lorie Ingraham, Sameh Mikhail, Ross Hall
Open Architecture Machinery Control Systems
Dr. Norbert Doerry, Tim Scherer, Nick Guertin, Jeff Cohen
Network Performance Considerations for Shipboard Control Systems
Eric Penera, Sarvesh S. Kulkarni
Market Based Control for a More Survivable Ship Chilled Water System
Yan Lu, Frank Ferrese, David Scheidt
Model-Based Control Systems of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle
DongBin Lee, Ralph Sullivan, C. Nataraj, Helen Loeb
Adaptive Tracking Control of Linear Time-Varying Unmanned Surface Vehicles with Disturbances
DongBin Lee, C. Nataraj
Track 2: Intelligent Ships I
Moderator: Dr. John Barkyoumb

Reliability Engineer Data Integration System Through an Enterprise Service Bus
Michael diPilla, John Gierchak, Kathy Miraglia
Visualizing Attack Submarine Maintenance Life Cycles
S. Williams, B. Rickard, T. Donlan
Hybrid Reconfiguration
Michael Pekala, Paul Rosendall, David Scheidt
Redesign of a Shipboard Information System to Increase Usability
Bruce Green, Timothy Lamey, Michael Roantree
The Repair Station Console Makes Shipboard Damage Control More Robust
James Lohr
Water and Air Cooling in One Design
James Lohr, Mark Woozley
Helium Gas Flow Induced Sub-Cooling of LN-2—Enhanced Heat Transfer for Cryogenic Applications
Owen R. Christianson, John M. Pfotenhauer
Monitoring Distributed Temperatures Along Superconducting Degaussing Cables via Rayleigh Scattering in Optical Fibers to Support Low Power, Light Weight, Vessel Magnetic Signature Cloaking
Clark D. Boyd, Bryan D. Dickerson, Brian K. Fitzpatrick
Track 3: Ship Modernization Technology I
Moderator: Dr. E. Michael Golda

Designing COTS Equipment to Meet the Correct Naval Specifications
Drew Napolitan, Long Nguyen, Hoang Pham, Thomas Borawski
Combat Readiness Through Resilience in a Hostile Cyber Environment
CAPT Dennis Watson, USN (Ret.)
Aircraft Elevator Lock System Upgrade
Suzanne Kralle, Christopher Petitpren, Mark DiTroia
The Value of an Integrated Power System Land-Based Test Site
CDR John D. Stevens, Henry J. Hegner
Increasing Surface Ship Fuel Efficiency through Database-Driven Behavioral Changes
Dr. Robyn Walters, Rosemary Gaffney, Stephanie Knoch, Erica Plath
Energy Savings and Capability Improvements of Naval Fan Coil Assemblies
Kyle Kennett
DDG 51 Class Land-Based Engineering Site (LBES) – The Vision and the Value
Andy Cairns
Developing a Library of Human Computer Interface Patterns for Reuse in Engineering Development
Dr. Loretta DiDonato
Track 4: Condition-Based Maintenance
Moderator: Mr. Frank Ferrese

Leveraging the Product Model to Affordably Meet the Carrier Maintenance Process Throughout the CVN 78 Class Engineered Service Life
Eric Schneider, Michael Daley, James Luchs
Wireless Sensing Mesh Networks for Shipboard Sense & Respond Logistics, Condition Based Maintenance and Control
Angela R. Farrar, Robert Mueller
Using a Ship’s Propeller for Hull Condition Monitoring
Kevin P. Logan
Fault Tolerant Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring of Composite
S. Nayak, J. Agrawal, K. Critz
CBM in a Cloud Computing Environment
Grant John Gorton, Bob Hogan, Keith McMeans
Test and Evaluation of Autonomous Auxiliary Systems
Frank Ferrese, Matthew Johns, Yan Lu, David Kocsik, Paul Rosendall, Nathan Rolander, David Scheidt, Erik Schmidt
Long Range Remote Maintenance Capability Using Advanced Shore Side Intelligent Support Technology (ASSIST)
Andre Pruitt
Information Infrastructure for In-Situ Machinery and Lubricants Monitoring, Maintenance and Risk Analysis
Irene Farquhar
1720 University Design Competition (Poster Session)

Statistical Attitude Control of a Laser Targeting System (Temple University)
Shipboard Analysis of RF Propagation (Drexel University)
A Testbed for Ultrasonic Physical Layer Design (Drexel University)
Laboratory Ice/Energy Storage Cooling System for Air Conditioning Application (Widener University)
The Design and Optimization of an Urban Wind Turbine (Drexel University)
1730 Reception on Bossone Research Center Balcony
(Sponsored by Delphinus Engineering, Inc.)

2000 Exhibit Hall Closes

Thursday, 26 May 2011

0730 Registration Opens

0730 - 0830 Continental Breakfast
(Sponsored by NAG Marine)

0800 - 1200 Concurrent Technical Tracks (click here to see Technical Papers Abstracts)
(Coffee Breaks at 0915 - 0935 and 1050 - 1110 sponsored by BCI, Inc.)

Track 1: Ship Modernization Technology II
Moderator: Dr. Chris Dafis

Integration of a PLC Based Control System for Improved Performance and Reliability of the AN/BRR-6 Antenna System
Brian Edwards
Implementing Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588) for Latency-Correction and General Time Synchronization – A Network–Based Solution to Time Synchronization
Charles Hermann
Noise Control on Ships – Enabling Technologies
Raymond Fischer, Kurt Yankaskas
Beyond Line-of-Sight Communications with Smart Antennas (BLoSSA)
Michael Luddy, Jack H. Winters
Invariant-Based Ship AC Power System Design
Igor Kondratiev, Roger Dougal
Design of an Intelligent Collision Avoidance System based on a Scanning Range Finder
Ryan Holihan, Helen Loeb, C. Nataraj
Gray to Green: Technology to Make Tomorrow's Warships More Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sustaining
Eric Nicholson
High Data Rate Adaptive Ultrasound OFDM Physical Layer for Through-Metal Communication
Kevin Wanuga, Magda Bielinski, Richard Primerano, Ph.D., Kapil Dandekar,
Moshe Kam
Track 2 : Intelligent Ships II
Moderator: Dr. C. Nataraj

Analysis and Design of Automated Underway Replenishment Strategy for Multiple Uncompensated Fuel Tanks on Naval Surface Ships
Lee A. Kondor, Troy V. Nguyen
Implementing Quality of Service in Shipboard Power System Design
Norbert Doerry, John Amy, Jr.
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Valves with Solenoid Actuators for Shipboard Applications
Peiman N. Mousavi, C. Nataraj
Mine Countermeasures Ship Enhanced Maneuvering
Stephen Konyk, Vince Tolotta
Model Predictive Control: An Application to Submarine Automatic Steering and Diving Control
James D. Gibson
Using Crew Resource Management to Minimize the Risks of Software Development Defects in Safety Critical Systems
Daniel J. Kelly
Discrete-Time Power Optimization Solution for Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Neeta Khare and Pritpal Singh
Usability Testing a Missile Defense Mission Planner: Outcomes and Observations on Enhancing System Design
Steven J. Shute, Keith Goldrick, Jordan Lusterman, Michael P. Bartram, Eve E. Perris
Track 3: Modeling, Simulation and Testing
Moderator: Dr. Eric Constans

Cost-Effective Ship Electrical System Simulation
Thomas E. McDermott, Chris Dafis
Testing of Power Supply for a High Temperature Superconducting Degaussing System
Mike Pyryt, Jake Kephart and Jack Overby
Objective Model Based Ship Control Systems
CDR Joseph Famme, Michael Masse, Dr. Chang-Min Lee, Yuseong-Gu Daejeon, Ted Raitch
Autonomous Navigation and Unmanned Surface Platform Clusters
Steve Konyk, John Metzer
Evaluation of Eddy Current Effects on Ship’s Magnetic Signatures
Matthew Bosack, Saroj Biswas, Frank Ferrese, Rocco Arrizi
University Design Competition Presentation
Testing Biofouling of Marine Diesel Fuels
Brittany N. Preston, Dr. David Stamper
Modeling and Control of a Pressure Vessel System Using Nonlinear Control Theory
Matthew Bosack, Saroj Biswas, Christopher Burgy
Track 4 : Technology for Total Ownership Cost Reduction
Moderator: Mr. Tom Martin

Shipboard Collective Protection System Modernization for Improved Energy Efficiency and Total Ownership Cost Reduction
Brian Liska
Compressed Air Systems Optimization for Energy Savings
J. Jeffery Craighead, Jennifer Vega-Torres, Brittany Jaswell
Shipboard Mobile Operations Application Prototype
Brian McGarrigle
Integration Life-Cycle Solutions for Maximum Return on Investment
Kevin Pleiss, Vesa Marttinen
Life-Cycle Cost Trades Along the n-Hierarchical n-Dimension Navy Product Line Development Program
Kelley Caudle
Point of Use Power Conditioning to Improve Load Survivability and Reduce Cost
John Ykema, Chris Frantz
Lowering Total Ownership Cost (TOC) Through Optimized Maintenance
Dr. Michael Hertz
Very Thin Client Consoles Save Power and Heat
James Lohr, Ron Busch

1200 - 1330 Lunch and Closing Speaker
(Sponsored by AMSEC - A Subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries)
CDR Eric Lind, USN; SEA21AR Readiness Officer

1330 Symposium Concludes

Papers and presentations from Intelligent Ships Symposium IX will be posted to the ASNE website and made available to all attendees within two weeks of the event end date. Sponsored by General Dynamics Informational Technology.