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Launch and Recovery 2008 - Agenda

Monday, 19 May 2008

0745 Registration

0825 Welcome: RADM Dale Gabel, USCG - President ASNE

0830 Keynote Address: CAPT Martin Deppe, USN; Program Manager, Navy Unmanned Combat Air System (PMA 268) Chesapeake Ballroom

0910 Keynote Address: Paul M. Dunn, SES - Warfare Center Executive, Undersea Division, Newport, RI, Chesapeake Ballroom

0945 Break

1015 Ship/Vehicle Systems Integration Panel Session
Moderated by CAPT Stephen C. "Chewy" Rorke, USN - NAVAIR Aircraft Launch & Recovery Equipment (ALRE) Chesapeake Ballroom
Panelists: Scott White - NAVAIR Ship/Air Integration
Howard Fireman - NAVSEA 05D
James "Jim" Colwell - DRDC Canada
CAPT Mike Good, PMS 420

1215 Break

1230 Lunch RADM William E. "Bill" Landay, III, USN - Chief of Naval Research, ONR (Chesapeake Ballroom)

1400 Break

1430 Technical Sessions
Note: All authors and full titles are listed at the bottom of this page down below. Scroll down to read in alfa-numeric order.
Track A1: Surface L&R (Wye Room) Track A: Surface L&R (Severn Room) Track B: Modeling & Simulation (Rhodes Room) Track C: Air L&R (Admiral's Ballroom)
Moderator: Scott Petersen Moderator: Rubin Sheinberg Moderator: Jim Colwell Moderator: Judah Milgram
A11 Rossignol Manuvering A1 Dallinga RNLN Patrol Boat L&R B1 Polsky Airwake Modeling C1 Yang Heave Motion
A12 Dr. Ullman Interface Improvements A2 Lauro Stern Deployed RHIB B2 Pattison Ship Air Wake C2 Wong Hardware in the Loop
A13 Updegrove Minehunting A3 Gelling LAR Systems B3 Kachman Desktop Simulation C3 Garrett Visual Tracking
A14 Cosmo Bow Latch A4 Swan LCS Watercraft L&R B4 Ferrier Simulated Dynamics C4 Langlois Dynamic Interface
A15 McCarty Virtual Davit A5 Bednarek Shipboard L&R Systems B5 Colwell Correlation Time-domain C5 Wojtowicz Next Generation ALRE

1645 Student Poster Session, Reception, & Award Presentation

1900 Conclude Day 1

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

0745 Registration

0800 Keynote Address: RDML Ronald J. Rabago, USCG - Director of Acquisition Programs and Program Executive Officer

0835 Keynote Address: Mr. Robert McHenry, Program Manager, DARPA Tactical Technology Office

0910 Break

0940 Technical Sessions
Note: All authors and full titles are listed at the bottom of this page down below. Scroll down to read in alfa-numeric order.
Track D: LAR Aspects (Wye Room) Track E: Safety Aspects (Severn Room) Track F: Subsurface LAR (Rhodes Room)
Moderator: Dr. Leigh McCue Moderator: LCDR Doug Simpson, USCG Moderator: Jim Spresser
D1 Dr. Hackett FRC Door E1 Demmick Safety Unmanned F1 Murphy/Sileo Marine Payload
D2 CAPT Seiple Softrail L&R E2 Schulze Safety Findings F2 Maguer Universal L&R
D3 Olav Offshore Oil Vehicles E3 Gray Safety Index F3 Stevenson Lessons Learnt
D4 Branthoover Common Control E4 Johnson Certifying Facilities F4 Artzner Caliste concept
E5 Ingram Analysis & Certification F5 DeSpirito Submarine Rescue

1210 Lunch & USNA Autonomous Sub (USV) Demo - Hotel pool - Numerous Demonstration times

1325 Break

1355 Technical Sessions
Note: All authors and full titles are listed at the bottom of this page down below. Scroll down to read in alfa-numeric order.
Track G: Surface L&R (Wye Room) Track H: Surface L&R Analytical & Modeling Approaches (Severn Room) Track I: Air L&R (Rhodes Room) Track I2: Air L&R (Admiral's Ballroom)
Moderator: Dr. Bob Brizzolara Moderator: Terry Applebee Moderator: Deborah Furey Moderator: Jim Colwell
G1 Petersen LAR Work at NSWC H1 Ashrafiuon Nonlinear Dynamics I1 Pita ScanEagle UAV I21 McRae Advance Launch Control
G2 Galway USV Design Considerations H2 Smith Model Testing I2 Ferrier UAV All Weather I22 McRae Advanced Recovery Control
G3 Galway USV Unmanned Refueling H3 Spano Non-linear Dynamics I3 Thoms Snatch Pickup I23 Colwell Dead Load Test Vehicle
G4 Cox Automated L&R H4 Dr. Leen Planning & Scheduling I4 Yoffe Fixed Wing UAV I24 Berzins Precision Recovery
1555 Break

1610 Technical Sessions
Note: All authors and full titles are listed at the bottom of this page down below. Scroll down to read in alfa-numeric order.
Track J: Surface L&R (Con't) (Wye Room) Track K: Surface L&R Analytical & Modeling Approaches (Con't) (Severn Room) Track L: Air L&R (Con't) (Rhodes Room) Track M: Air L&R (Con't) (Admiral's Ballroom)
Moderator: Tom Ingram Moderator: Terry Applebee Moderator: Michael Fallon Moderator: Jim Colwell
J1 Teppig Shore Sustainment K1 Kilborne All Weather L1 Baker Aircraft Carrier Launch M1 Wilson VTOL UAV
J2 Teppig RHIB Above 15 Knots K2 Nabaa Common System L2 Colby Navy UCAS M2 Goldie LCS UAV Recovery

1710 Conclude Day 2

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

0745 Registration

0800 Capstone Panel - Moderator: Rubin Sheinberg, USCG
Panelists: Jim Colwell, Defense R&D Canada - Atlantic (Air)
Bob Brizzolara, ONR (Surface)
Jim Spresser, OPNAV (Subsurface)
LCDR Doug Simpson, USCG (Safety & Certification Aspects)

0915 Break

0930 Workshop I: Introduction to Launch & Recovery Design & Safety - Chris Cleary, USCG

1100 Workshop II: Launch & Recovery Naval Vessel Rules - Tom Ingram, ABS

1200 Conclude Symposium & Workshops

List of paper or presentation titles and all authors:
A11 Johan Ullman, Intuitive Boat-operator Interface for Improved Precision in Launch and Recovery Maneuvering
A12 Grant Rossignol, Effects of Manuvering Performance
A13 Darryl G. Updegrove, Stern Launch and Recovery of the AN/WLD-1(V)1 Remote Minehunting System
A14 Alyssa Cosmo, Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NSWC) - Designed Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Capture Latch Test Results
A15 Grahame Baker, & Tim McCarty, Virtual Simulation of Boat Launch & Recovery, “Virtual Davit Training”
A1 R.P. Dallinga & E. Harmsen, Boat Launch and Recovery from the RNLN Patrol Ship
A2 Luca Sebastiani & Giorgio Lauro, Design and Operational Aspects of the Integration of a Stern Deployed RHIB into a Small Patrol Vessels
A3 Jaap L. Gelling, Launch and Recovery Systems: Our Customer’s Experiences
A4 Ed Swan & James Chafe, LCS Watercraft Launch & Recovery System
A5 John Bednarek & Walter Nowak, Shipboard Lanuch & Recovery (L&R) Systems in the U.S. Navy
B1 Susan Polsky, NAVAIR Airwake Modeling & More!
B2 John Pattison & Colin Wilkinson, Assessment of Technology Aircraft Launch and Recovery In a Ship Air Wake Environment
B3 Nicholas Kachman, Desktop Simulation of a UAV Landing on a Ship Deck
B4 Dr. Bernard Ferrier, Dean Carico & Dr. John Duncan, Simulated Dynamic Interface as a Tool in the Forecasting of Air Vehicle Deck Limits and Visual Landing Aids
B5 James Colwell, Michael LaRosa and Dr. Bob Langlois, Correlation between Time-domain Calculations of Helicopter Securing Probe Forces and Frequency-domain Calculations of Ship Flight Deck Motions toward Determining the Effect of Multi-directional Waves
C1 Xilin Yang, Hemanshu Pota, Dr. Matt Garratt & Valery Ugrinovskii, Heave Motion Prediction for Maritime Operations of UAVs
C2 Dr. F.C. Wong, E. Gagnon, K. McTaggart, J. Colwell, S.J. San & O. Theriault, A Hardware-in-the-Loop Study of Factors Affecting Recovery of UAVs on Canadian Forces Frigates
C3 Dr. Matt Garratt, A/Prof. Hemanshu Pota, Dr. Andrew Lambert, Leut. Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, & Clement Farabet, Visual Tracking and LIDAR Relative Positioning for Automated Launch and Recovery of an Unmanned Rotorcraft from Ships at Sea
C4 Dr. Rob Langlois & Andrew Scribner, Probabilistic Dynamic Interface Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
C5 Susan Wojtowicz, Anthony Kopacz, Dr. Carmelo Rodriguez, and Ron Kunz, Next Generation Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE)
D1 Dr. John Hackett, Jessica Calix, Frans Quadvlieg & Diane Burton, FRC Door Configuration for Boat Recovery Operation
D2 CAPT Ronald L. Seiple, USN (Ret.), Soft Rail Launch and Recovery System
D3 Jon Olav, Andy Roy, Roger Race & Geoff Lebans, Adapting advance technologies from the offshore oil and gas industry to unmanned vehicle operations
D4 Larry Brandthoover & Tom Moulds, Unmanned Common Control Station Paper
E1 Michael H. Demmick, Safety of Unmanned Systems
E2 Dana Schulze, Safety Finds and Recommendations from an Unmanned Aircraft Accident
E3 Dr. Tony Gray, A Safety Index for Embarked Helicopters by Real Time Simulation
E4 Glenn A. Johnson, Certifying Aviation Facilities when ScanEagle UAV’s are Aboard Air Capable and Amphibious Ships
E5 Thomas J. Ingram PE, Roy Thomas, and Balji C. Menon, Analysis and Certification of Launch and Recovery Systems
F1 Robert J. Murphy, Tim Mahon & Jerry Sileo, Marine Payload Handling System
F2 Dr. A. Maguer, L. Gualdesi & S. Biagini, Universal Launch and Recovery Systems for AUVs
F3 Peter Stevenson & S.D. McPhail, Lessions learnt from 12 years experience of the Launch and Recovery of Autosub
F4 Laurent Artzner, et al, CALISTE concept: Cage Line Semi-immergee Teleoperee A compliant Launch management and recovery System
F5 Andrew J. DeSpirito & Steven L. Hannuksela, U.S. Navy Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System's Launch and Recovery System: Design, Construction, and Concept of Operation
G1 Scott Petersen, Unmanned Surface Vehicle Autonomous Recovery System Development Work at Naval Surface Warfare Center Combat Craft Division FY06-FY07
G2 Robert Galway, Design Considerations for Autonomous Launch and Recovery of Autonomous Unmanned Surface Craft
G3 Robert Galway, Autonomous Refueling of Unmanned Vehicles at Sea
G4 Chad Cox, Robert M. Pap, Bryan Cuervo, Mac Mathews & Lindley Carlton, Automated Launch and Recovery of UAVs from USVs
H1 Hashen Ashrafiuon & Kenneth R. Muske, Trajectory Tracking Control for Recovery of Unmanned Surface Vessels
H2 Timothy C. Smith, Launch and Recovery Model Testing Approaches
H3 Mark L. Spano, Nonlinear Dynamical Approach to Docking of Small Boats with Ships
H4 Dr. Michael Leen, L&R Planning and Scheduling
I1 Alex Pita & Brian Kiernan, ScanEagle UAV Ship Suitability Testing
I2 Dr. Bernard Ferrier, Dr. John Duncan, David Ludwig & Fu Chen, UAV All Weather Autonomous Shipboard Operations
I3 Keith H. Thoms, Snatch Pickup of Gliders from Naval Vessels
I4 Meir Yoffe, Fixed-Wing UAVs Recovery and Launch on Ships – a Universal Method
I21 Robert McRae, Amanda Lecato, Thomas Riccobono, and Chintan Patel, Advanced Launch Control System for Steam Systems
I22 Robert McRae, Christopher Lazzari, Adriano Parga, & Mital Shah, Advanced Recovery Control System
I23 James Colwell, Dead Load Test Vehicle (DLTV) Sea Trial
I24 Woody Berzins, Andrew Osbrink, Anthony Mulligan & Mark C.L. Patterson, Precision Recovery Capability for Small UAS
J1 William M. Teppig Jr., Shore Sustainment Operations in Sea States 4 and Above
J2 William M. Teppig Jr., RHIB Recoveries Above 15 Knots
K1 Payne Kilbourne, All-Weather Retrieval System
K2 Dr. Nassib Nabaa & Mike Saraniero, A Common and Interoperable System Architecture for Autonomous Recovery of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
L1 Warren Baker, Glenn Colby, and Shaun Donnelly, Aircraft Carrier Launch, Recovery and Flight Deck Operations with the US Navy Unmanned Combat Air System CV Demonstration Vehicle
L2 Glenn Colby, Navy UCAS: Aviation/Ship Integration Architecture Process
M1 Richard Wilson & Robert P. Ashton, Enabling a critical, expeditionary naval capability by integrating a small, Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAV onto unmanned surface platforms
M2 Jim Goldie, A Recovery System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Aboard LCS and other Small-Deck Navy Ships