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Launch and Recovery of Manned and Unmanned Vehicles from Surface Platforms: Current and Future Trends
Sheraton Barcelo Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland
November 8-9, 2005
Tuesday, 8 November 2005
Registration Open
Welcome & Introductions (Chesapeake Ballroom)
Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro, ASNE Symposium Chairman and CAPT Rick Hepburn, USN (Ret.) ASNE President
Keynote Speakers
RADM Charles S. Hamilton, USN, PEO Ships
"Future Ship Programs and Requirements"
RADM Patrick M. Stillman, USCG,PEO Deepwater
"The Integrated Deepwater System: A 21st Century Coast Guard"
Break (Exhibit Area)

General Session
CAPT Walter Wright, USN, PMS 420

Asst. Moderator - Steve Cohen

The Lockheed Martin Littoral Combat Ship Integrated Launch, Recovery and Handling System Design and Integration Challenges
Johnson (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

Deepwater Program Surface Asset Launch & Recovery Systems Overview
Burton, et al (USCG PEO)

ScanEagle and Seascan: UAV Experiences Launching and Recovering from Ships
Sliwa (Insitu Group, Inc.)

Launch and Recovery of the HUGIN AUVs
Eliesan (Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc.)

Break (Exhibit Area)

Luncheon (Chesapeake Ballroom)
Dr. Norman Friedman, Defense Analyst

"Have We Been There Before? Launch/Recover Lessons Learned from Carrier & Amphibious Ship Development"

Break (Exhibit Area)

Track 1(Severn Room)
Electromagnetic Launch / Recovery (Air)
George V. DiBiase, NAVAIR

Asst. Moderator - ABECS (AW/SW) Burt, USN

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
Kopacz (General Atomics)

EMKIT: Electro Magnetic Kinetic Integrated Technology
Robertson (ALSTOM UK)

Advanced Arresting Gear
Lee, Rodriguez et al (NAVAIR and General Atomics)

Advanced Arresting Gear Program Supportability
Lozano (EDO Corp.)

Track 2(Wye Room)
Stern Ramp Systems 1
CAPT Mike Anderson, USCG

Asst. Moderator - Steve Cohen

Stern Launching the Cutter Small Boat on the Coast Guard's 87' Coastal Patrol Boat
Morisseau (USCG)

DD(X) Stern Ramp Boathandling System

Zodiac Long Range Interceptor Stern Launch Testing
Ulak, et al (Ulak Marine, LLC)

USCG 170 ft Patrol Coastal Combatant Craft Retrieval System: History, Design and Operating Experiences
Russell, et al (NSWCCD Det Norfolk, Combatant Craft Division)

Track 3(Rhode Room)
Modeling and Simulation (Sea/Air)
Mr. Dyke Weatherington, OUSD (AT&L)

Asst. Moderator - Scott Littlefield

Analysis and Prediction of Ocean and Platform Motions in Support of Vehicle Launch and Recovery
Kery, et al (Oceaneering International)

Modeling and Simulation of Unmanned Vehicle Launch from the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
Gordis, et al (Naval Postgraduate School and Naval Surface Warfare Center)

Challenges for Launch and Recovery Computational Analyses of Novel Unmanned Air and Underwater Vehicles
Sandberg (Naval Research Laboratory, Tactical Electronic Warfare Division)

Submarine-Launched and Recovered Multi-Purpose UAV (MPUAV) Concept and Project Overview
Ruszkowski (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company)

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Track 1 (Severn Room)
VTOL Launch and Recovery
CAPT Matt Sisson, USCG

Asst. Moderator - Steve Cohen

Transformation of U.S. Navy Surface Combatant Helicopter Deck Handling Capabilities
Brand (Curtiss Wright Controls, Naval Systems/Indal Technologies, Inc.)

Asist System - The Chilean Navy Experience
Tellez (Navy Systems and Engineering Directorate, Chilean Navy)

TRIGON: The Universal Deck Handling System
Gray (MacTaggart Scott & Co. Ltd)

USCG VUAV Presentation
Sisson (U.S. Coast Guard)

Track 2 (Wye Room)
Over the Side / Over the SternSystems 1

Thomas Bethge, Oceaneering

Asst. Moderator - Carlos Tomassoni

The Evolution of AN/WLD-1 Launch and Recovery
Stout (Naval Surface Warfare Center)

Transportable Launch and Recovery System for NATO Submarine Rescue System
Moretti (International Marketing & Business, Inc.)

ADS High Speed Deployment Experiment on HSV-2 Swift
Jonas (Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center)


Track 3 (Rhode Room)
Guidance and Control (Sea/Air)
CDR Tim Dunigan, PMA 263

Asst. Moderator - Dave Hart

Autonomous Recovery of Fixed-Wing UAVs on Ship Decks and Open Seas in High Sea States
Duggan, et al (Geneva Aerospace, Inc.)

Helicopter Expanded Ship and UAV Autoland Operations by Quiescent Deck Recognition
Ferrier, et al (Anteon Corporation)

Automomous Launch and Recovery of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) on Air Capable Ships
Saraniero, et al (NSWC)

Developments in Position Sensing Techniques Supporting Autonomous Recovery of Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles
Webb, et al (WR Systems, Ltd.)

RECEPTION (Exhibit Hall)

Wednesday, 9 November 2005
Registration Open
Keynote Address (Chesapeake Ballroom)
Mr. Thomas Chance, C&C Technologies
"Launch and Recovery Operations from a Commercial Perspective"

Keynote Speaker
RADM Timothy R. Heely,PEO(W)

"Maritime Unmanned Air Systems From the Sea"

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Track 1(Wye Room)
Advanced Concepts (Sea)
Moderator: CAPT Vincent Martinot-Lagarde
Defense Cooperation Attache, Embassy of France

Asst. Moderator - Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

Surface Combatant Optimized for Unmanned Vehicle Operations - A Collection of Launch/Retrieval Systems
Mulhern (Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division)

IFREMER's underwater equipment: Handling systems, current state and future

Laurent Artzner, IFREMER (France)

An Innovative Stern Launch System for Unmanned Vehicles and Fast Craft
Goubault, et al (DCN France)

Impact of Advanced Launch & Recovery Capabilities on Coast Guard Operations

Posage (USCG R&D Center)

Track 2 (Garden Ballroom)
Operational Issues: Standards and Safety
RADM David Sargent, USN (Ret.) SEI Associates

Asst. Moderator - Justin Manley

Health and Safety Aspects for Launch and Recovery Systems
Pike (Dag Pike Associates, UK)

ABS Experience in the Field of Launch and Recovery Systems
Tanwar, et al (ABS Americas)

Systems Engineering Approach to Launch & Recovery
Matsko, Sokol et al (NSWCCD Det Norfolk, Combatant Craft Division)

Commercial GPS Susceptibility to High Power Microwave Emissions

William (NSWC Dahlgren)

Track 3 (Rhode Room)
Modeling and Simulation (Air)

Dr. Joseph Corrado, NSWC

Asst. Moderator - Willard Sokol III

Simulation Model for Take-off and Landing of VTOL UAVs on Ships
Dietze (German Liaison Office for Defense Materiel)

Ship Airwake Prediction for Dynamic Interface Modeling and Simulation: Present and Future
Polsky (NAVAIR)

Modeling and Simulation of Shipboard Helicopter Operations for Training Applications
Wilkinson, et al (Anteon Corporation)

Track 4 (Severn Room)
Intelligent Carrier-Based Unmanned Aircraft
John Kinzer, ONR

Asst. Moderator - Steve Pickering

Carrier Launch and Recovery Requirements for Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicles
Colby, et al (NAVAIR JUCAS)

J-UCAS Operations in the Carrier Control Area
Weber, et al (ARINC, SSI, EMA, NAVAIR)

Ship Integration Technologies for the Joint Unmanned Combat System
Colby, et al (NAVAIR JUCAS)

Motion Gesture Recognition for Taxing Control of Unmanned Vehicles
Venetsky, et al (NAVAIR)

Break (Exhibit Hall)
Luncheon (Chesapeake Ballroom)
RADM David Architzel, USN, PEO Carriers
"CVN-21 Class; Centerpiece of Tomorrow's Navy"
Break (Exhbit Hall)

Track 1 (Severn Room)
Over the Side / Over the Stern — 2

Thomas Bethge, Oceaneering

Asst. Moderator - Justin Manley

Automated Launch and Recovery of Untethered, Mini Unmanned Underwater Vehicles from Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Bondaryk, et al (Bluefin Robotics Corp.)

Development and Evaluation of Several Tow Bodies and Latch Mechanisms for Recovery of an USSV
Eisenberg (Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, Marine and Aviation Division)

The Development of a Launch and Recovery System for Towed Underwater Bodies
Barnes, et al (Maritime Platforms Division, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia)

Launch and Retrieval of a Buoyancy Engine AUV from Multiple Platforms and Environments
Farley (Alaska Native Technologies, LLC)

Track 2 (Garden Ballroom)
Operational Issues: Platforms and Concepts
Dr. Paul Robinson, Defence Attache, UK Embassy

Asst. Moderator - Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

Sea Fighter's Launch and Recovery System Development and Deployment
Dudson (BMT Nigel Gee and Associates Ltd.)

Optimized Ship Seakeeping and Maneuvering Performance for Establishing Unmanned Vehicle Launch and Recovery Limitations
Rossignol, et al (NSWCCD Code 5500)

Concept Design of a Littoral Multimission Vessel Optimized for Launch/Recovery
Grieg, et al (University College London)

Peculiarities of Launch, Recovery, and Handling of Unmanned Waterborne Offboard Organic Vehicles from the Littoral Combat Ship
Updegrove (Naval Surface Warfare Center)

Track 3 (Wye Room)
Stern Ramp Systems — 2

Ken Montgomery, NAVSEA

Asst. Moderator - Carlos Tomassoni

The SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Launch and Recovery System for a MK V SOC
Batkins, et al (NSWCCD Det Norfolk, Combatant Craft /Division)

Stern Ramp System Experiences: Model Tests, Trials and Predictions
Werenskiold (MARINTEK Norway)

Design and Operation of a RHIB Launch & Recovery Ramp on a High Speed Vessel
Davidson, et al (Revolution Design, Australia)

FRC Boat Recovery Experimental Investigation

Hackett, et al (Northrop Grumman)

Track 4 (Rhode Room)
Advanced Concepts (Air)
Scott Littlefield, ONR

Asst. Moderator - Steve Pickering

Stable Platform for Shipboard Launch and Recovery of Aerial Vehicles
Lovell, et al (Advanced Technology and Research Corp.)

An Alternative Quiescence Detection Method for Sea-based Aviation Operations
McCue, et al (Virginia Tech Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering)

The Neptune VCUAV Solution to Launch and Recovery from Small Ocean Craft
Vaughn (DRS Unmanned Technologies)


Panel Discussions


Steve Cohen, USCG & Scott Littlefield, ONR

Panel Members

Rear Admiral David Sargent, USN (Ret.)
Captain Don Babcock, USN, NAVSEA LCS Program Manager
Captain Walter Wright, USN, NAVSEA PEO LMW
Captain Douglas Russell, USCG, Deepwater Program Manager
Dr. Paul Robinson, UK Defense Technology Attache Office
Mr. Thomas Bethge, Oceaneering Incorporated
Mr. Andrew Summers, NAVSEA DD(X) Technical Director


Closing Remarks - Steve Cohen, USCG