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2012 Launch and Recovery Symposium - Agenda

Tuesday, November 13

Professional Engineering Credit Courses

0800 - 1200 Ship Seakeeping and Small Boat Dynamics During Launch and Recovery
Instructor: Dr. Edward Lewandoski (CSC)

1300 - 1700 Human Factors Considerations for Launch and Recovery
Instructors: Dr. Trevor Dobbins (STResearch),
Christopher Parker (Atkins)

Wednesday, November 14

0730 - 0830 Registration/Breakfast

0830 - 0835 Welcome

Mr. Frank DeBord, Launch & Recovery Symposium 2012 Chair
Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE
0835 - 0930 Keynote Address
RDML Bruce Baffer, USCG; PEO and Director of Acquisition Programs

0930 - 1000 Break in Exhibit Area

1000 - 1130 L&R Expert Panel: "Human Factors"
Moderator: Mr. Jim Colwell, Fourth Wave Hydronautics

Human factors Engineering (HFE) Considerations for Safe Launch and Recovery of Boats
Ms. Dawn M. Gray, Lead Human Factors Engineer for Surface Assets, USCG
Mr. Dave Kaysen, Chief Engineer, KNAC
Human Factors Issues in USV Launch and Recovery: Evaluation of Alternative Visual Perspectives
Mr. David Kellmeyer, Human Factors Engineer, SPAWAR
1130 Lunch

1200 - 1245 Lunch Session: "Industry Developments Related to Launch and Recovery"
Mr. Jaap Gelling, Damen Shipyards

1245 - 1300 Break in Exhibit Area

1300 - 1430 Technical Sessions 1

Technical Track 1: Surface
Moderator: Mr. Stephen Minnich, NSWC Carderock

At Sea Personnel Transfer System Between Large Vessels and Small Watercrafts
David Hart, Eric Hui, Matt Edwards, Gib Lovell (ATR Corporation), Frank Leban (NSWC Carderock Division, Code2120)
The In Situ Refueling System
Scott M. Petersen, Robert J. Galway, Lawrence J. Michelon (NSWC Carderock, C232, Systems Design and Integration Branch), Donald B. Harris (CDI Marine)
Launch and Recovery of Small Unmanned Surface Vehicles at Sea
Donald B. Harris (CDI Marine), Robert J. Galway (NSWC Carderock, C232, Systems Design and Integration Branch)
Technical Track 2: Subsurface
Moderator: Mr. Thomas Sherman, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

UUV Docking and Recharging Station: Demonstration Results and Next Steps
Brad Thomas, John Labosky, Rich Granger (Battelle), Steve Somlyody, Jeff Smith (Bluefin Robotics
Active Automated UUV Docking with a Slowly Moving Submarine
George D. Watt (Defence Research and Development Canada)
Prototype Analysis for an Autonomous Active UUV Dock
Jason Currie, Colin Gillis (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick)
1430 - 1500 Break in Exhibit Area

1500 - 1600 Technical Sessions 2

Technical Track 1: Surface
Moderator: Mr. Peter van Terwisga, Damen Shipyards

In Situ Launch and Recovery
William M. Teppig Jr. (AEPLOG, Inc)
Certification of Launch and Recovery Systems: The Classification Society Perspective
Roy Thomas, John (Dave) Forsyth (ABS)
Technical Track 2: Launch and Recovery of Small Boats and Mission Vehicles
on U.S. Navy Surface Ships – Open Discussion
Moderator: Mr. John Bednarek, NAVSEA

1600 - 1700 Reception

Thursday, November 15

0730 - 0830 Registration/Breakfast

0830 - 0900 Speaker: Mr. Andy Summers, former Ship Design Manger for Technology Development,
DDG 1000

0900 - 0930 Speaker: Mr. Joe Depietro, Technical Director, LCS

0930 - 1000 Break in Exhibit Area

1000 - 1200 Technical Sessions 3

Technical Track 1: Air
Moderator: CAPT Murray R. Snyder, USN (Ret.); U.S. Naval Academy

Simulation Developments to Support Analytic Launch and Recovery Envelope Prediction
Dr. Robert M. McKillip, Jr. (Continuum Dynamics, Inc)
Rotary Wing Aircraft UUV Launch and Recovery
Paul T. Essig, Jr. (Concurrent Technologies Corporation)
Fire Scout Shipboard Launch and Recovery Innovation
Dr. Bernard Ferrier (Hoffman Engineering Corp), Dr Robert Ernst (NAWC Patuxent River), David Eccles (NAVAIR PMA 266)
Freedom Class (LCS 1) Littoral Combat Ship launch and Recovery Handling System - Lessons Learned
Jimmy Johnson (Lockheed Martin MS2)
Technical Track 2: Operations
Moderator: CAPT George Lesher, USCG

The Unmanned Little Bird (ULB) Decking Risk Reduction Test Approach
Dino Cerchie, Mark Hardesty, Roger Hehr, Jason Graham (The Boeing Company)
Comparative Stern Launch and Recovery Performance for Patrol Boats and Frigate-Size Ships
Frank DeBord, William Thomas, Eric Schmid (USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center, Engineering Services Division)
NSWC Panama City Division (PCD) Launch and Recovery Systems
Amanda Mackintosh, Robert P. Gibson (NSWC Panama City)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Boat Acquisitions Launch and Recovery Requirements and Lessons Learned
Diane Burton, LCDR Eric Matthies, USCG, Hemant Bhayde
Technical Track 3: Surface Design
Moderator: Mr. Rubin Sheinberg, (Ret.); U.S. Coast Guard

Real Time Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of a Folding Crane
James Diaz-Gonzalez, Baldwin Britton, Edward Jones (BMT Designers & Planners Inc.)
Design and Assessment of a Stern L&R System on a Frigate
Francesco Conti, Luca Mana (Fincantieri Naval Vessel Business Unit), Danilo Ruscelli (Cetena, Italian Ship research Centre)
Systematic Model Tests for the Development of a Standardized Launch and Recovery System
Nicholas Carette (MARIN), Andy Peters (QinetiQ)
The Development of a Standardized Interface for Launch and Recovery Systems
Simon Knight et al (UK MOD)
1200 - 1215 Break in Exhibit Area

1215 - 1345 Lunch with L&R Capstone Panel: "Operations"
Moderator: Mr. Chris Cleary, U.S. Coast Guard

Using Simulation to Justify and Develop Quiescent Period Prediction Systems for the Royal Navy
Dr. Bernard Ferrier, Head, Hoffman Engineering Corp. Dyn Interface Lab
How Important is Experience and Flexibility
Mr. Garry J. Wilhelm, Program Support Specialist, Seaward Services, Inc.
An Operational Perspective of Launch & Recovery for USCG Patrol Craft
Mr. Malcolm Willis, Naval Architect, Surface Forces Logistics Center, USCG
1345 - 1400 Break in Exhibit Area

1400 - 1600 Technical Sessions

Technical Track 1: Air Wakes and Weather
Moderator: Dr. Bernard Ferrier, Hoffman Engineering

Validation of Ship Air Wake Simulations and Investigation of Ship Air Wake Impact on Rotary Wing Aircraft
CAPT Murray R. Snyder, USN (Ret.), PhD (Aerospace Engineering Department, U.S. Naval Academy)
Study of Passive Flow Control for Ship Air Wakes
MIDN Nicholas R. LaSalle, USN (U.S. Naval Academy)
Application of NAVAIR High Fidelity Airwake Models for Small UAV Dynamic Interface Simulation
Susan Polsky, Dave Hine (NAVAIR)
Extending UAV Operating Envelopes
James McCallum, P.E. (INDAL Technologies)
Technical Track 2: Subsurface and Surface
Moderator: Dr. Roy Samras, The McHenry Management Group

Unmanned Systems (UMS) Integration Study for Joint Support Ship (JSS)
LCDR Robert D’Eon (Royal Canadian Navy), Amir Abdelsalam, Ryan Mortimer (NSWC Carderock)
Operational Efficiency and Safety During Launch and Recovery of RIBs USVs and UUVs to and from Future Naval Ships
Henrich Henriksen (H.Henriksen)
Design of an Unconventional Autonomous Surface Vessel for Underwater Vehicle Recovery
Stefano Brizzolara (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Handling & Stowing Unmanned Vehicles and Manned Craft from Surface Combatants & Patrol Vessels
Geoff Lebans, Bill Spencer (Rolls Royce), Malcolm Robb, Gary Webb (BAE Systems Surface Ships Ltd.)
Technical Track 3: Surface Forecasting
Moderator: Mr. William Thomas, US Coast Guard

Motion Forecasting of Marine Vehicles Using Neural-Network Technology
Daniel Liut (SAIC)
Mitigation of USV Motions via Wave Sensing and Prediction
Robert Morvillo, Edmund Roessler (Vector Controls Inc.)
A Comparative Analysis of Personal Electronic Devices as Data Acquisition Systems
Dr. Leigh McCue (Virginia Tech)
Simulation of Small Boat Launch and Recovery from a Ship With a Crane
Kevin McTaggart (Defence Research and Development Canada), André Roy, Dean Steinke, Ryan Nicoll (Dynamic Systems Analysis), Doug Perrault (Defence Research and Development Canada)
1600 Symposium Concludes