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Intelligent Ships 2015 - Agenda


0730-1630 Registration Open

0730-0830 Continental Breakfast, Sponsored by Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. (Exhibit Area)

0730- 1700 Exhibit Area Open

0830-0915 Opening Session and Welcoming Remarks (Zellerbach)

CAPT Glenn Ashe, USN (Ret.), President, ASNE
Thomas Fien, ISS Chairman 2015, NAVSSES Philadelphia
Dr. Kathleen J. Stebe, Deputy Dean for Research in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania
Ms. Theresa Steck, Acting Deputy Division Technical Director, NAVSSES Philadelphia
CAPT Walt Coppeans, USN, Captain, NAVSSES Philadelphia
0915-1000 Keynote Speaker:
RADM Nevin P. Carr, Jr., USN (Ret.),
Vice President, Navy Strategic Account Manager, Leidos (Confirmed)

1000-1030 Coffee Break, Sponsored by Continental Tide Defense Systems, Inc. (Exhibit Area)

1030-1200 Plenary Session (Zellerbach)

Dr. Robert Brizzolara, Program Manager Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles, ONR
Mr. Scott Littlefield, Program Manager Unmanned Maritime Vehicles, DARPA
Mr. Scott Sampson, Lead Engineer for Unmanned Sea Vehicles, NSWC Carderock
Carl Conti, Spatial Integrated Systems, Program Manager
1145-1300 SeaPerch Demonstration (Outside Patio Area)

1200-1300 Lunch in Exhibit Area, Sponsored by AMSEC LLC - a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries

1300 -1630 Technical Tracks

Track 1 (Zellerbach)
Moderators: Mark Uva and Dr. Abner Rodriguez

1300-1330 The Road to MVDC (Dr. Norbert Doerry)
1330-1400 A New Approach to Designing Future Surface Combatants (Mr. Jeffery Koleser)
1400-1430 Maintenance and Material Readiness in Data Driven Environment (Gary Zukowski)
1430-1500 Coffee Break
1500-1530 System Integration to Support Future Platforms: An Interdisciplinary Case Study (Matt Bosack)
1530-1600 Segment 2: The Coast Guard’s Next Generation C4ISR System (CDR James Betz)
1600-1630 An Extensible CBM Architecture for Naval Fleet Maintenance Using Open Standards (Dr. Sumant Tambe)
Track 2 (Prince)
Moderators: Dr. Michael Knauff and Daniel Santosusso

1300-1330 Potential Opportunities To Impact Efficiency And Performance For Naval Ships Fitted With Intelligent Systems (Thomas Canty)
1330-1400 Reference Implementation of Basic Shipboard Machinery Control System Building Blocks in IEC 61499 (Kenneth Fisher)
1400-1430 Modeling and Stability Analysis of a MVDC System in the dq-Reference Frame (Shaun Cruz)
1430-1500 Coffee Break
1500-1530 Enabling Modularity in the Littoral Combat Ship (Dr. Paul Pazandak)
1530-1600 A Residual Approach to Multi-agent Fault Detection and Isolation Using Asynchronous Belief Propagation for Fault-free Modelling of a Naval Vessel's Chilled Water System (Fumbeya Marungo)
1600-1630 Naval Voice Communications Modularity and Modernization (Dan Wolfe
Track 3 (Montgomery)
Moderators: Ed Ostapowiscz and Shaun Cruz

1300-1330 Next-Generation Cybersecurity For Advanced Real-Time Distributed Systems (Philip Irey)
1330-1400 Energy Cost Savings with the Collective Protection System Variable Speed Drive Control System (Robert Snodgrass)
1400-1430 Development of an Optimization Algorithm based on Differential Evolution for the Navy Ship Maintenance Scheduling Problem (Dr. Han Bao)
1430-1500 Coffee Break
1500-1530 Improvements to the Power Generation and Distribution System (Larry Burda)
1530-1600 Autonomic Management of Shipboard Power Systems and its Challenges (Dr. Ranjit Amgai)
1600-1630 Cyber Security for Machinery Control Systems (Matt Bosack)
1630- 1830 Reception, Sponsored by Delphinus Engineering, Inc.

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
0730-1130 Registration

0730-0830 Continental Breakfast (Exhibit Area)

0815-0830 Symposium Remarks (Zellerbach)
Thomas Fien, ISS Chairman 2015, NAVSSES Philadelphia
Eric Mscisz, ASNE Vice Chair Delaware Valley Chapter, NAVSSES Philadelphia
0830-1100 Technical Tracks

Track 1 (Zellerbach)
Moderator: Christopher Lester
0830-0900 Fleet Support Knowledge Management (David Sonenschein)
0900-0930 Intelligent Physics Reference Models to Improve Ship Readiness, Response to Battle Damage and Reduce Total Ownership Costs (CDR Joesph Famme)
0930-1000 Navigating the Compliance, Risk and Engineering Cyber Security Challenges Impacting Navy Programs (Eric Matthews)
1000-1030 Coffee Break, Sponsored by NAG Marine (Exhibit Area)
1030-1130 Cyber Security Primer (Dr. Frank Ferrese, NAVSSES & Dr. Li Bai, Temple University)
Track 2 (Prince)
Moderator: Mark Uva

0830-0900 Data Driven Code Generation and Reuse for Large PLC Projects (Andrew Limbaugh)
0900-0930 Data Driven Qualitative Simulation and Automated Testing for Control Systems (Marcus Eaves)
0930-1000 Using Simulation Tools to Predict and Prevent Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switching Induced Transformer Failures (Dr. Thomas McDermott)
1000-1030 Coffee Break, Sponsored by NAG Marine (Exhibit Area)
1030-1130 Additive Manufacturing (AM) Across the Warfare Centers (Michael Robinson, NAVSSES)
Track 3 (Montgomery)
Moderator: Ewane Etinge

0830-0900 Distributed Multi-Agent Active Diagnosis for Ship Auxiliary Systems (Dr. Kevin Schultz)
0900-0930 Condition Based Maintenance Plus Best Practices to Meet Modern Surface Ship Technical Challenges of COTS Electronics (Ruben Ortiz)
0930-1000 Improved Damage Control Through Increased Control System Automation (Marco Nottegar)
1000-1030 Coffee Break, Sponsored by NAG Marine (Exhibit Area)
1130-1230 Lunch, Sponsored by L-3 Communications (Exhibit Area)